new guild achievements rendered pointless already?

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  1. Good idea. If anything if multiple people from the same computer on the same network with the same ISP all have accounts they can all start different guilds. I would have the limit be 4 players to give a little more wiggle room but keep it in the realm of reason.
  2. A.X.E.L

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    I thought it was pretty cool to get a group of 25 random people together...& make it into the top 10 the first season out. Life does happen...& now we're about 26...but it's all real :cool:

    Now if I only knew how to cook up that Trident in the blacksmith shop.. LOL
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  3. ShellbackMike

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    Yes I would have to agree that if there is more than about 4 VC accounts coming from the same IP address that should raise a flag. I myself have 3 people in my home and all play VC. We are very rarely on at the same time playing and we all are different levels.
  4. Mike Ketil

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    What a joke on VC FB at the moment, there are at least 2 guilds blantantly cheating, using minis, DEVS have been informed, all they do is look, possibly freeze some mini accounts, like these guilds wouldn't have more or make new ones, to come on for an hour, today, yesterday and the day before to top up the gamer points, check the feeds for yourself.
    The points stay so what does it matter, they still get what they want and honest players get shafted. Seems the devs only interfer with the game to mess it up, when there's something to be corrected they dont want to know. They've got no interest whatsoever that players are cheating in their guilds using these dummy accounts. Instead of just freezing the dummy accounts, maybe they should try freezing the ones that are using them.
    The least they should do is take away the points they have gained by cheating, otherwise, what is the point of guilds at all. I for one don't want to cheat, and would rather they abandoned the whole guild idea, than let it carry on as such a joke.
    Maybe they'll listen, what do you reckon? No, I don't think so either.
    Hyenas guild, check out their feed, minis coming on and off, 6 today already,
    Viking Slayers guild, same thing.
    What a joke. Do something DEVs, don't let them win from cheating.
  5. Sturla

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    Guild cheating

    Looks as though there’s a lot of cheating going on, with people obviously creating alternate handles and being run in and out of the guild accumulating gamer points all day long. Seems like it makes the guild thing pretty pointless. Shouldn’t there be a cap of 400,000 per day per guild (25 members x 16,000 points)? Would appreciate it if you guys could help put a stop to it, seems like BS to me. Thanks.
  6. Diva

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    "Shadow Assassins" robbing Daily Game Points

    Yes these "shadow assassins" are problematic and ludicrous - some are only 6 hours old when they rotate in and out of a guild.

    What irks me is that KANO froze these new accounts but didn't hold the guild itself to a standard of accountability. Great - KANO froze an account that was 6 hours old but did nothing to stop the next guild from attempting this.

    "At least two accounts" Mike? Wishful thinking. Two accounts that were so blatantly obvious that it was truly insulting.

    Someone earlier in this thread suggested limiting ISP's to two accounts but I think both Facebook & KANO are finally monitoring this now. That took forever but it finally got done. Remember that KANO is forced to operate under the guidelines set by Facebook.

    However, KANO can monitor the guilds and if there's solid evidence that a guild is cheating then dissolve the guild itself.

    Don't dissolve the guild feed.

    Keep it active.
  7. Diva

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    Regarding the comment about the only "honorable" way to level is battling, I respectfully disagree. There's no right way or wrong way to play the game. Some people prefer battling, some prefer leveling, and others choose a combination of both.

    I don't like credit card players who bounty people or players who only level up from bosses.

    We all have the right to boot someone from our clan if we think they're a dirty player by our personal standards.

    The cheating in the guilds that is currently going on right now with these "shadow assassins" is violating the rules of the game.

    Deal with that. It is the crux of the issue.
  8. dlay

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    Guild achievements and GPs

    I think adding kills as a way to earn GP would encourage smaller mobs to grow, I do not kill much, I never did battle much unless I was looking to level quickly or burn stamina, for me to get a kill I need to beat up on little clans, which is a little mean, however I would do it if the game made it a requirement.

    Adding a bounty quota, or incorporating it into the battle section, listing and attacking the bounty list would potentially earn GPs. Players with low incomes would be encouraged to increase empire and make kills to make them less desirable targets.

    I think clan should have some status in the GP area. Crafting items in Blacksmith, upgrading items through FB, earning, buying selling and removing items could be a way to earn them too. Make a player category for GP that would include leveling and growing your player would encourage guilds to work together

    I do believe those accounts were reset at the same time if they have such low levels and so many other things in common.

    If the players with multiple accounts have the resources to play religiously, in power failures and the occasional FB issues not to mention sickness and maybe they will get a life and miss completely on all account GPs, they may win but also set the bar high, I do not believe that level of play is sustainable. Few months tops and then something will happen. Not really how I choose to spend my life, maintaining 25 FB accounts and email addresses would be a full time job for one person. This beta could also be way for Kano to identify activity in groups to flush out these types of players possibly disabling their accounts. We as gamers have the ability to report players *to Kano or FB* I trust Kano will work out any kinks to make it work for the betterment of the game.

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