[PC] New FP purchase area debacle.

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Zombiefried, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Zombiefried

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    Okay, the area to purchase FP has changed. I went to purchase a few and….nothing. They deducted it from my Paypal but no FP. Why was this area changed? I never had any issues with the old area. Now, I am not very happy. So much for spending my money here I guess.
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    We changed the system we use for a number of reasons, mostly because our old system was doing away with direct payment and so we could offer the same deals on Armor Games and Kano Play that we do on Facebook and Kongregate.

    Sorry to hear that you're having trouble, though! :( Have you submitted a Support ticket about this yet? They'll be able to help you out with this issue. :)
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  5. Kendall

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    Looks like you did get points albeit 1 hr after this post. Previously we were using TrialPay to handle paypal transactions but as described above that is removed.

    Outside of direct credit card payments we are using SuperRewards which supports PayPal as well as other methods but appears that those transactions may take longer than what players were used to with TrialPay.

    For the new Credit Card transactions points are awarded immediately and are processed through Stripe which is used on Pinterest, Lyft, Shopify and other reputable companies.
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  6. Zombiefried

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    yes, I did get the FP/DJ after some time. The thing I didn't like is what will happen when, or if, someone does not know it can take an hour for the points to be credited to your avatar? I worry that a player in the middle of an excellent round of BA, may not be happy to wait through 2 rounds that could be played just for their points to show. I usually try to keep some FP/DJ on hand but, was caught off guard assuming this purchase would be instantly available for use. I did immediately post a support ticket with PayPal as I had thought I was taken by the new purchasing group. So, I cannot say if this helped to "speed" up the FP/DJ points being posted. I am now dreading if I must purchase again…….
  7. Kendall

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    If you do go through the credit card processing it is immediate.

    We are currently evaluating whether or not to implement our own direct PayPal implementation for faster rewarding.

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