[LCN] March Feature Raid - Raid Shop Walkthrough

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    This St. Patrick's Day Raid comes with a twist!

    From now until the end of the event, you will earn Raid Tokens as you battle the Ophidian Sect.

    Every 1,000 actions (both Heals/Attacks count) will earn you a single Raid Token which may be used to purchase items in the Raid Shop! There are new Premium items to earn which are stronger than the Superiors and can only be bought with Raid Tokens. You can access the Raid Shop by clicking on the "Raid Shop" tab on the Bosses page.

    You may also buy a Raid Token Boost to double your actions completed to earn tokens faster. Head over to the Raid Shop now to maximize your earnings!

    Some important notes:

    • Each time you purchase an item in the Raid Shop it will become more expensive.
    • Raid tokens EXPIRE – so make sure you use them up before March 29 at midnight!
    • The Raid Bosses themselves function like they normally do, so get out there and attack!

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  2. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    No Hard Feeling or anything but you guys are charging way too much Tokens an FPS for items that are really no good for us higher level players all these items are only mostly good for new players, an for us we can not even use them items in fights, I just wanna say that right quick!
  3. Greg Louis

    Greg Louis New Member

    where are the raid bosses at? still 9 days left on raid store, but nowhere to be found. no postings on job board, none listed under raid boss tab...is it done? do we just spend the tokens we have now?
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Raid Bosses can no longer be summoned after Monday at noon (event starts on Thursday). Any Raids summoned before then can still be fought until they are defeated or expired. If you can get in to one of those Raids you can still participate, but otherwise, spend those Tokens!
  5. Greg Louis

    Greg Louis New Member

    ok, thanks
  6. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    Kano Kelvar 109 109 is worthless for me, i would rather have XPS than useless loots or goes wasted
  7. Xan Hastan

    Xan Hastan New Member

    WTF .......
    The Ophidian section was defeated in 3:17:32, inflicting 41,358,079 damage on 11109 attacks and healing the raid for 1,719,987 lives in 6219 healings. Based on these results, you were rewarded with:
    my reward attack 254 defense 473
  8. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I have a question to ask is there anyway we can keep our Raid Tokens permantly so we can let them build up?? cause i really did'nt do many raids an was just curious is all :) please let me know!
  9. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    No, they expire March 29.
  10. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    well guess my 17 is useless then LoL
  11. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I was also wondering since them Tokens expires can you turn those into xp for us even tho the xp maybe low but at least it still helps out toward leveling? :) please take this as a suggestion
  12. Machinist

    Machinist New Member

    I think the Raid shop was an excellent idea. As a lower level player, I don't mind spending a few bucks to collect badly needed armor...
  13. TomcaT

    TomcaT Member

    I have been making some observations over the past few Raid Seasons and question the Thinking process and programming of Free Health Drops. I have asked other friends to observe and verify that my claims are valid, which they have.
    I have observed frequent free health drops show just after I apply an 20 Energy Heal.
    This renders the heal drop useless. If I fill the health where is that Health really go?
    If there are a limited amount of free health drops that takes away from healing actions credited to players.
    I also find that half the time a free health drop does not apply any credit as a healing action.
    The other half of the time we may receive credit for 15, 16, 17, 18 o19 or 20 healing actions.
    It makes on logical sense to receive less that 20 actions on a free health drop as that is our mandatory actions when we apply a heal action.
    There is nothing more frustrating to be in a position where you are trying to qualify for the minimum actions only to see that you have 998 Healing actions and not 1,000. It forces additional actions that woud not have to be applied at that peticular time.
    (addendum: I do more than just Minimum Actions. We all work on numerous raids at one time and want to get at least qualified on raids before we return to do additional actions. )
    I am beginning to think it is a better idea to return the FREE DROPS to Energy so that we can be assured proper credit for healing actions\ and not the current "Who knows what the hell we end up with"

    Can someone at Kano contribute to some type of explaination of this situation.

    Raid Heal and Health Drops.png RAID heal when full.PNG Raid health drop when full.PNG

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