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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by dnaleves, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. dnaleves

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    How is it when I go back to the game, I see people have attacked me 35-40 times in less than a minute? How is this possible? The most I've been able to attack one person is about 7 times before theyre either "severly injured" or dead.
  2. dnaleves

    dnaleves New Member

    by the way, Im not really high leveled either. level 376 about 4100 health. and usually the people who have been attackking me that much in so little time lose if i attack back unless they have a counterattack set up. is there some kind of boost that allows you to do this?
  3. waldo1984

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    How much damage are these guys doing to you? Can't be too much, I would think; less than 100 points?

    From a timing perspective, I have a fast enough Internet connection and a spastic enough mouse finger that I'd be quite willing to bet I could hit you at least 100 times(or more) in a minute, if our respective health levels were high enough, and damage output low enough so that neither of us required any healing within that stretch of attacks.

    Heck, even with the healing and the fact that my opponent typically is attacking me back at the same time, I'd be willing to bet we're hitting each other at least that many times in a minute. Haven't ever timed it, though.
  4. waldo1984

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    So I got curious and googled "mouse click speed counter." Found this:

    You click on one button, then move the mouse over and click on the other. In a ten-second time frame, you see how many times you can click on the 2nd button.

    A truly worthless skill, but for the record, I was off on my estimate. At a rate of 56 clicks in ten seconds, I could click on the attack button 336 times. The "average" person could probably do it 35 times (or 210 times in a minute). Even if Viking Clan only registered every other click (and I don't think it does; I think it registers every single one), that 40 attacks would take the average person a little over one second.

    Of course, that's IF the average VC was as fast as the average person. For some reason, I've noticed most people who hit me back seem to do so a lot slower than this (like one hit every 30 seconds or so, if that). I'm really not sure why, as I can't imagine I'm that unusually fast, nor do I imagine my cable Internet connection is the fastest connection on Earth.

    Point being, anyone who wanted to could hit you 40 times in a minute without even thinking twice about it, if they just kept clicking away fast enough.

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