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    The Mafia Gunman has the Godmother in his sights and Mobsters worldwide are needed to put him on ice! In the Mother’s Day Feature Raid, you’ll be helping the Godmother fight back against this nefarious hitman. The mob views the Godmother as the matron of the whole organization, and don’t you want to help your mom this Mother’s Day?

    As with other Feature Raids there are a couple new elements to go over. We’ve mixed up some other concepts with feedback from March’s event so let’s go over what’s new.

    Level Tier Leaderboards and Totalizer

    For this event, you will be vying against others in your level tier for the Leaderboard prizes! There are two boards this time around: Actions and Kills.

    How it works is if you are in the low tier (0 - 2000 on Facebook, for example), then you’ll only be contesting the leaderboard with those of a similar level, same with the mid tier and so on.

    Each tier will have their own selection of prizes for the top three spots and the second and third brackets.

    To get the rewards at the end, you’ll need to also complete the event Totalizer. There isn’t a certain number of Raids that need to be killed each day, but rather one big number that has to be hit by the end of the event.

    The total is per network, so make sure to band together with those on your server! The prizes you can earn are listed in-game in the Progress banner below the Leaderboard.

    Provided the Totalizer goal is met, rewards will be available to collect from May 18 at 1:00 pm to June 1, so get out there and help the Godmother!

    Rewards (per Leaderboard Category, per Level Tier)

    Bracket Three:

    4 Level 1 Loot Chests

    Bracket Two:

    6 Level 1 Loot Chests

    Third Place:

    3 Level 2 Loot Chest

    Full set of Raid Superior Items

    Second Place:

    4 Level 2 Loot Chests

    Full set of Raid Superior Items

    First Place:

    5 Level 2 Loot Chests

    Full set of Raid Superior Items
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  2. mi7ch

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  3. Sandy Barrows

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    Why is the counter not updating ?
  4. mi7ch

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    Do you mean the bar in the totalizer? On FB there are 20 Raids Killed, that's less than 1% of the goal so far. The bar will move as more bosses are killed.
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  5. Riddle me this; did you or did you not update the 'Totalizer' amount of raids that needs to be met pr network? Because if 150 raids is only the first out of seven checkpoints to be met on Kong server (as per last time), the next six checkpoints must be on intervals of ten raids if we're ever gonna be able to land it...
  6. mi7ch

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    It is per network, and there is only one goal that needs to be hit.

    from the walkthrough: "There isn’t a certain number of Raids that need to be killed each day, but rather one big number that has to be hit by the end of the event."
  7. Rick B

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    That 2750 for fbook/server 1 looks a tad ambitious. Looks like the number of total raids have been going down since you guys raised the cost of FPs. I know I haven't been buying any. We're @ 186 right now (24 hours). Let's just say 200/day for the whole thing. 7X200 = 1400. Just tossin' that out there.
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    I know for a lot of my friends , we are raided out, they have been slowly losing their allure, we tend to dread raid time, rather than look forward to it, it is like opening a 7/11 on every other corner, saturation is not a good thing, consider doing them 4 times a year at best rather than 12 times a year, many of us play more than one game.
  9. Rick B

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    13 - they are on a "lunar" calendar (hard 4 week cycle).

  10. Ok so you did update it, good to know. Might consider changing the wording from 'checkpoint' to something more appropriate.

    Or not. I got my answer, I'm good. :p
  11. Kirsten

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    Oh geeeze 13 lol even worse
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  12. FancyPants

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    How many spots are there in Brackets 2 & 3? Is it a set # or a percentage? Trying to see if I am on the cusp of either bracket. Would encourage more joins/actions. Thanks!
  13. mi7ch

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    It's a percentage, so it will change based on overall participation. If you click the blue "i" beside Raid Kill Progress it will break it down for you.

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  14. FancyPants

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    got it - thanks!
  15. FancyPants

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    Mitch, can you confirm that Kills only count when the person has completed the min actions required (2,000 actions, 1,000 of which must be heals) in order to get credit for the Kill? People are saying in World Chat, that the reason we have so many campers this time around is because if the raid is killed, even if the camper only does 1 action, the camper gets credited for the kill. I thought that was fixed the last time we had these leaderboards. Please confirm. Thanks!!!
  16. mi7ch

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    Confirm you need to do the 2,000 minimum to get the Kill counted.
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  17. GATMAN

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    This cant be accurate because i have watched someone take the #1 spot from me with kills this raid season, and i was in many of the same raids as he was and he didnt have minimums in all. To test that, i entered one with out doing anything, and i was also credited for the kill, even though there was no rewards paidout, it still effects the loot rewards in the end. Love to see that fixed.

    https://www.kanoplay.com/la_cosa_nostra/boss/raid/5af91aaeeab98042d05ba04e?game_server=server_2 perfect example, both of us received credit for this kill but should not have. Im ok with him getting the reward at 1st place i guess, he hustled to get into every raid possible which counts for something, I guess. but in future you should not receive a leaderboard reward for such small efforts
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  18. Kirsten

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    hmmmm interesting, cause I know it was fixed after the first holiday raid, in PC back whenever that was, well at least I thought it was, must be a glitch :(
  19. mi7ch

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    I had a developer check it out and your Kill total lines up with the number of Bosses you had minimum actions on, so everything appears to be working as intended. Thanks for bringing it up though, better safe than sorry.
  20. GATMAN

    GATMAN Active Member

    Thank you for checking into this: i did watch my kill count go up after the above mentioned raid died, however i had a list of 60 other raids active so it could have been coincidence with perhaps another raid dying near the same time. I appreciate the update.
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