New Level Achievements!

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    No comment - Ha ha ha all i can say!
  2. Robert Belrose

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    ...And it's not even April Fools Day :rolleyes:
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  3. JADES

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    I see why people are getting pissed about the 500 vs. 5k lvl different achieves, but won't it be all for same in long run? Not saying it's right, it's rather fecked up IMO... 17k-->20k then POW every 5k levels, I'm guessing not wanting to dish out the favor points.

  4. Elias

    Elias New Member

    New adventure's and worlds , when last asked we're promised by mid November , were going into the end of January now .
  5. Elias

    Elias New Member

    Fp's and not having to deal with non money making crap like level achievements for years to come ....
  6. bully thor

    bully thor Active Member

    ouch got to do 10k levels till next achievement how stupid is that if thats how its going to be, half the xp i need to level up to make it fair and i agree with some saying 50 stamina per level that gets you nowwhere
  7. jamessunkett

    jamessunkett New Member

    thank you my friend
  8. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Jumping from 500 levels to an achievement to 2500 and then to 5000? Seriously?

    Can KANO be any more lazy? Do the developers or whoever is in charge sit around on their collective posteriors? Is this the best you can do?

    Now if you'd changed achievements from every 500 to every 1000 levels after 20000, that would make sense. But this?

  9. Peter Weegink

    Peter Weegink New Member

    That's nice about Achievements for higher levels, I am sure that 1 person on LCN really needs that, I suggest that rather than level achievements, that you open a new location, nearly 6 months we have been in Antarctica and that one was opened when Seoul was on level 28. My Antartica boss is now on level 70. Who really gives a shit about level achievements? Perhaps you could add some achievements for Battle Arena and fight kills and punch kills, all which are very sadly lacking in our game. If things don't change soon, I am sure you will lose more high level players and many lower ones will stop playing as well..... Get with the program and give the people what they want, they, in many cases pay to play......
  10. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    the really funny part is we've been waiting for guild war acheeves since a month or 2 after it was introduced and they release this load of donkey spunk....i swear theyre all laughin their asses off at us with every post they see in this want more achievements?? there ya go, quit complainin
  11. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    Same we got in ZS only 40 people that can have those archivements aka just 1 ! so its not needing at all. But again i think those players have the biggest wallets and thats why the get those archivements or its just that statistic seen thats the need to do. Or more "end game players" will leave!

    Or in the other games to many people are higher in the highest archivements and the thinking if we are doing the leveling archivements lets do them all. I think thats happend.
  12. SweetestAngel

    SweetestAngel Active Member

    People are quitting lcn that have spent a lot of cash because of all the ignorant bs. Kano, you do not abide by your own rules. Accounts have been bought from other players which you fully know. I do not even know how many people have reported tickets about a certain player because of all the alts. But hey, fuck the rest of us. That person pads your bank account. And like the person hasn't found people to come over and pose for pics with a mob name on it. From what I can tell, you ban and freeze the ones that don't pay a lot. I get it that you are in it for the $$, but its out of control. An admitted cheat with proof and nothing is done. That speaks louder than anything.

    Oh, and the new achievements, lmfao .....
  13. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I think when I peak back in, in say 3 years, a few might be at 35,000: the XP then to level 1,050,000 will look good on them and the 20FP's they get will add to my laughter at them.

    And note, the jumps are 3, 5, and then settle in at 10 ... all for 20FP's each and billions of coins lol.
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  14. ExtremeRules

    ExtremeRules Member

    I'm going to have to agree with somebody's comment earlier about not wanting to hand out FP'S, it seems your making it harder for players to achieve easy FP'S, unless you spend a LARGE amount of real money. 1 thing that really bugs me is that there use to be videos that gave you 1 free FP and you had about 3/8 of them a day, i haven't seen 1 since last October which is disgusting as it allowed new players even older players to think yay i am getting something FREE, which i believe was your original premise 'FREE TO PLAY'. But you know as well as us you have gone back on everything that you stat you stand for in these games, now it is about how much you can make from people willing to spend real money on your platforms, you also know that in your 'contract' with players when they agree to play, is that if you wish to shut any of your platforms down that they are entitled to nothing back no matter how much they have spent, more of a 'stuff it the lot of you' which is where it seems you guys are going now, with these lackluster ideas and no effort. maybe there needs to be a change in personal with somebody that feels and breathes the game in the same way as the players......
  15. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    Well, this was an expected backlash. Come on Kano, do you actually play the game yourself, and see how impossible it gets to level in a regular fashion? like the real click on the attack button???? not strange to understand why people cheat or quit.
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  16. Kris Lee DUke

    Kris Lee DUke Member

    --- Agree with the general consensus that a jump to an achievement every 5,000, and then every 10,000 is terrible. Perhaps every 2,000 lvls should have been about the biggest leap, but too late now.

    ---Main focus for me remains, "will there be a new city added, at some point? " -- Granted there would have to be a weapons adjustment, because weaps in the new cities are reaching strengths that would compete with bought weapons of the past...

    ---Also. "World Boss". None of those weap drops are even usable for the higher players.
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  17. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Its clear that everybody agree: for high levels the level up achivment should be more often then for low levels, maybe at 250 levels distance ! Can t compare the efort that is necessary to advance to next level! I can t believe Kano team is so much out of reality in this subject and put that huge distance between the acivments , I hope you will change this unfair stuff fast and be more careful also to the high level players needs!
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  18. domino

    domino Member

    also u must remove stamina and energy refill after level up.... and i will reach easy level 150000 in ZS
  19. ben

    ben Active Member

    come on ya got to hand it to kano they sure no how to mess things up ;) m still laughing on this one yet :p
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  20. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    LCN is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), and in a sense you are "supposed" to have to build your character up over time - it's not necessarily a game made for instant gratification. The main problems that I believe needs to be addressed are keeping the XP needed to level relative across EVERY level (in other words, it should take the same amount of effort for someone to advance from Level 2,000-2,001, as for someone to advance from level 10,000-10,001, by keeping everything RELATIVE)! The other problem that needs to be addressed (where I agree with most everyone in this area, and as I have previously stated on multiple occasions) are the amount of Energy and Stamina given to a player when they successfully advance from one level to the next! If everything is/was kept relative (in terms of XP), every player should then be given the same amount of Energy and Stamina upon leveling, but the current replenishments of 500 Energy and 50 Stamina are just ridiculous and seriously needs to take a top priority and be changed to something reasonable! Lastly, the Raid Bosses would need to be adjusted for the higher level players (from what I hear) so they would be able to gain the same amount of relative XP as anyone else, and therefore be able to level up like everyone else! At the end of the day, Kano IS a business, and their goal (like any other business) is to make money and increase profits from year-to-year - Kano's survival is dependant upon their customers spending money (purchasing Favor Points), or else many (if not all) of us would have become bored of this game a long time ago and stopped playing due to lack of new Levels and/or new Game Features. While I can (and do) truly appreciate all of the new developments that cost REAL money to create and keep us wanting to play, I believe that others need to keep this in mind at times and try to imagine all of the work taking place behind the scenes that you can't physically see before voicing some of your complaints. I think that EVERY dedicated player SHOULD contribute some kind of REAL money at some point or another, especially if there are changes/features they would like to see changed - the reality is that if Kano does not turn a profit, then we do not have a game to play.. ;)
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