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    When leveling you are suppose to receive 5 skill points 1 God father point 50 stam refill and 500 energy refill. We have that established now right.

    When collecting on the world boss I went up 2 levels and only received 5 skill points 1 God father point 50 stam refill and 500 energy refill. I should have gotten double everything since I leveled up twice. I also noticed this on pirates clans when finishing a few boss fights and went up 2 levels on a boss fight and only received half what was due.
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    the way the game is set up u would not get more energy unless u had used those up or have more energy to spare (which sucks bc if u lvl twice at once then u obviously havent used the energy yet) and now as far as the others i hope that doesnt happen to me...LoL
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    Not exactly. You will gain 500 energy upon leveling up. If that would take you over your maximum, then it only refills up to the maximum. If, somehow, you ALREADY had more than your maximum, you would LOSE energy so that you were at your maximum.

    Personal experience.

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    Who cares about all the BS bottom line is if you lvl up you EARN things per lvl up if I use my stam to lvl up 2 lvl each time I would get it. The facts are simple the system is broken and I lost 500 energy 5 skill points 50 stam and 1 god father point that I earned. And it needs to be fixed on all the games they offer.

    The lower lvls have it easy. Us upper lvls need what we earn to lvl.
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    i dont understand why people seem to think that the lower lvls have everything easy, they allow anybody over lvl300 to be listed and obviously our bounties are nowhere near in comparison nor are our weapons to fight back, so its just a "sit there and take it" situation for us, we cant even rig u without opening ourselves up, but to be honest with u, u have to pay attention to things like that and whereas i do find it hard to believe that u would have lvl'd twice u should not have collected ur boss towards the end of ur lvl anyway for this situation to never happen
  6. i mentioned it for viking.i went up 3 levels and got refills only for 1.however i did get right amount of skill points though
  7. its easy to level up twice or even 3 times on 1 boss.just need to invest ALOT of stamina on it and its a tough boss.
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    well that aint right...

    then i must obviously either be too low of a lvl to get the same percentage of xp as a higher lvl does or just dont have enough of something (which i doubt but i guess u never know...lol)
  9. i did this on viking and i wasnt even lvl 2000.i just had low health,ALOT of godpoints and by time i collected i shot up 2 to 3 levels.i didnt say it was cheap.

    same concept applies to the other 3 games as well.

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