new guild achievements rendered pointless already?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by polishpimp, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. polishpimp

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    This thread is far from a pointless rant, any one that would suggest that...obviously does not participate in the guild portion of the game, or simply does not give a crap about fair play. For those of us that do participate and participates definitely matters that honest game play is losing out to the glaringly obvious abuse of multiple accounts. Its cheating plain and simple....and every measure possible should be taken to enforce the rules and punish the players responsible.

    It would definitely be difficult if not impossible to catch the multiple accounts users on an individual basis, but when grouped together such as they are in a guild... it would be much easier, track the game of the players in the guild....r they all coming from the same address? If so...its not realistic to think that many players are all using the same computer, yes....they're some very far fetched possibilities...such as 20 or more players living in the same house or players as a group commuting to the public library....but come on...gimme a break! In this particular case....the majority of these accounts have been active for the better part of a year...... yet most are below level all of a sudden that guild play has been activated...WHAM! every last one of them is active everyday...but only to participate in the dailies. At those lower levels...u sneeze and u practically level. That guild is a sham and its affecting the game adversely.

    I like the idea that was mentioned above......have a level requirement for participation in the guilds, or require guilds to have a certain number of level ranges in their guilds or maybe a limit of how many players of a particular level range can participate in any one guild
  2. if its 2 accounts coming from same IP you have to assume its 2 players even if both are logged on same time.but for 4 or more your really stretching it.and anything past 6 now thats enough to raise an eyebrow.add in the fact alot of that guild is low levels yes its blatantly obvious.and yes that guild is affecting game play as its a fake.
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I would really like to hear from Kano on this there nothing that can be proven or done?

    In all honesty....If there is nothing that can be done about the situation....I just dont see the worth in continuing to operate a guild, as i mentioned previously...theres a lot of extra work involved in operating and maintaining a guild. If the possibility of the legit guilds achieving their proper position in the rankings is going to continue to be an impossibility due to the rogue guilds....what else is there?

    I for one would just like to say that I thought the whole "guild" thing was a great idea. but unfortunately the cheats have already thwarted the good intentions of Kano. My way of thinking is this....As a non guild member...i will have more time to focus on my game, levels and enemies without having to worry about letting my fellow guild members down in the event im not on to get my "daily s". My enemies will all still be located conveniently in one easily accessible place, and I may relieve some of the pressure that may be brought on to my fellow guild my own enemies.

    Is there more to be added to the whole "guild" thing? Maybe some things that would make these rogue guilds a moot point .....or just so exciting that we just wont care that we r being cheated? Information such as this would be very helpful to myself as well as we as players can better decide if this has been a colossal waste of time and effort and just move on with our game in a more productive manner.

    I understand that this update is still in beta, please keep us informed as to any news or progress. You the folk s of Kano have been faced with the diversity of cheaters before and have at least been able to slow it down.....such as the battle limits to slow down bot users and the like. Its action such as that ...that make me firmly believe that Kano is actively trying to rid/slow down their game of the cheats and gives me hope that they will figure out this newest brand of cheating. As always...TY 4 your time and efforts on these matters.
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Those limits were put in place not because of "cheaters"... I say limit boss kills to slow down those "cheaters" as well so Kano can get rid of them slowly :)
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Oh....ok. It was basically an assumption on my it was really the only reasonable conclusion I could come up with, I just kinda figured that unlike leveling with bosses.....a player who did choose the battling method of leveling and felt the need to use an attack and/or a healing bot would be able to level 24/7 unchecked without some type of system in place to limit them. Either matter their intent....I would still think that the "limits" still act as as much needed roadblock on the road to to a bot free game.

    So...what were the "limits" put in place for?
  6. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    From what I understand, they were put in place so the server would not get overloaded with events. Seems that bosses do not have such limit even though they load up the server in a similar fashion i would assume.

    Back to the guilds, I noticed people starting 2nd accounts just so they could have more then 1 guild on the leaderboard, hogging up the leaderboard. That should be dealt with as well since everybody is pushing for fairness here.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm ....that does make sense as we have heard from Kano on the Server load issue with bosses, and I appreciate the heads up on the subject. So with that certainly wouldnt make sense to up the battle limits and overwork the servers, and as I stated earlier...those limits regardless of their intent do seem to serve as a positive on the war with bot usage. Fortunately for all of us....the good folks at Kano have provided all of us with alternative ways of leveling that a player can use exclusively or to supplement/compliment the other ways that appear to be more limiting. In addition...the large amount of retro points that were awarded by Kano some months back...allowed players the opportunity to adjust their gaming style to the newer alternatives to leveling...especially when the "limits" were already in place at the time. Unfortunately for some players.....when these changes were made and the retro points were allocated....they chose to place their points in areas that were not conducive with the "limits" and the alternative styles of leveling. I certainly wish I could go back and change a few things....but alas...its not to be.

    "Back to the guilds" I couldnt agree more, multiple accounts have been deemed as a violation of play....and every effort should be made to thwart such activities.
  8. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Yes, the new leveling style was introduced, but the developers never anticipated some people would decide to toss $200-$400/month just to be #1 in a game. This new leveling style was made as a way to pass time, not everybody can dish out such amounts of money on a game.

    Bosses were never intended to be the primary source of leveling, and for the majority of the people, they aren't. But I would like to point out that in each of the games, the top 3 positions are held by people who bought their way to the top, not fought their way up.
  9. i fought my way up at first.i was #1 without spending anything.i only started spending when the new #1 on app i play came.but to start hey i wasnt spending at all.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The intent for bosses is a moot point, players who level with bosses are playing within the rules. Spending money is also within the rules and is advocated by Kano.....if not for the money....there would be no game. As far as the dollar amounts stated....not sure where u come up those, nor do I think they matter...If a person chooses to spend a $1000/ be it...its those people that are directly responsible for the people who dont have the finances a chance to play at all.

    I love the fact that u have brought up the point that the top 3 spots in each game are held by boss levelers that spend a few bucks. So your saying thats boss leveling is obviously the better route if u want to be successful in these games....and that it is those players who are currently the most successful...... that are the reason that there is a game to play. Sounds like a win win for everybody and u will get no argument outta me on that one.

    Furthermore...are you insinuating that leveling with bosses is somehow less honorable than leveling with a partner???? First of all....I do/have leveled while battling...Secondly...with bosses...u must search and/or wait them out...then u must compete with countless others to get the xp points from the boss, the bosses are different everytime as they increase in difficulty. How is it more honorable to battle with the same player who happens to be a friend rather than a foe over and over for hours on end.....are you telling me that the developers had this in mind as the only or preferred method of leveling?

    Not exactly sure how we got so sidetracked, regardless of their intent...bosses are clearly they way to go, spending a few bucks is the only way for they game to survive. Tools need to to be implemented to either stop or slow the cheaters. Its unfortunate that some people made some wrong decisions and chose to not adapt with the game....they were given the opportunity....and made the conscious decision to go another route....its these decisions amongst others that separate one player from the next and which results in a ranking of said players....which in the end is they way it has to be and what most strive for, and as long as this result is derived from honest and fair play within the rules....nothing else matters

    This thread was started in hopes of finding some solutions to what I think has given some players an unfair advantage by playing outside the rules, in no way was it intended to become a debate on whose strategy is better than the next or whether changes to the game have adversely affected a particular segment of players...these topics have been covered in great lengths in many other threads. My apologies to those who actually wanted to discuss the original topic in hopes of finding a solution.
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  11. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well if you define success as "dishing out hundreds of dollars on a virtual game" then you must pass Fielding already on that one. congratz.

    No question about it, battling is the most honorable way of leveling. If you ask the majority of VC players, they will tell you that battling your way to the top is much more honorable then buying to the top. Leveling off bosses requires you to donate. in other words, leveling off bosses is similar to just buying your way to the top. The person runs out of stam, they refill over and over, no strategy there. This is a viking game after all, where you are supposed to battle others, not bosses.... If paying to play and stay ahead is the way to go, then your better off playing WoW. lol

    I think you are confused here, the developers never anticipated for people to donate $100s+ a month, so the only ones who could "adapt" are those who would throw away money on a game.

    If you did not read what I said in my earlier posts I'll remind you again. If a person have a few accounts and they are all registered to separate emails, then they are playing within the rules, no matter how absurd or obvious it is. There is a lack of rules and if new rules are implemented, then a new system to enforce them would have to be made. What you are asking for is no easy or a quick task.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    No... I define success within this game as being as highly ranked in as many categories as possible while playing within the rules and stepping on as few people as possible while climbing ones way to the top.

    You seemed fixated on the money aspect, it takes much more than money to be successful at this game, it takes time and dedication, a solid game plan/strategy and a willingness/ability to work with others. U just dont get it....If u allocate your skill points correctly....and are studious in your boss selection takes far less money than u think. In addition....I would find it very hard to believe that u yourself has never spent money on this game, whether you've spent a dime or a would make u a hypocrite. And one more time....NO MONEY.....NO GAME! The mere fact that they're some who cant afford to spend a few bucks is totally pointless. If those players enjoy playing this game for free....I would think that they would be thankful to those who do support the game...I certainly was before I ever dished out a few bucks here n there. Personally....I think it absurd that someone so against players that support this game ...actually have the nerve to constantly badger the developers to alter the game at our expense in order to cater the game to their needs because they chose a style of play that doesnt allow them to reach the goals they strive for.

    The fact that you think battling with the same player over and over for hours on end is some how more honorable and/or takes more absolutely mind numbing, and the last time I checked battling takes stamina as well. If you think that Kano is going to start a new or upgrade the old battling system so you can just play nonstop all day and all night while never having to purchase additional stamina.....My guess would be that your sorely mistaken.

    As far as the multiple accounts go....thats why I started this thread, and since I started this thread there has been differing opinions on exactly what the rules are and how they apply. I hope that Kano will chime in and clarify the issue either way. If they dont currently have rules that apply to this particular situation...then I hope they r looking into establishing some that will cover this issue and help level the playing field for all. Have you looked at the guild in question u not find it suspicious? Do u care? I would certainly think that any fine upstanding player....would wants things fair across the board whether they participate in particular aspect of the game or not.
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  13. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Yes it looks slightly suspicious, but does not mean that we all should jump to the conclusion that best fits us. Yes, I do care. The way Myspace judges if a person has multiple accounts is by looking at the IP addresses first, then looking at the email. If the emails are the same then they will assume its 1 person, if the email differs, then it must be 2 different people. What if these 20-25 people used the same network(School or work) but have different emails. Would you ban a whole office of people just because they have the same IP? Complicated issue here.
    Lets say the devs do set standards to what is and what is not considered multiple accounts. How would they go to enforce these new standards fairly across the board? I am sure that manually monitoring is very time consuming and their time could be spent doing better things. Having said that, then they would need to create an automated system to flag people who have multiple accounts.... Do you see how complex this is getting? And I am sure thats only the surface.

    Btw Polish, check your forum mail ;)
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    As I stated previously....Its not out of the realm of possibility .....yet highly unlikely....that A legit set of circumstance such as the example u have given may be whats going on, my myself well as many others....dont believe this to be the case. Im not asking for anything that is strictly beneficial to myself....but to all players.

    It may be costly both monetarily and/or in man hours ......idk.....but ridding cheaters ...or at least slowing them down would be worth every penny. Im not sure why u r concerned with the financial aspect...apparently ....according to u....that will be taken care of by the top players in all the u can just kick back and and enjoy the game that we have provided for u

    I dont know what can be done....or how complicated it may or may not be, stuff like that is way out of my area of expertise, and that is why Ive brought the matter to the forums get input from various players as well as Kano. The point here is ....that no matter how ones levels or how much money is spent....players that cheat the system are detriment to us all...including Kano.

    For starters....Kano could go to the guild leader in question....and just ask them...they could ask the entire guild for that matter. All they would have to say is that they r looking into suspicious play....they could let them know that they will be looking into the matter....maybe just maybe something as simple and cost efficient as this would do the trick
  15. ManicFury

    ManicFury New Member

    Just implement a rule that only 2 accounts from same IP address can clan up/ join same guild... anymore than that is automatic termination of ALL accounts under that IP address. Simple. That would discourage cheating.
    So, if a person wanted to (for what ever reason is beyond my comprehension) create 100 different user accounts, fine... but if more than 2 are linked clan-wise or guild-wise... bye bye accounts!!!
    Also, that would let spouses or 2 persons from the same household join up. Too bad if more than 2 in the same house play the game. There has to be some sort of checks-and-balances in the game, and sometimes not every circumstance can be served. Life isn't fair, in other words...
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  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Sounds simple enough....I like it! I couldnt agree more with the checks and balances and that not every circumstance can be served, but in the name of fairness for the seems perfectly justifiable.
  17. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Good suggestion there Manic...

    How about no more then 1 account with same IP can join a guild.

    Leader has IP address
    A person tries to send in an application to the guild who has the same/similar IP but gets a message "Your IP is too close to another member in this guild, application denied"

    I think this is the most fair way and the easiest to implement. (2 accounts is not fair to those who only have 1 account Manic & Polish)
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Well .....the guild in question is currently dropping in the ranks like a rock. They went from 100% participation to 20%...I guess they are as devout about not playing as a team as they were as playing as a team. My thoughts are that they either caught wind of this thread...or got a nice reminder of the rules from Kano, either way....Its a great day for Kano players all around.

    Congrats to all the honest guilds out there striving to be their best!!!
  19. If you think that a 5000 fight limit against a single player to mitigate the effect of bot-users or whatever is bad just be glad it's not the same set up as Zombie Slayers....20 fights and that's it.
  20. Umm not in Pirate Clan. The #2 and #3 positions both achieved their rank with little or no spending and one of them only spent after he had lost the #1 position as a countermeasure against aggression from the new #1. And with the aforementioned limit in zombie slayers there is absolutely no padding stats between friends going on, or protracted combat with rivals which is more in line with why I fight.

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