May 3 Developer Update - Loyalty Program Items

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, May 4, 2011.

  1. There is only one of these items that is available to me that is of any value and I can get the same from an adventure or blacksmith item. Will we get a system like this on Viking Clan I wonder? I might actually have access to the good stuff there.

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    Ho. Ly. SHITE!
    Those are the real prices!? :eek:
  3. Yes I would believe it and a certain bicycle aficionado will have maxed out on all the Alexandria tier items
  4. Total bullchit. I have been stuck on 3% silver loyalty since they first posted it on the page, I'm level 1900 and have 840 points, which is the same as it said when I had 700+ points. Every time the percentage goes up one, it goes back down the next day. At this rate I'll be at 3% silver forever. Some loyalty program for someone who joined 650 days ago. :(

  5. hence why i said that
  6. its all about how much $$ spent and a very very small % of how much gamer points you get
  7. Then it should not say "acquire Gamer Points to increase your Loyalty Level and to earn Loyalty Points."

    I'm surprised at how many people bught their way to 2000 captains. I quit Mob Wars because the developers catered to a very small group of people and allowed them to get ahead while they screwed everyone else. I hope PC didn't just do the same thing.
  8. gamer does add to your loyalty points just not a whole lot

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