new guild achievements rendered pointless already?

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    I would like to direct everyones attention to the points leader board for the new seasonal guild achievements. Please take your time and look at the guild "shadow assassins"and its players carefully and individually and draw your own conclusions. Obviously...only time will really tell....but to me its glaringly obvious.

    Kano has said their will be valuable rewards and achievements tied to which positions/rankings guilds finish in on the leader board..This has led to much more work and determination as guild members try to motivate each other to complete their dailys in an effort to achieve the most points as possible in an effort to rise on the leader board in an attempt at the better rewards and bragging rights. The way I see it....this has added a whole new dimension to the game which has made it even more interesting, with 25 separate individuals in a happens, its unrealistic to think that every player in a guild can participate in getting their dailys every single much as some people would like to do happens. This being the actually allows for much fluctuation in a guilds daily point output and makes the race for positioning on the leader board on daily basis very fun and interesting as guilds jockey for position. But what if????? what if a single person starts a guild and maxes its membership with alternate accounts? what if only one player has the power to go in and insure on a daily basis that each account in that guild maxes out their dailys? My thoughts on this are this.....It makes it totally pointless for the normal guild of 25 separate individuals to even bother trying to achieve the goals of rewards/achievement as the normal "life happens" fluctuation will will certainly take those guild out of the running for these rewards when competing against these single player guilds maxed with alt. accounts.

    So once again...players with nothing better to do than to cheat the system because they cant compete on their own merit are going to destroy what really seemed like a fun, exciting and challenging new aspect of our game.

    This Upgrade is in beta...and their are most certainly quirks that will need to be tweaked. Hopefully the good folks at Kano will address these rogue guilds first, before the rest of the players and guilds lose interest dooming the upgrade to failure.

    so once again I ask all those who read this to please look at the guild leading the pack on leader board closely, look at the avatars, names, levels, time played etc etc and draw your own conclusions. I myself find it odd that by far the majority of this guild is below level 20 for the amount of time the accounts have been active(which most by the way were all activated on the same day...288 days ago)...yet every single one of them has managed to get on the game every single day since the new upgrade started and achieve their max dailys.
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    Valid point Polish, the DEVs should watch for this, also a good chance to catch some of these fake accounts and get them off of the game completely .... a winner all round.
  3. after reading this long winded post i have got to agree fully with it.very valid indeed.
  4. yes, not fair that people use their extra acc to get the points:mad:
  5. yeah that is blatant.
  6. 100% agree - once again a great game idea being flaunted and stained by some that find it to tempting not to play fair.......:(
  7. After seeing this guild I have reasonable suspicion that the whole guild is a one man operation.
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    For sure there is a challenge here to get the 25 daily players together first off, and then to have them all complete it daily to "win" whatever. Life certainly does happen ... vacation anyone without a laptop????personal tragedy??? VC holiday ... etc In FB's case, my guild is neck and neck with another one, and I am sure we both would be totally miffed if we had a cheat guild "steal" that competition away. Hope the Devs can nail their sorry asses, the main and the mini's involved in your game.
  9. Eddie

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    From what I was told, having multiple accounts is okay as long as they are registered to separate emails. Having Kano take actions against a small group of individuals would not be fair to all. if they take action against one person for having multiple accounts then they would have to take action against all who have multiple accounts.
  10. Point taken - but;-
    a) whats the stupid point of playing more than 1 account - apart from someone that doesn't have a life outside of a PC?

    b) Someone that has to really fluctuate his ego to a point where no one else will play with him/her so has to create 25 'others' to create a guild

    c) is that even fair to other players that are trying to play the game as it should be????

    I say stop anyone from having more than 1 account:p
  11. Kel the Merciful King

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    I agree 100%.

    The TOS in plain language says 1 account.

    "List of Things That Will Get Your Account Disabled

    • Using more than one account."
  12. Eddie

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    Raforta I agree with you, but understand its not so simple to figure out who has multiple accounts and if its just 2-3 people in one house who use myspace
  13. this this this.

    spot can you tell?

    and you cant say because of same IP because of the point mentioned here.

    you cant even say timing issues of when accounts are logged on cause hey maybe its 1 comp shared and both accounts are on at once.
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  14. Eddie

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    Well if they have seperate email's registered to them, then they are considered to be a separate individual.

    Honestly, this thread is a pointless rant; considering the fact that people who posted here in favor of developers taking actions have multiple accounts themselves.
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  15. Agree again Eddie....Nothing can be done about it - so whats the point.....But I can assure you on one point.....I defo only have 1 account!!!! I don't think I could put up with BS from any others!! Lmao!:D
  16. you know if the devs won't or can't flush out all the fakes in that guild, a simple fix that would allow us to resolve this problem in-game would be to make it where if a guild member gets killed then all that particular member's GP go to zero for that day and he/she has to start over. All we would have to do to clear out the dupe mini-accts points would be to recruit someone under level 300 put him in all of our inner circles and list the hell out of the fake accts.
  17. perfect perfect perfect
  18. they all level 15-23 how u going to bounty them lol ?
    i think player should be level 300+ to join any guild or open his one !

    question to kano:
    about guild enemy list how come some guild have me as enemy and i dont have them on my enemy list any more ?
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  19. That's why you recruit at least one player under level 300 and everyone adds that player to the inner circle. OR open all players in guilds regardless of level to being listed.
  20. yea but bounty them as much u want and 1 person still do all guild game points lol
    better if Kano add some kill points and bounty listed points that will be more show power of guild and achievement ... that will make game more active and interesting.. also some favor point drops for best place of number 1 ..3...5...10.. 15.. 20... more game points down less favor points and reward each guild member every week ;)
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