[LCN] New Gift item- A vehicle

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by AXXO, May 10, 2016.

  1. AXXO

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    Kano, how about doing something really matters rather than sending updates. As you know, Gift items could be use to get new players strong until they are level 300-400 or sometimes 500. We already have 2 good gift weapon items,

    Sewer Alligator A28 D28
    Nitroglycerin Bomb A28 D28.

    And we also have one good armor item,
    Shock Gauntlets A12 D24.

    But there's no good Vehicle item to send in gifts. How about giving them a good vehicle too. may be you might need to consider that some vehicle with may be 20A and 20D or preferably higher. (a flying item or sailing would be great as we have many landed vehicles as gifts)

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