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Would you like the Limit on Gifts Raised?

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  1. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    I know this will go nowhere, but really see no reason why the Limit on Gifts cannot be raised! Just because it was raised 1 time doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be done again! Think about it, you have 1000 real people in your Clan & hopefully most are active! 100 Gifts to send is NOT enough! I always receive more than I am able to return & that is just not fair! It is impossible to catch up & you end up looking like a jerk for not returning Gifts!

    In other Games in FB you can send more than 100 Gifts, so why can't we here?
  2. Jonny Markis

    Jonny Markis New Member

    I agree!!! I would say 250 :)
  3. papabear5.7

    papabear5.7 New Member

    No limit!!!
  4. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    This is really getting old! Everyday I receive more gifts than I am allowed to return! What is the deal with not letting us send more than 100 gifts in 24 hrs?? Don't tell me it's a FB thing because there are too many games where you can send a lot more & some don't even have any limit, I know because I play one of the games where the gifts have no limit! It's not like we make points for sending gifts so it's not a case of trying to level up! I receive more than 100 gifts before my 24 hrs are even up & I would like to be able to return the favor instead of being made to look like a jerk that just takes & doesn't give!

    Please, Please, Please raise the limit to a reasonable amount, I know I am not the only person with this problem!
  5. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Nah I am good with 100, 4 games times 100 gifts, got enough on my plate as it is.
  6. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Well I'm glad you are happy Linda. May I ask how active you are?
    Do you receive your limit on gifts everyday?
  7. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I think it might be time to add another tranche to the gifting as I have the same problem of running out of return gifts everyday. I am not sure how prevalent it is, but I would give it a thumbs up to add more. I try to gift to my lower level clannies the stuff they need and return to my longer term clannies their gifts and my guild ... and the friends and and and ... it goes on. I am out half way through my received gifts list. Every day! As it is now easy to gift, how about another 50 a day?
  8. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    i agree 250 seems reasonable.......KANO HEAR OUR PLEA

    i agree, i remember when the gift limit was 50 in vc and 100 in pc, to be fair if its raised in vc it should be raised across the board in all games, this would help the lower levels that dont have the full 1000 clan also, because the upper levels cant scroll down the side panel to send them things if they wanted.

    The panel only holds your top clan. after i clan a lower level i never see them again unless its on the bounty list lol.
    I agree with raising it but im not so sure about unlimited, although i like the idea, i do remember as a lower level some of the gifts actually get added to your loadout and may cause an unfair advantage to the newbies.

    Raising to 250 would give us a chance to return the favor as well as put a check and balance in place for the lower levels not to be able to get stacked from unlimited gifts
  9. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    i think 250 makes sense
  10. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I don't mind more gifts either, but the send gift, then get pop up saying sent this gift and close it out with 'X' is the pain in the arse part. Kano we know sent gift, why do we need to close additional box on each and every gift? Guess it's like hunters (VC) makes sure goes through (progress already in progress BS)?
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  11. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Thanks , yeah happy with the gifting and thanks for asking :)
    and yes active and yes receive the limit, in all games, but good luck with your idea :)
  12. provence45

    provence45 New Member

    Yikes, this looks like a three year, ongoing, request! I am among those who run out of return gifts far too early in the game right along with running out of the ability to assist and acquire Berserker Boosts! We Wanna Play!!!
  13. Ron Haht

    Ron Haht New Member

    Gift limits for VC

    I agree that 250 gift limit seems fair!
  14. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    Yep totally agree..An upper limit of 250 gifts per day is definitely the way to go and I'll attempt to explain why.
    There are two main reasons to raise the threshold limit:
    Firstly, the continuing proliferation of boss options necessitates a constant tinkering of gift requirements.
    Corollary to that.. As you progress in level attaining higher stam an health benefits, you can in theory participate in more as a helper.
    As a consequence, I am finding the current ceiling far too low. I simply cannot get the returns in to upgrade my stuff as I would like.
    For instance, even at 5.4k you Need 4000 worth of Block hammers, Kite shields, Anvils and Nordic Crossles to upgrade the storm stuff if you have participated in 1k worth of that boss type. In itself not an issue... But if you then consider there is also the continuing 'carry over' of other upgrade possibilities e.g Blacksmith/Muspell Spectre/Damned Elven Queen/Greater Imp/Silver Whip and Thunderswipe (5850) most of which requiring 2 gift icons it becomes impossible to maintain any degree of fluency.
    To my mind at any rate, the addition of newly released boss types, has to mean a rethink and shift in the daily gift capacity allowance...
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2013
  15. Marcel Stokvis

    Marcel Stokvis New Member

    Agree ... cap on gifts should be raised
  16. Ballantyne April

    Ballantyne April New Member

    It is a good idea and I am all for it.

    Some people rely on the Blacksmith more than others.

    Me, I use it, not to the extent that others might, but I run out of some important items from time to time.

    Of course, at this level, I don't have any items that have an upkeep cost, I haven't had that for a long while because I made everything in the Blacksmith. Now I mostly cost from item to item, making what I need at the time and not really concerning myself with items that I cannot make at the moment.

    The extra gifts would be nice, and I am all for the limit being raised. I was very happy when it went from 50 to 100 as it meant that I could gift to most of the people that were nice enough to send me something. I do still run out of gifts to send, so raising the cap would be nice and I could choose to send when I wanted to and not have to wait because I ran out.

    IT's always nice to have the option.
  17. Hagar the Horrible

    Hagar the Horrible New Member

    I voted yes as a lot of players want this. I never get that many gifts though. Probably because I'm too lazy to send them, haha
  18. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    It makes sense to raise the limits.......


    Gifting is an optional courtesy, not an obligation and the game does not require gifting to advance in game play. :rolleyes:
    If you or anyone else should have enough on their plate, then stop at 100 or dont gift at all, but it would be nice to have the option of gifting the 250 should it be raised. :D

    I feel with the return gift option that pops up after you open a gift, requires minimal effort. :p

    Considering this fact, limits placed on gifting used guidelines based on gameplay when there where less worlds, adventures, adventure drops, bosses and boss drops than there are today.

    Considering they designed new worlds with new adventures and bosses all of which require gifts to craft the new drops and upgrades, it only makes sense to increase the limits to keep up with the new crafting, in addition to the fact that upper levels would be able to help lower levels keeping them excited and engaged in the game. there is no downside to the increase proposal and it will have a positive impact on the game as a whole.
  19. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    thanks for the vote get more people to come by

    Yes Hagar lol you just proved a point, gifting is optional and is not required to advance in gameplay, but it would be a nice thing to have for those of us that pick up the slack for those that may have to much on their plate :rolleyes: or may be too lazy :p lol thanks for the vote :D
  20. ViPCEO

    ViPCEO Member

    Jade, thanks for the vote, to avoid closing each pop up one at a time see below

    Hey Jade, i used to have that issue too...
    if you go into gifts and open one at a time from the bottom up, when you get to the top gift, then hit the return button, you should see they will disapear without having to individualy close each one. the box you refference goes away by itself. I go into gifts open all from the bottom up and start clicking on the return boxes from the top down and the bottom ones rise to the top replacing the one before it, without having to close any of the pop ups.
    if a box does not not rise up replace the one before it, that means you have gifted that person already within the list via a double gift open or a boost acceptance with a return prior to opening. the pop up for that person telling you they where gifted already, will be under the whole gifting window when you finish and close out of gifts. I hope this helps and made sense. lol thanks for the vote

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