New blacksmith recipes

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  1. SkylerF

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    Thanks for that!
  2. ZombieAngel

    ZombieAngel New Member

    Wow Njord's Champion recipe... somebody had a few Aegir Guards they didn't want to waste ;-P
  3. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    What is this I don't even...

    I have no idea what you are saying. Njord's Champion consumes ONE Hurricane Master. Hurricane Master consumes ONE Aegir Guard.
    QED - each Njord's Champion consumes one Aegir Guard.

    :confused:At least, I assume that was what you were trying to say. If that's not right, then I have no clue what you're babbling about, sorry.:confused:
  4. ZombieAngel

    ZombieAngel New Member

    Right, so the Aegir Guard coverts to the Hurricane Master, which basically becomes obsolete at level 480 (Vidar Berserker)... This change to the game extends the Aegir Guard job's usefulness out way beyond that since you can now convert the Hurricane Master to a Njord's Champion. I mean the Negotiate Aegir's Sea Patrols job can be done at level 75! I had already thought it was crazy to have a level 75 job be this useful... Now it is just ridiculous!
  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Ah. Sorry, no amount of caffeine can force my brain to function in the middle of the night.
    Urgh, it seems as though VC has far more problems with the new recipes than PC does...
  6. ZombieAngel

    ZombieAngel New Member

    I'm not sure I see this as a problem. It just changes things. My VC character is level 458, so level 480 is looming. I was having trouble deciding what the best job for me to complete, so I calculated the attack and defense benefits per cost of energy required for 5-6 job candidates. Before the Njord's Champion recipe, the Aegir Guard job is the best for increasing your attack until level 480 until is becomes obsolete with no benefit, so I had stopped doing that job for the Ice Dwarf job, which is the best defense increase per energy cost. Now, I'll actually have a choice to up my attack or defense, but the Ice Dwarf is has a bigger defense bang for the energy than the Aegir Guard + conversions have for attack.
  7. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Furthermore are Ice Dwarfs used for the Mist Runners, and these will stay on your defense side almost forever. Attack most likely too, unless you manage to get so many Woadlord drops, that you have literally 20k dropped Darkwoads. (+ the kill rewards, so you might only need 15k Darkwoads.)
  8. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Hey, Ninja, could we have some hints for the recipes, please? Like the number of different items and how many are gifts? Please? We haven't been given ANY hints yet!:D
  9. norte420

    norte420 New Member

    idk y but its not working
  10. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    What was the error message you got?

    Hurricane Master - previous Blacksmith recipe
    Royal Hersir - can be purchased
  11. rrrof711

    rrrof711 Member

    that recipe worked for me. take 1 aegirs guard and mix it up with 1 elite hersir to make a hurricane master. then take the 1 hurricane master and mix it up with 1 royal hersir to make a noble champion.... that easy.
  12. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Giantsbane is unlocked at level 600.
    Since level 620 unlocks Alfheim and the Steel Sword recipe, the level 600 item is the Utgard Guard.

    Utgard Guard + Giant's Blade
    Utgard Guard + Goliath
    failed. Kano, may we have quantity hints, please? I wouldn't mind knowing how many unique items are used and how many are gifts. Please? Without any hints, anyone testing the recipes is just shooting in the dark!
  13. ianviking

    ianviking New Member

    I'm still trying for highland's longbow- so far none of these have worked:

    longbow/scout/viking dagger
    longbow/scout/viking axes
    longbow/scout/mead horn
    longbow/scout/thor amulet
    longbow/scout/stag statue
    longbow/scout/northern knot
    longbow/scout/iwaz rune
    longbow/scout/north star charm
    longbow/scout/nordic crossle pendant
    longbow/scout/ruffian tunic
    longbow/scout/ruffian blade
    longbow/scout/ruffian helm
    longbow/scout/byggvir ale
    longbow/scout/freyjas tears
    longbow/scout/skull tunic
    longbow/scout/box of chocolate
    longbow/scout/stag statue
    longbow/scout/vanir statue
    longbow/scout/celtic gorget
    longbow/scout/champion knifes
    longbow/scout/battle chain mail
    longbow/scout/hiking boots

    I am missing some of the gifts so maybe someone could keep at this list, but I've used all the availeable items from level two I had, combined with scout and longbow.
  14. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    The items available at level 2 aren't as important. Do you know what items are NOT open at level 1 but ARE at level 2? Of that short list, at least ONE HAS to be used.
  15. norte420

    norte420 New Member

    never mind it work just now wen i tryed to find out u kno the recipes for the highland longbow or the ebony knife?
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Highland Longbow is Chainmail Armor and Serpent Clan Blade.

    The Ebony Knife is still a mystery.
  17. norte420

    norte420 New Member

    thanks for your help
  18. Seggs

    Seggs New Member

    did a few combinations looking for the ebony knife. none yielded any successes.
    cyclops smash club/battle axe
    cyclops smash club/long range catapult
    cyclops smash club/morningstar
    cyclops smash club/warrior princess
    cyclops smash club/norse prince

    cyclops war helm/battle axe
    cyclops war helm/long range catapult
    cyclops war helm/morningstar
    cyclops war helm/warrior princess
    cyclops war helm/norse prince

    cyclops war helm/cyclops smash club/battle axe
    cyclops war helm/cyclops smash club/long range catapult
    cyclops war helm/cyclops smash club/morningstar
    cyclops war helm/cyclops smash club/warrior princess
    cyclops war helm/cyclops smash club/norse prince
  19. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    None of the items used can be unlocked after level 15. One of those items used MUST be unlocked AT level 15.

    That is all we know.

    Thanks for the trials!
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  20. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    Highland's Longbow

    Still trying to get this one myself. When you first start VC, you are stuck in the adventure “Consult the Oracle” until you reach level 2 and the only things you have are the Longbow and Leather Helm – initially awarded.

    Unlocked at Level 2:
    You will not get to the harvest your crop adventure before getting to level 3 though it is unlocked at level 2
    Scout and Warrior (which are used to create the Highland’s Ranger)
    Dwelling and Longhouse

    The hunter challenge is still locked at Level 2 which blocks out the Ruffian Blade and Ruffian Helm, there are no bosses available to attack yet. The only weapons are the knife and helmut.

    At this level, the following gifts are available:
    Secret Gift
    Box of Chocolates
    Stag Statue
    Blessed Oil
    Scroll of Vanir Knowledge
    Nordic Crossle Pendant
    Lump of Coal
    Northern Knot Charm
    Iwaz Rune
    North Star Charm
    Vanir Statue
    Byggvir Ale
    Freyja’s tears
    Gold Necklace
    War Belt
    Skull Tunic
    Wooden Rabbit Amulet
    Leather Helm
    Viking Axes
    Wooden Shield
    Thor Amulet
    Viking Tunic
    Mead Horn
    Viking Dagger

    Without using "Highland's Ranger", I've tried "Leather Helm", "Longbow", and each of the gifts and weapons. I've also tried each individually (Leather Helm and gifts, Longbow and gifts). I've even tried "Leather Helm", "Longbow", "Knfie", and "Helmut". Anyone have any luck with this one? I'm stumped. At level 2, it really shouldn't be this complicated.

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