[PC] Loyalty Item Update April 2016

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    When we said we were going to keep updating the Loyalty items, we meant it! Here is the fresh lineup for Spring, starting from the Gold items. These are available now, so go visit the Davy Jones page to check out the new selection.



    Triumphant Cannon (311A/311D)
    The Triumph (588A/264D)
    First Mate (186A/435D)



    Duelling Rapier (490A/210D)
    The Prestige (288A/672D)
    Prestigious Duellist (350A/350D)



    Brilliant Cannon (222A/517D)
    Brilliant Airship (506A/506D)
    Brilliant Golem (517A/221D)



    Alexandrian Potion (389A/389D)
    Alexandrian Vessel (736A/330D)
    Alexandrian Healer (233A/544D)
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    It's nice to see them with better attack/defense than before :)
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  3. Hi mi7ch, Are there plans to stick to April/October releases for the Loyalty Items? Thanks in Advance~
  4. mi7ch

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    Yep, there should be a new set of Loyalty items out in October. :)
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  5. The mateys in the Silver tier have been offense oriented the past two releases. The last was a silver bandits. Fingers crossed for another April release & some defensively oriented options~
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  6. Thanks, there is something for everyone and more long-term strategic options this time around
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  7. mi7ch

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    Thanks, I tried my best.
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