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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by forbidden7, Aug 19, 2012.

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    more player is leaving..come on Kano u guys mst think of something good..
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    I get new player requests every day for all four games, so who ever is leaving is being replaced by a large number of new players , albiet I am coming across a couple here and there with alts, it is funny when they admit it that they have 2 or three accounts though, well not so funny for them.
  3. alka

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    I guess he means TOP players, as another good player signed off last night by lighting up the hitlist for an hour or so.

    All apps get boring, I should know I've played enough, but it seems all the companies make the same mistake. The game will be dominated by a few guys at the top, all the other players will eventually become despondent with the great divide and quit, or become occasional players, as a result of companies being unable to come up with interesting ideas without seeing $$ signs.

    Kano killed the app a while back with their greed by introducing the Hired Hand saga.
    The game is going into deeper decline because again Kano fail to listen to peoples concerns, over obvious BOTS, ALTS and Fake Factions.
    Kano fail to listen to peoples concerns over the Arena and even the Faction issue. Same people finishing in top spots, ridiculous timing issues and the format within the games being a mess.

    While the game may get some new blood I'm sure a few will be players who wanted to start afresh but because of Kano's stubborn "know best" attitude, they are unable to reset the app, so get labelled ALTS. Hell, players can't even remove themselves from the app if they quit or get banned for cheating!! No doubt this is to hype the playing figures. That would be good if it achieved something!

    I guess the writing is on the wall for Kano as their last attempt at launching a game was a total failure. No doubt as a result of knowing best!
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  4. forbidden7

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    i gotta agree with u thre :)
  5. Yeah, we're starting to lose many players toward the mid-range, by that I mean around 1k to 1.5 k in levels. Kano probably doesn't care, so long as new players can replace them, but I've heard people mention that even the lower levels are full of inactive accounts.

    I was just going to browse, but what you mentioned alka was so true, I just had to respond. The hired squad was, and still is a complete and utter farce and a cash grab by Kano. They took our requests for more top squad and totally twisted it into the joke it is today. That was the beginning of the end for me. I don't know how long I'll be playing, but every day, since that day it's been more and more of a chore to log in.
  6. Graeme The Specimen

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    I've never felt the need to post on here before but i agree with the comments.

    I'm level 1651 and am finding the game has stagnated beyond belief.

    The factions are a waste of time. Most players don't appear to care about getting points & tbh their isn't much of an incentive anyway. Some UN points for those that do might help or even give special items to kit out your slayer. If the alt & cheating thing is genuine then it doesn't surprise me as i can't really see many ways of getting a full faction to do their points daily, for a week, outside of the few hardcore factions with the top players.

    Since you increased the length of levels in later cities it's taking far too long to reach the next level/boss without spending a fortune on UN points. I have bought some in the past but really don't see the point now.

    Special items to equip your slayer aren't worth buying as, unless it's changed recently, everytime a calendar comes out the special Kano item is more powerful anyway.

    Personally i find the battle arena shit but just sign up for the xp now. When i've been attacking someone for a while, bring them down to almost zero health & then someone else takes the kill on my last hit. Maybe i'm doing it wrong? If your engaged in a fight there should be a 2 or 3 second delay between hits before anyone else can hit them. It's fine for the hitlist as that's pot luck but when you've just spent a few minutes destroying someone's health it's infuriating.

    The death deal/rocket launcher shooter games are boring. Maybe you could mix it up with some kind of one armed bandit (fruit machine) with zombie heads instead of fruit. Get xp or perks for getting 2 or 3 identical heads in a row then maybe XP & UN for the jackpot? Anything to make it seem like less of a slog playing the same thing 20 times per country just to get an achievement & some skill points.

    I used to enjoy the game but am finding it a slog like David said. I've also noticed lots of mid level players leaving the game. Maybe it's just part of life for these games. I understand that it's difficult to come up with fresh ideas & keep everyone happy but it has become a dull game to play.

    G :)
  7. What is a 'top player'? One that spends their dough on a free game? There may be benefit to such players leaving. It would give them time to contemplate what else they may have done with their money :)
  8. Linda

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    Why is it that people who do not for whatever reason, find fault with people that do, and TOP players are not always players that spend money. that being said those that do spend help Kano to continue in their efforts to make the games available for all. A problem I notice in the other three games is that when people level too fast they have less and less players to fight, also having go many players in their squad, guild etc, makes it harder to find people to fight, and maybe , just maybe, people have a life changing event, job, illness, birth , time of the year, ( summer) and people move on. If someone is bored with ZS, give PC, VC, or LCN a try you may be pleasantly surprised :)
  9. All the Top players are leaving because the same cheaters continue to ruin it. Whole factions built with one player winning the Faction, Ideas that are ridiculous.. Game is out of control, Too many Calendars, Too much Free Crap and EXP. Too much Money flying around. Cheaters playing Multiple Characters with Unlimited Supplies of Money to Do whatever they want to do..

    ALTS made under Protection for 7 days while they are allowed to Attack the Hitlist, Cant punch, cant do anything..

    The game i have played every day over 550+ days is worse and worse by the day..

    Its more less no fun anymore.
  10. I consider myself a top player and I haven't spent a dime...

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