May 15th Developer Update

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  1. Kendall

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    Boss Battles tweaks:
    - tweaked boss attack/defense/health, we may have set these a little high from the outset because we were trying to find balance for the higher level players as well as the lower, since they have been out for a while now we decided to reduce them as new players were having lots of difficulty from them. Power Attacks were reduced to take into account the reduction of boss strength and health.

    - due to the reductions, players should see better xp rewarded, if you are seeing minimal XP this likely means that the boss is either far stronger than you in either health or strength, we will be exposing the boss strength and health numbers shortly to help people understand how they are matching up against the bosses.

    - unlocked power attacks should now cause more damage, if not you are likely already doing max damage due to your characters attributes for that boss, this will be more apparent when we expose the bosses stats.

    Users that had ongoing boss battles when we made the code push may see the bosses health jump up to 100% but this is only because we have reduced the max health for that boss and the previous health state was larger than that.
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  2. Blargh

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    Recently I have forgone power attacks. 5 single attacks do far more damage than a power attack. I helped out on one boss where my single attack were at about 66% damage of a power attack. Power attacks still give more XP but not by much due to wide range of XP you can get. I will though attempt some power attack just to see if I can notice a diff once another power attack is unlocked. Never noticed a diff before.
    XP reward for helping kill someone's elses boss have seen to go way down. Less incentive to help on a boss. Especially if the rewards are less than what you currently have. I spend more of my stamina on my own bosses now. It is not because the boss is stronger. I used to get 1000+ XP for helping out and now I am down to 100 XP.
    It was odd to do aboout 250 damage per attack to someones Level 1 Turtle and then later in the day be doing 2500 damage to thier level 1 chimera or whatever it is called.
    I'd put the XP back up for rewards on helping kill another matey's boss. I'd also include more multiple boss rewards. It is more incentive to keep helping or killing a particular boss if you haven't got the rarer loot drop yet. Ditto for summoner's loot drops.
  3. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will be pushing out a change where max damage from a power attack will always be 5x the normal attack, we wanted to push that out slowly.

    XP collected on reward is based on how much XP you were awarded from the fight and how quickly the boss was defeated, that has not been changed.
  4. so theres larger XP if the boss is beat in lets say 2 minutes compared to being beat in 4hrs?
  5. i say 26 sec :D
  6. This makes no sense. I click single attack and do 1600 damage and click power attack and do 3500 damage. So in reality the power attack is wasting 3 stamina plus the "power attack bonus".

    In addition bosses have been killed relatively quick and yet the xp awarded is significantly lower. I did 550,000 damage helping someone yesterday and got awarded 1,200 xp for all that trouble.

    This really sucks considering the limited number of people in my fight range and the fact that I los to most in cagematches because of their level or because they all have 1000+ clan and I am stuck at 700+. I used to be able to do boss battles and count on a few levels a day. Now no more.
  7. Well I noticed today that I was getting minimal XP in a single attack on a boss and doing FAR LESS damage than I had in the past. Where I was doing 2,000 damage in the past I was now doing 1,300 and getting about 16-18xp. I then tried a power attack and noticed that I was getting far more damage dealt than ever before, in the 8-9,000 range.

    If I am only doing this much damage, (level 600 with 875 or so captains) I wonder how people level 200 are even doing any damage?
  8. Vampryss

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    I believe the damage is less the higher the level of the Boss as it is supposed to be stronger & harder to kill. So each higher level is going to be different than the last..
  9. Epic

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    I am interested in, does power attack has 5-times more chance for item drop than normal attack?

    For example, if normal attack has 5%, does power attack have at least 25%?
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  10. not the way it works
  11. Epic

    Epic New Member

    What do you mean by that?

    Can you be more specific?
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  12. power attacks dont give you more chance of a drop item.they deal roughly 5x the damage as a reg attack and alot more exp.

    if its drop items you want,your better off single attacking.
    if its exp you want,power attack.
  13. Epic

    Epic New Member

    I see, because it' not really clearly said in help what that rewards mean:

    Power Attack

    When available, you can use 5 stamina at any point in a battle to initiate a Power Attack. This Power Attack will cause more damage and return you more rewards than 5 regular attacks. As more friends join the battle, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your Power Attack to inflict even more damage to your Boss!
  14. rewards far as more damage and more exp(i think more coin as well)
  15. Well they seem to have changed things yet again.

    Up until earlier today I could attack a given boss and do 14,000 damage and get 160xp. Now I attack the same boss and I can only do like 9,000 damage and get just over 100xp.
  16. Ok, just attacked the two headed turtle. Only 8,500 damage when I was doing 14-16k just a few days ago.
  17. Vampryss

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    Each time you defeat a Boss the attack & defense of that Boss will go up.. Unless you adjust your A&D as well you are not going to get the same result for every Boss Level..
  18. dont forget that hp of that boss also goes its not just atk/def you need to increase,its hp as well.
  19. OK I think I have it figured out. The bosses attack and defense stays the same while its health goes up. The amount of damage I do to lower level bosses is lessened while the damage I am doing to higher level bosses of the sm attack and defense score me more damage and xp. I'm not sue why my XP would have been so low with certain bosses when I normally get a lot more. (I battled a turtle this morning and did 3,500 damage while on my turtles I do 14,000 damage, but at least my xp was still in my normal range)

    I also noticed that I defeated a boss by myself this morning and did like 700k damage. Instead of any items for the reward I got handed a davey jones favor point.

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