May 29th- Developer Update

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    -New in-game Feed/History system, you should now be able to filter specific items such as boss help, gift requests, etc. Unnecessary duplicates should now be reduced quite a bit as well. Unfortunately to accommodate the new system all old feed posts had to be deleted.

    -New Port Royal Co-op Boss. The bosses are getting a little deeper into the game now, so their health and strength should be a bit more challenging and drops a little stronger.

    Any issues or annoyances with the feed system please let us know in the bugs or feedback sub forums.
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  2. it would be nice to see what we type in the feed and not have to go to our profile page to see it.
    something else to,there is still ghost business going on.i posted a adven and its not showing on feed.those that helped me had to go to my profile page to help with it.your feed is still buggy.
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  3. i hope the Cartagena boss is tougher than the mermaid.
  4. Level 1 bosses have typically been easier.

    I would like to see more XP for killing a boss. One boss I did about 900k damage to and was awarded like 2,000 xp.

    I also with the power attacks were fixed. I still only do double the damage from one attack even though I am using 5 stamina AND the supposed power attack option that adds even more to my attack strength. So I sit here and click over and over and over and over attacking. Its getting really old.
  5. very first attack before any unlock is only double damage.first unlock does 3 or 4x damage and last one actually does slightly more than 5x damage.
  6. aranrod

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    feed/history system

    I love the new filter system! Comes in in real handy.

    But the personal message feed is a mess!!! You've done so many good things to the game already, I bet you can tackle this too ;)

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