May 3 Developer Update - Loyalty Program Items

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, May 4, 2011.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    We've released Loyalty Program items! Check them out at the Davy Jones page or Clan page. More items will be released on a monthly schedule.

    The loyalty program is still in beta meaning we're addressing any issues that come up as well as continuing to take your feedback and suggestions on the program and rewards.

  2. very very nice.

    i already like some of these stats

    thank you
  3. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Yeah, but you're...what tier?
    I'm on Silver and the items aren't very good for a level ~1650.
  4. Your Loyalty Tier: Alexandrite
  5. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Navy Decimator (Ship)
    Silver Tier - 400 LP

    Commodore (Matey)
    Silver Tier - 250 LP

    Blunderbust (Weapon)
    Silver Tier - 250 LP

    Tekko-Kagi (Weapon)
    Bronze Tier - 100 LP

    Old World Dreadnaught (Ship)
    Bronze Tier - 160 LP

    Old World Captain (Matey)
    Bronze Tier - 100 LP
  6. Red

    Red Member


    I´m silver too and i play this for 2 years i don´t lack any loyalty ................................

    The items seem nice though.
  7. well loyalty far as $$$$ is concerned lol.

    even with my points though some of these are a pretty stiff cost
  8. Red

    Red Member


    Hey AS what are the items you have unlocked ?
  9. all of sec ill paste them
  10. Red

    Red Member


    Yey :D i´m curious eheh
  11. Godship
    215 215
    Alexandrite 8800 LP

    Comet Cannon
    104 97
    Alexandrite 5500 LP

    Archangel Captain
    97 104
    Alexandrite 5500 LP

    Thunder Cannon
    100 94
    Diamond 5000 LP

    193 193
    Diamond 8000 LP

    Pirate King
    94 100
    Diamond 5000 LP

    Widow Queen
    88 94
    Platinum 4500 LP

    Black Widow
    175 175
    Platinum 7200 LP

    95 89
    Platinum 4500 LP

    160 160
    Gold 6400 LP

    Clockwork Matey
    86 91
    Gold 4000 LP

    90 85
    Gold 4000 LP

    29 25
    Silver 250 LP

    20 22
    Silver 250 LP

    Navy Decimator
    85 85
    Silver 400 LP

    25 22
    Bronze 100 LP

    Old World Dreadnaught
    75 75
    Bronze 160 LP

    Old World Captain
    15 17
    Bronze 100 LP
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  12. Red

    Red Member


    Holy shit, what a major kick from silver to gold.
  13. that is a big jump lol.didnt even notice that.
  14. but so is the cost

    250 LP for that silver tier weapon

    4000 LP for gold tier weapon
  15. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Could you edit your post to include the various prices?

    Bronze items are 100 LP, Silver is 250 LP but the Silver Ship is 400 LP.
  16. Red

    Red Member

    Yeah, i mean, silver items are in twenties, 20-22, suddenly gold bam, 36-44

    Hey buy me something nice :D
  17. Red

    Red Member

    This loyalty sucks, should be bribery items then. xD

    You cannot buy loyalty, it´s a honor thing you win it. xD
  18. It would / will take forever to earn enough lp to buy some of those with GP alone. Especially with GP being limited to 16k per day.

    I must say though, i much prefer this incentive to buy various credits over the Zynga-popup-give-us-money shite.

    I'm glad they're finally released though, i've been checking back every day eagerly waiting to see what they would be. THANKS
  19. Red

    Red Member


    Yeah, it´s awesome.
  20. sure one moment.

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