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  1. SirSpyro

    SirSpyro New Member

    So with the release of raids and the teamwork that comes from it of different guilds and cheifs that come together to kill the bosses I had the idea floating around in my head for a new 'raid'.

    Id like to call it a Conquest Adventure. (Thats what iv been thinking of anyways)
    So here is how it would work.
    -----Warning, Lengthy Part incoming. Skip to bottom for TL;DR------
    1. you have to be in a guild. Guild size does not matter however it will play a role in later steps.
    2. You enter the event as a guild just like guild wars works now.
    3. Once entered the guilds leader will select from 3 options of rewards ranking from a low payout reward to a high payout (Each one adding difficulty to the later steps)
    4. After guilds are entered and picked a 'tier' the conquest will start. Once started your guild will be given a boss to fight. It will work just like a raid where you must work with your team to kill the monster. However with new mechanics. These mechanics being that the bosses health is scaled according to your guilds total health. (IE: 3 people in the guild each one with 100k health will total 300k ((Duh)) and the bosses health will be lower than a guild with 20 members thats health totals 1.5 million.) Along with this mechanic as you attack the boss and loose health normally that means the team as a whole looses health, However in a conquest you still have a main health bar but a secondary that is set to you. Basically the point of this is in a fight of 20 v 1 not just 1 person and constantly heal 19 other people. they have to focus on themselves. But if you die, then the parties health will drop by whatever amount that players health was. One the player is killed in battle they will have to wait for revival or be revived by a team mate that asks the gods for a favor. (Spend FP)
    5. Once the boss is killed within a time limit that is universal for all guilds currently in conquest (Meaning if a guild kills the boss faster than others then they must wait for either all over guilds to complete the boss or the timer to go out and the guilds to fail.
    6. Following the timer ending any guilds killed will be knocked out and no longer participate in the conquest.
    7. The remaining guilds will then meet up in groups with other guilds that have selected the same tier as them. (As selected by the guilds leader in step 3)
    8. They will then have a choice to either continue on with the guilds they have met up with or continue on the mission alone via a unanimous vote in the guild. (Keep in mind though if a guild chooses to go solo then they will fight a different boss that will be much more difficult than the final boss)
    9. Guilds that stay together will then become one massive team with combined health and power
    10. The final boss will work the same as the first monster encountered but with a few tweaks. This boss can fight back. As the timer ticks down players in the fight will be randomly selected by the boss for an attack. These players will loose health and can be healed by the team at the other player cost of energy. This will happen constantly thru out the fight at a set interval. (Say the boss lasts 24 hours it will attack someone every 10 minutes. Which would be 144 attacks. or even every 5 to double it. mind that the attacks will be on random players. Could be the same person twice in a row or different people.) As the fight continues the boss will become stronger in its defense and attacks until it hits roughly 20% health.
    11. Once the boss reaches this 20% mark it will go into a frenzy mode. Frenzy mode will stop the growth of the bosses defense but will double the rate of attack power increase. Causing it to do much more damage in its attack possibly even 1 shooting a player.
    12. Now if the timer runs out and the boss is not killed the party and guilds will be sent back to their camps and the event will end without rewards for anyone.
    13. If the boss is killed then the guilds and players will be rewarded with loot and xp based on that tier. However there is a catch to this and a reason to keep others alive that aren't in your guild. Depending on how many 'deaths' the party had from boss attacks (IE the boss random attacks and kills a player (Not the player attacks and kills themselves because they did not heal)) That will affect the overall payout for everyone in scale to how many deaths there were. This is to prevent players from ruining other guilds payouts as well as enforcing the matter of teamwork.
    --------FOR THE TL;DR people--------
    New event. All guilds. Like raids but harder. More rewards.

    Id like to hear what everyone thinks of the idea/concept.
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please comment them and i will either answer the questions or address the concerns.
    I have worked out a good bit of the math in hypothetical event run downs so I can give some numbers if people are interested in those.
    So basically this is my idea. A major event with major rewards.
    This is some more info on sections. Mostly including numbers and the ratios (Which could be changed depending)
    • Pre-Event timer starts- 3 Days notice time for guild leaders to enter their guild or not. Upon entering leaders will also be prompted to select from 3 tiers.
    • Low Tier- Midgard- Lowest reward payout but bosses are easier. (More likely to complete for lower guilds comprised of 5-9 players)
    • Mid Tier- Bifrost- Decent reward payout and average boss difficulty
    • High Tier- Asgard- High reward payout but very difficult for everyone.
    • (Had the idea of a 4th tier as well only available to guilds with 25/25 members of course it would be extremely difficult but with godly rewards.)
    • Event begins and guilds are thrown into a boss battle.
    • All %'s below will be coming from the guild members totals
    • As well as the guild numbers all being rough estimates of levels and member amounts
    • Member= 8 / Attack Total= 100,000 / Defense total= 60,000 / Health Total= 750,000
    • Member= 16 / Attack Total= 250,000 / Defense total= 150,000 / Health Total= 1,500,000
    • Member= 25 / Attack Total= 375,000 / Defense total= 250,000 / Health Total= 2,300,000
    • Tier 1 boss ratios: Attack= 120% / Defense= 125% / Health= X 25
    • Tier 2 boss ratios: Attack= 175% / Defense= 175% / Health= X 75
    • Tier 3 boss ratios: Attack= 250% / Defense= 300% / Health= X 150
    • This boss timer will last 24 hours. If you defeat the boss early your team will be rewarded according to how fast you killed the boss and that tier you are on. If you did not defeat the boss then your guild is removed from the event.
    • After the timer is completed there will be a 12 hour period where guilds that are still remaining and are in the same tier as others will decide to fight together on the final boss or continue alone.
    • The guilds members will all have to vote on a choice of either join the others of fight alone. With Majority rule of course.
    • If voted to stay the guilds total will all be added together for the final boss.
    • If voted to go alone the totals stay the same.
    • The Final boss will be tougher with the following ratios of stats.
    • Tier 1: Attack 150% / Defense 150% / Health X 50
    • Tier 2: Attack 225% / Defense 230% / Health X 125
    • Tier 3: Attack 300% / Defense 325%/ Health X 250
    • Not only is it tougher but the fight will be shorter. These fights will last 12 hours only. (You think the boss is sleeping while you're gone?)
    • Once the fight begins the boss will begin its attacks as well on the party members. Every 5 minutes the boss will attack a random player and lowering their health.
    • If a player dies they much be revived by another party member at the cost of more energy. Or asking the gods for a favor.
    • Every death a player has will lower their chance at max rewards. But will not affect the other players rewards just the total health bar of the party.
    • If the boss is defeated the spoils will be vast.
    • For those that complete the tier 1 event fully each player will receive 45 Favor Points 45% XP to level and 90x income. (For every death a player has they will loose 5% of that reward. So if you die 3 times in the final fight you will only get 38 favor points, 38% XP and 76x income.)
    • Tier 2 event rewards will be 48 Favor Points 48% XP to level and 95x Income.
    • Tier 3 rewards will be 50 favor points 50% XP and 100x income.
    • Yes these rewards are the same as guild wars rewards. But these rewards are for everyone. However there are extra rewards for those that do the most damage, and those who heal others the most.
    • These two players will be given a 3 pack of crates
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  2. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Holy smokes! That is quite the feature spec, SirSpyro. I have to admit that although I read most of this I skimmed over parts so I will withhold any opinion until I digest this more. But thank you for taking the time to put this all together.

    I will also say that we very much appreciate the feedback and suggestions from players like yourself but I should temper your expectations by saying that we currently don't have any plans for such an event. But I will pass along this info to the team as those who work in game/feature design might find this interesting as well.

    Thanks again for taking the time to compile this info and your continued passion for Viking Clan.
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I just want to play a game for fun, while relaxing from work and life not for all that ,
  4. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Kano should offer this man a job :)

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