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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jul 30, 2014.

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    I dont think that new locations cause inflation, the limiteds stats go up much faster, with 100-120 of stat/year,
    its easy to follow on the black friday items:
    [​IMG] 230 [​IMG] 125 - total of 355
    [​IMG] 319 [​IMG] 133 - total of 452
    [​IMG] 325 [​IMG] 251 - total of 576.

    While the limiteds grow with 100 - 120 in their strength in a year, a new location barely gives you something better with 5, or no improvements at all, like on the Soul Boss Helper Kill Reward:
    102 98

    compared to the Antarctica Boss Helper Kill Reward:
    103 97
  2. WendelinR

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    aapje that didnt make any sense to me what u wrote. maybe its cuz im tired right now, been up the whole day.
    lower lvls like us tend to think that antarctica drops make u super strong, but anybody who buys some items can "easily" get stronger than an acc thats maxed out with the best free items. then its all about skill point allocation but thats another topic.
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    Try getting some sleep and reading the post again. :rolleyes:
  4. WendelinR

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    Navigator u got guys like Gazember here, do u know who that is. Hes one of the most experienced and highest lvl guys in mob wars, so if he says it doesnt cause any "item inflation" i believe it instantly, i feel the same, a new city wouldnt increase the strength of ppl having access to it too much.
  5. robbin gordon

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    and you consider this a good thing ? a new city is SUPPOSED to increase the level of play for a player who has played this game correctly, and worked to get that high level #. lolol...... keep trying to hamper the higher levels, as they are the core spenders... and you sit and watch how long you have a game to play.
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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    Seems like Kano keeps saying "watch for news soon" and we all get excited but Kano never really does promise anything or really deliver anything except false hope.
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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I am not a genius or anything close to a computer programmer...... but how hard can it be to make a new city, fix the exp problem that high levels experience in regards to exp required per level vs exp earned in all aspects of the game; make RAIDS worth the investment by tweaking the damage done by stronger players and/or readjusting the exp higher levels get from RAIDS; and maybe adding a NEW character for level 5000, 7500, and or 10,000? I mean, aren't the people at Kano supposed to be professionals who do this for a living? Or is it just easier to post a bunch of "coming soon" and never actually do anything?
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  8. WendelinR

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    robbin i suggested earlier to let high lvls have at least 100k+ fight strength more only from new cities, that requires a couple of new cities actually. well kano is like the beautiful and ignorant girl in ur class, u cant force her to do anything and gotta withstand a lot of teasing before getting any action lol, i think we r all overteased at this point lol
  9. gods people

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    Well what can I say. We urgently need a new location. Alot of us up the top here can hardly use any of the drops from bosses or jobs. The raid bosses for me were a life saver and kept me interested. Syndicate wars also keeps me interested. But we need to see some new tiers on all old bosses. We need a new crafting centre to forge new items out of old items. New hidden blueprints like in the day when you had to find the items to craft them. By doing this you will peak everyones interest in to carrying on play this great game.
  10. The Navigator

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    Moon base, finally! Can't wait to see a glimpse of the boss and achievements... :)

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