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    Sweet. More Skill points (and more reasons to have higher Energy) for me. Thank you.
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    The new drop items look really cool, I love the Frigid Helm and the Devil claw... Really good job on the artwork!!!
  4. yes artwork looks nice ... !!! how about more empire on each location ;)
  5. wait what

    i cant read that
  6. yes para

    how bout new empire

    starting at 100T for the first

    so 100T x10=.............i
  7. Too bad the new adventures are locked out due to the ridiculously obscene costs of legendary equipment. I'm not willing to spend favor points or wait days to get the coins needed to get the prerequisite items. If you are going to require these legendary items you need to reduce the cost BY A FACTOR OF ONE HUNDRED AT THE LEAST. Or add properties to each location AT THE SCALE OF THE LEGENDARY GARBAGE. That means properties that generate income at the tens and hundreds of BILLIONS PER HOUR.

    Really kind of a pointless update due to that problem, which has been a problem since legendary items were introduced and needs to be rectified to balance the game. You guys got the cost ratios right with Pirate Clan sea dog items, why the tyndall can't you make the VC items reasonable? Or give us properties that have an astronomical yield on par with these idiotic items.
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  8. The new adventures only require 1 or 2 legendary items to complete so I don't think it's that big of deal - especially considered some of the original adventures required you to carry 10 or 20. I never keep the "legendaries" after I've completed and adventure (except in one or two cases when I thought the drop made sense to accumulate until the next adventure opened) So that makes it even less of a big deal. Sounds like you don't have enough empire.

    Although the additional skill points are nice I would have liked to seen these added as blacksmith items.

    No offense intended.

  9. speaking of new recipes.... there's still blacksmith items who's recipe's aren't on the list.

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