May 31th- Developer Update

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    Updates to the feed system:
    -You can now delete all Game History in 1 click
    -there is an option to view the feed in full page mode
    -feed filter now remembers your selected preference
    -optimized lag time between feed posts from others ( this optimization is ongoing and we're working to make it better )

    as always and feedback/bugs let us know in the appropriate subforum.

  2. cool its geting better and better :)
    what about i see my own comments so after 5-10 min i can go back to feed roll down and see if any responded to my old comment ? ;)
  3. and is it possible to get reward messages of feed i think they just spam feed and no one is clicking on them so no need them and make more request ones out and also more clear and easy find what player is looking for ;)

    (Level 6 Niflheim Coop Boss) has just been defeated and rewards are ready to be collected. Collect Reward

    also i kill someone else boss and again message come up on feed ? :
    Parasurama The BloodAxe Legend has just defeated their Level 2 Coop Boss: the Rock Giant. Collect Reward!
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