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    A moderator is a volunteer that monitors online interactions on a forum and makes sure that posters are adhering to the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use. Kano/Apps utilizes anonymous moderators, so our volunteer mods can continue posting with their regular personas, but our mods can disclose their status if they wish.

    Our anonymous moderators can only close, move and delete threads. They can’t comment or post new threads, but they can, and should, leave messages on why a thread was moved or closed.

    When will a moderator delete or close a thread or post?

    • If the post or thread in question violates the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use. In short, if it’s a personal attack on another user or Kano/Apps employee, or contains personal information.
    • If posters are being unnecessarily negative or trying to instigate arguments or stir a controversy.
    • If threads become off-topic and haven’t course-corrected in spite of attempts by the Community Manager or other posters.
    • If it’s spam, or looks like spam.

    When will a moderator move a thread?

    • If it’s in the wrong forum.
    • If it’s an add-me post (those go in the official “Add-Me” threads for each game and network).
    • If a similar topic already exists.

    When will a moderator edit a post?

    • If the post contains personal information.

    What isn’t within the scope of a moderator?

    • Mods are only active in the forums. The do not police the in-game chat.
    • Banning or freezing forum accounts. That’s up to the discretion of the Community Manager or other Kano/Apps staff members.
    • Mods are bound by the Terms of Use both on the forums and in-game, same as any other player. As such, they are free to play the games as they choose within the scope of the Terms of Use.

    If you feel your post or thread has been deleted/closed or otherwise moderated unfairly.

    The moderator should leave a reason why your post or thread was modified. If you believe the mod’s decision is still incorrect after having reviewed the Code of Conduct, please send a message through Support with as much relevant detail as you can manage.
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