Need Bigger Inner Circle ( 6 / 6 )

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ParashuramaBloodAxeLegend, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. i have more members asking me 2 add to inner circle and i have 2 say sorry i have my best team there and its no space left .... :p

    what about bigger inner circle i wuld be happy 2 add 50 of my clan more :D

    any comments :confused:
  2. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    you're already there mate :p...and giving me one hell of a daily income too XD
  3. Kill With Power

    Kill With Power New Member

    I agree. We should be allowed to have more people in our inner circle. 50 is probably a bit too much to ask for, but even 10 would be good.
  4. Sigdrifa

    Sigdrifa New Member

    I agree with this so much. I think even having something like 8 or 10 people in the IC would help. I get people who ask to be in my IC and I obviously can't please everyone all the time, even with rotating some folks in my IC there are family members who play who are going to be there no matter what, etc, and there's a couple of people I'd like to put in my IC and can't because there's no room and people I don't really want to kick out of there.

    I think 50 slots would be excessive, but 8-10 would still work for me. :D
  5. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    How about you gain an inner circle spot for every 100 chieftains you own, starting with a basic of 6 to begin with. That would sound a bit more interesting. At least chieftain numbers would become more useful.

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