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  1. samowen

    samowen New Member

    I'm a little confused by the following:

    Does that mean I can go over the 2,000 cap?
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Not at all.2000 chieftains is the maximum amount allowed.1000 hired and 1000 friends. Every level below level 75 you're only allowed a total of 1000.For every level after 75, 2 more chieftains get added.I believe it's level 325 or so that you can have the full 2000.But there is no way to go over.
  3. Mitsuya

    Mitsuya New Member

    So, if at level 325 or so you can have 2000 chieftains does that mean you can fight with all of them? I was under the impression that you could only actually fight with the number of chieftains as your level.
  4. so its been proven.however you can "have" 2000 chieftains at this level.
  5. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    You can add as many friends as you want but the total that will be brought into battles will be the number that you are allowed to based on your level regardless of the amount that you actually have as friends. If you would like to see the number of friends that you can have for your level then go to the "invite" page and click on the "chieftain tips" button. The game maximum amount is 1000 friends as chieftains and 1000 hired chieftains.

    So 500 is the limit in the beginning, but after a certain level (75) you can bring in 2 more members per level. For example, you are at a level where your limit is 548 but you have 700 people accepted. When you level up next, you will be able to bring 550 into battles. It will just take from the pool of 700, but the remaining 150 will not be used. I hope that this explanation helps!

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