[LCN] New Location: Moon Base!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, May 26, 2015.

  1. graveyardgabby

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    Yeah, to say a new location only benefits a few top players crazy. These bosses get shared out and a lot of people get the benefit. Imagine if you could only attack a boss that was in or below the same city you are currently in. This game relies on a disparity between levels to a certain degree and boss sharing is one of the ways that all players benefit from cities they have not reached yet.
  2. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    Yeah because if you get lucky you can get an invite to the boss which everyone wants
  3. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    Yeah the boss sharing is defiantly nice
  4. WendelinR

    WendelinR Active Member

    moonbase was awesome idea, better than doing only earth cities, exciting to see whats gonna be next
  5. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    Next thing you know we are going to conquering other planets and other galaxies and it will change the name of the game to "space wars"
  6. SwiftlyInnocent

    SwiftlyInnocent Active Member

    I call first dibs on changing my name to "SpaceBalls"
  7. Gazember

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    Now after 6 months we already have lots of random drops from the boss, the bosses getting over lvl 60, maybe its time to make release the Elite and Optical Crafting.
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  8. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Active Member

    release the elite and optical crafting? you can't release something that doesn't exist.

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    On May 25th Mitch announced Moon Base. It has been almost six months since then and I personally have done over 1000 levels over that time. LOL So how about it Mitch, don't you think it is time for a new city? You gave us the RAIDS to level even more and changed BA so it was also designed now to encourage leveling to place by using stamina for points..... the least you could do is add a new city when participated in these "leveling" structured events. LOL
  10. otty22

    otty22 Active Member

    Why i'm getting so few drops when i'm helping someone in moon coop boss?
  11. StoneCK

    StoneCK Active Member

    the further from a city that you are, the harder it is to get drops from those bosses.

    i agree, we need the next crafting for moon base to be released
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  12. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    it seems that these 2 statements are in conflict with each other.
  13. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Yeah, the "further from the city you are the harder it is to get drops" is actually not true. Level distance from a given Location's Boss does not factor into determining drops. :)
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  14. StoneCK

    StoneCK Active Member

    REALLY? it has been my experience on fb from about a month after it opened there that the drop RATE was better as i got closer to reaching any particular city. perhaps kano just singled me out for that little perk.

    not necessarily...if i share my moon base boss everyone that helps and does minimum will get a help reward of a starcruiser and a lunar jet pack, regardless of if or how many random drops they get or what level they are. I stand by my opinion that someone who is level 8000 doing the same amount of damage as someone who is level 200 will always get more random drops. that said, I will never share my moon base with a level 200 (until Kano opens a new city), so we wont be able to test that theory.
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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    HA! Mitch, I don't care what your formulas say or what Kano thinks happens.... but I know from experience of sharing my bosses that players closer to my level get a ton more drops than those farther away. Maybe it has to do with other factors but the result is still the same...... And when someone I have been sharing a boss with gets to that city, their drop rate seems to suddenly increase.
  16. JARVIN

    JARVIN Active Member

    yes, you're correct. everyone that helps out on your boss gets 2 drops, while those that are able to unlock it themselves can get a ton of drops. i fail to see how this really benefits the entire player base 2 drops at a time, i've never understood this argument from higher level players (i guess i would say that i'm a mid-level player myself, although it seems that i keep dropping down each month since i'm not a raid leveler).

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    Well, I think it does trickle down over time. I have gone to share bosses with players far below me and had them turn down many bosses above their level as they have told me they are already full on the drops. And if I share a Moon boss with a level 2000 and they get even 2 drops on that share, that is two drops with 117 attack - that is much better than anything I got when I was a level 2000. If they keep getting those drops and shares from other players, soon they will have 100 or 200 drops and those are pretty good stats for just a drop at level 2000+.
  18. StoneCK

    StoneCK Active Member

    when i played on fb i was in berlin but the only drops that were of value to me anymore were from tangier and up.
  19. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Maybe drops are depending about health or skills on attack defense but I doubt , I also had the impresion that the closer you are from the boss location, more drops you get
  20. i get a drop for every boss, its not good but still its not bad. those are good armors.

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