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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BeastRaider, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. BeastRaider

    BeastRaider New Member

    I don't agree with this practice. I have advanced on my own and don't feel this is a fair practice.

    Anyone have any views on this?
  2. AmethystRose

    AmethystRose New Member

    i am bored so i thought i would respond ............ i do not play VC; ( i play mobwars) but this seems to be a debate on every game i have ever played --(played more than my share) --- Ok lets take just my situation on ie mafia wars played completely solo (since there is not a good chat etc) i got level 500+ pretty quickly on my own... same as mobsters and darkwars ... got extremely bored at the higher level and moved on to a new game --then i get to mobwars i was leveling so slow because not as many people playing and met my first "leveling partner" never wanted / needed or even thought about the use of these in other games... they attacked me i got exp.. and levels-- all they wanted in return was protection and for me to hitlist some people for them so they could try for the bounty -- ridiculous i thought at first but then i gained these wonderful friends, i am not bored so far (well right now i am bored but waiting on stamina), i am in the top 20 on the leaderboard still --- and i am spending real money on Gf -- its a game to have fun and enjoy whatever way you like to play -- does it really matter if you like or dislike the person who is attacking you? To each his own I say, play solo if you want, play with a group if you want, play with your spouse or bestfriend, as long as you are having fun and enjoying yourself why care how others enjoy their play? Anyway like i said dont mean to intrude on your post just bored :) i am sure this will still be debatable on every game for many moons to come :)
  3. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I see having partners as a game-strategy and I encourage it.
  4. John

    John New Member

    I dont think levelling is competative.

    I am not sure exactly how its defined. If it means you let someone attack you and then they
    let you attack them, then it is really non competative. If that is how you reach the highest
    levels the have you really achieved anything.
  5. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Leveling partners, groups, alliances ... are all part of any game on FB or MySpace. If there are players that are willing to put in the time to level and play then there's nothing wrong with that, as leveling takes time and commitment from players, and yes some play everyday for hours, Then there's others that just play occasionally, would you critisize the occasional player?

    I have had players in VC telling me that sometimes they have to wait for their battle page to fill up or just get one other player to attack. So lets not argue on that and get upset that players are not on all the time.

    Play anyway you want, level/occasionally/ bounty hunt..so on... just play.

    Finally the only bad thing really out there now is the use of bot's and I have been seeing more and more of this also from other clans messaging of players using bot's...
  6. where are rules ??

    in 24 hours i got about 6 messages on viking clan game and 3 messages on myspace acct that tree of top level players use bots to heal up and when u attack them for 50 times they have no response attacking back/counter or bounty ? so its automatic bots for healing !! well how come some one level up fast get shut down and someone who use automated healing bots get away so easy for last days and everyone can see that and only developers missed it :confused:

    i gues is topic wars on now lol
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  7. Franchiz Ho Slayer

    Franchiz Ho Slayer New Member

    I used to be against them but the higher level that you attain the harder it is to find opponents willing to battle! In the meantime, XP is harder and harder to find. So, now I say to each his own! The object of the game is advancement else we would have no levels in the first place. As in life sometimes you have to do things you wouldnt normally do, in order to get ahead. At least it's like that were I'm from.
  8. Franchiz Ho Slayer

    Franchiz Ho Slayer New Member

    Now bots, thats an entirely different issue :{
  9. Sigdrifa

    Sigdrifa New Member

    Hi BeastRaider! Glad to see you over here :)

    On the issue of leveling partners - they're not mandatory and I do know several people who have crossed level 1000 without one. The thing is, as you probably know, things start to get a little hairy around 550 when you see high-600s people on your fight list, and by 720 the herd gets thinned out significantly. I had a leveling partner who I did 700 levels with, from 700 to 1400*, and I have to say that if he and I didn't level I'd probably still be stuck at 720 scratching my head and getting bountied five times a day. My leveling partner and I initially got off on the wrong foot - he was a lot stronger than me, and I killed him with counters a few times :eek: but when I caught up to him, we had some hard, intense battles, and finally he friend-requested me (on my birthday!) and asked to 'remain enemies' (LOL) and the rest is history. The levels 720 through 1400 were pretty grueling for me, and he was the one person I could have a fair fight with, essentially, that didn't involve counters, bounties, and/or excessive axe slaps.

    I have a couple of friends who I haven't clanned up with who I have friendly battles with. Not everything has to be about hating everyone and wanting them dead - and there's enough of those people in it, anyway :p

    So while it may not seem fair on the surface, it's a strategic maneuver just like everything else is. You can get past 1000 without one, and I admire those who do because it's got to be a rough ride, but it is harder, and as yet there's no prohibition in the game against having a friend to battle so... to each his own, I say.

    *My leveling partner and I have since clanned up and are in each other's inner circles now; he's on the world leaderboard and I am very, very proud of him. He is still in my opinion the best person I ever battled and deserves to be in the top 30. :)
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  10. John

    John New Member

    The other side of levelling

    I wish the messages that you send would include, of course I attacked you , this is a game where you attack people. people not only pair off into dance (levelling)partners , bur are shocked when someone from outside the marriage attacks. I may only be attacked by this
    person. Its co-operative rather than competative, so if you are more competative its exasperating.

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