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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Apr 15, 2015.

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    The update to Loyalty Items announced in last week's TGIF is now out!

    A new selection of Loyalty Items is now available in each of the Tiers, that's 18 total from Bronze all the way to Alexandrite. Visit the Loyalty Items section of your Gods page to see what's available. :)

    Since it's been a while since a new set was swapped in, and to help establish a more logical progression, the previously available collection has also received some minor buffs to their stats. In the future we will simply make new items available more regularly and not adjust the strengths of previously released equippables.

    List of adjusted Loyalty Items, Attack/Defense
    Leathercord Whip:
    43/32 (old stats 40/30)
    Leatherplate Armor:
    32/43 (old stats 30/40)
    37/38 (old stats 25/25)

    Shatterslam Mace:
    46/36 (old stats 44/35)
    Granite Guard Armor: 3
    6/46 (old stats 35/44)
    Stone Giant:
    41/41 (old stats 30/30)

    Netherfire Sword:
    268/242 (old stats 250/230)
    Chariot of Fire:
    242/268 (old stats 230/250)
    Surtr the Flame Giant:
    255/255 (old stats 240/240)

    282/248 (old stats 262/238)
    Zephyr Robes:
    248/282 (old stats 238/262)
    265/265 (old stats 250/250)

    292/260 (old stats 272/242)
    World Crusher Armor:
    260/292 (old stats 242/272)
    Eclipse Knight:
    276/276 (old stats 257/257)

    301/269 (old stats 283/243)
    Ragnarok Armor:
    269/301 (old stats 243/283)
    Odin's Warrior:
    285/285 (old stats 263/263)
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    is it just me, or are the old items no longer available? kind of sucks for those of us that weren't able to get them. or for newer players that might actually need them as they move up.

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