[LCN] New Location: Antarctica!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Itching for action after Istanbul? Feeling super after your successes in Seoul? Get ready for some action in Antarctica!

    New Location: Antarctica now available!

  2. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    You have got to be kidding me...We sit here waiting for other things to come into the game as promised or things to be fixed and you add another city for what? 7 players.
    I am absolutely dumbfounded to say the very least.
  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The last time we released a location (Istanbul) we made an effort to release more achievements. We did that, twice actually, and I'm agitating the developers to do more. We just released new characters at Level 2,500, which benefits all players.

    We have a couple other features in development which I believe you are aware of that should be coming for all players of all levels very soon. When this year started we realized we were behind on locations so we made an effort to get caught up with players. Yes, we recognize that this does not immediately benefit everyone the instant that these locations are released, however Bosses can be shared with those who don't have access yet. I also don't know of anymore locations on deck in the immediate future.
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  4. Armando

    Armando New Member

    Hi mi7ch, I'm Armando, I'm a doctor, I work seven days on seven days, I play for to be happy but with you I'm very very nervous, you cry that you are intelligent but no true, what is this? Is this a Joke? New city only for seven players???? Lollllllll, and others 5,000 players???? No good cities with good levels, no achievements in Battle Arena, no achievements in Syndicate Wars, no achievements in all game, is this a joke? Only money for nothing, it's ok, this is a thing very intelligent but no for me.
  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hi Armando,

    I'm going to guess that you didn't read my reply to foxysiren, which covered the same points that you made. To reiterate, we expanded achievement categories twice since the Istanbul Location was released (here and here if you don't believe me) and I'm meeting with the developers tomorrow morning to discuss which categories we should extend next, or adding new ones for events like the Battle Arena and Syndicate Wars.

    Like I said to foxysiren, we released these Locations to catch up to and get ahead of the bulk of advancing players and have a couple features coming in the very near future that help players of all levels.
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  6. Armando

    Armando New Member

    Listen to me mi7ch, I'm the oldest man in this game, 1,711 days here all days to play, and Melanie is the oldest woman here 1,722 days, I speak for all my friends because in this game I have not enemies, I have only big true friends, I sent them many memory postcards, I believe ( sorry for my first message, no you cry but you believe) in the friendship, I love all my friends but in this way, is impossible to continue this game, no new things, you put new city at 550 levels, I have to do 1,360,667 points XP for one level, sorry, to put 250 levels, but no in the last, you have to do many cities agò, after you promise news things, new achievements but nothing. It's ok I want to spend money for this game but no with that ideas, in this way, please, if you don't want that this game to die, to speak with Kano and to put very news things because we need many news things. many thanks.
  7. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    I think would be a good ideea to put the new locations on a smaller level diffrence ! Instead of decreasing the requiered number of lavels until the new location for high levels the distance even became bigger and bigger, and you may now verry well how hard its to pass the levels and how much Xp is requiered when your over level 5000. The distance between the new locations should be maximum 250 levels not 500 like in the present. This why its olso need the new characters olso for high level players with real good stats that could help them advance in levels. Dont know why all the acivments after level 4000 are on a higher distance then until level 4000 like its more easy to advance , all the acivments should be closer. For exemple there is acivment for completing level 4500,4750,5000 levels(distance 250 levels) and after that the distance grow to 500 levels between acivment for lvl 5000, 5500, 6000, etc completed(500 levels distance ) even its alot more harder to advance!! This should be fixed
  8. Armando

    Armando New Member

    Many thanks for this invite, very very happy to speak with you, I love you mi7ch but you have to think at all players in Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra and no only biggest levels, you have to think little and medium players, in this moment many players to see new city they are very sad because It is very very far, why you don't put cities in medium levels? Another city 2,000 - 3,000, another 3,000 - 4,000, another 4,000 - 5,000 if you put others cities for little and medium levels, many players to spend manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy money, but in this way with city level 7,620, many players to go out, I'm the first, I'll stop this game Monday, I'll do the last Battle Arena, the last Syndicate Wars and I'll finis the War Mode and I greet my friends, because I play for what? For nothing, the achievements in Battle Arena is very oldest, I speak of many months agò the 22 achievements, no achievements for energy, for health, for stamina, for attack, for defence, no achievements for all game. I tell you if you continue in this way, you'll lose many players. I don't want that this game to die, another example, I have one character, I want to change, I have to spend 275 father points, why? I have to spend 100 father points but no for continue with my character, I want to choose with another but no to spend all that father points. The gifts in Battle Arena and Syndicate Wars are very poor, please to change, we need of good gifts because we fight many hours, I wake up 03:00 am for to play the Battle Arena. I hope that you read my post and you speak with Kano of that improvements. Good night for you and your team.
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  9. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Now Armando I think its a little to extreme to quit the game , I think those thinks could be fixed!
  10. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    this is the simple solution put maximum 250 levels between the locations
    and of course new acivments , skills, new content and stuff for the game to continue!
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  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    IMO things should get harder as you go higher, otherwise where is the challenge, and everyone who has not even got to anywhere near this new location, have every location in between to get to and achieve like those that have come before them. I honestly never understand the argument "against "the why the higher levels are getting a new location and I am NO High level,but they did everything already, so they need something new.
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  12. tartaglionevera

    tartaglionevera New Member

    hi all, I agree with Mellanie Armando, and I would add that we need players ie players must know that in this game there are prizes and you can win even without money, so pass the boredom many of us were old and older, , try to put more substantial prizes weapons and why not also points godfathers, the 20-point victory war Syndicate instead try to put a 0 in the most, I do in this game, long ago 'believe it, do it, that we can still believe....Lupin
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  13. meezy

    meezy Member

    I would actually suggest a stockpile upgrade or at least some new crafting items/recipes. In my opinion the stockpile has become nothing short of convoluted. For those of us who have been in the game a while and have mastered most aspects of the game (i.e crafting), once you reach a certain level..crafting is worthless. In my situation, i have hounded every boss from Prague up. Im currently 2200+ and the only real way i can improve my stockpile is to hound RTP or higher. But, how many RTP's do we find these days?? Some, to be sure..but not that many. Im sure more are on the way, but we need crafting/purchasing options for people in this situation. Right now, all we have is boss drops..at least for me..
  14. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Now in some way its normal that high level players to have acces to better weapons and stuff and to be stronger, cant pretend that all the people have acces to the best weapons from the begining, then where is the efort and what is the motivation to play if you acces all from the first start? But new content and stuff is more then welcomed in my opinion but of course acording to the level
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  15. robbin gordon

    robbin gordon Well-Known Member

    i'm a high level, like armando, and don't get me wrong, i love getting the new cities... but as already stated by some here... high levels can't play the game alone. if you do not add more content for the middle levels to enjoy, this game will not survive. those who pay to play ( as i do, and others here do, too ), will have no game if everyone else jumps ship. best thing i read was mitch saying that this is to be the last city for awhile, which i greatly appreciate ! i also appreciate that you've been adding content and crafting, but now is a time to step up and quickly add more content to the areas overlooked : attack and defense achievements, better syn wars and war mode prizes, etc. i'd also LIKE to see that kano understands and appreciates and understands what the high levels face in leveling, and that they realize they have to start giving us MORE than 50 stamina per level. seriously.... 50 stam ? for someone of MY level, that is 2 & a half attacks on a boss ! wtf..... that's NOTHING. how can you give a player who needs 1.5 MIL pts to level a reward on par with what you give a level 100, who can get a level from 50 stam ? c'mon guys.... you have to start looking into parity ! JMO.

    and i, too, appreciate being here.... just so you know :)
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  16. Water81300

    Water81300 New Member

    I know that everyone else is annoyed that only 7 people have instant access already, but the one thing I say? The more the merrier. Don't let hate comments stop you Kano! :D
  17. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Well if they added more stamina when ya level ,then I want that difference for every level in 4 games that I play:)
  18. kevinr

    kevinr New Member

    I have mentioned this idea to a few people but why not let higher levels gift some of their no longer used weapons to players lower than them? you could put a cap on it like they can only gift them something they are within 250 levels obtaining for themselves but we sit here on piles of weapons that are no good for anything and we could help out some lower levels. these items have already been paid for or crafted or won, I know it may drop the revenue stream some but we need to keep interest in the game and I for one am getting very bored with it.
  19. meezy

    meezy Member

    Interesting idea..you could basically cap the gifting..maybe say 100 of something. not sure whether it would be a daily or weekly cap..i guess that could be hammered out. To agree with Robbin, i definitely think the amount of stam/energy restored at level-up needs to be seriously upped. We all wanna play..not be hampered by stam/energy constraints..lol We're addicted..come on now :p
  20. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

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    Thank you for the new location, Antarctica its a cool place to spend the summer :)
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