[PC] Leeching? Minimum hits on Bosses.

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Is this considered bad?

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  1. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man New Member

    Is this considered bad play on a lower level pirates' part?
    I have a bunch of clan/old armada members that kept playing after I left and they post bosses that they take down fairly quickly without even filling player spots.

    Would it be disgusting/not right to land two hits for possible random drops of favor points/ships/mateys/weapons etc that come from doing the minimum number of hits? If this is discouraged I want to make sure I'm not doing it to my friends/fellow clan members. I know this game is about being a pirate and taking the booty but I'd rather not lose people over it, and no one will answer me in Tavern chat. People mostly just brag there. (Which is fine.)

    TL;DR: Is it okay to land minimum (2) hits on a boss to possibly get the random drops?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    are you talking about coop bosses, ?? and if a coop boss is posted in jobs, with or without a slider, and with share on, there is no rule, either ya want to hit it for XP, loot, or a chance for a FP. it is up to the individual, but two hits IMO is a waste, unless it is a brand new boss with a low slider, the bigger the boss the more chance of drops and ya want drops so ya have a strong inventory and for crafting, with items from challenges and gifting.
  3. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man New Member

    Yes, Co-op bosses. Not Raids. Two hits isn't a waste for lower level players like myself that don't meet the damage cap for most job posted bosses. Example: About 3 days ago I was trying to keep up with players fighting monsters with 28k+ attack and defense. It took me over 100 5 stamina hits just to meet damage cap. That's ALL my stamina on one boss. Sometimes the people posting those won't even wait for me to hit that and I get about half way through, my minimum damage requirement. Come back an hour later when I would have had the stamina needed and the boss is dead and all I get for it is the two hit minimum reward anyways.

    If you have a chance at Favor points/ships/mateys/weapons from two singular stamina hits on a monster that's going to be dead within the hour and there's close to 20-30 spots open with it being unlikely that whatever I take out of it is going to effect someone else hitting damage cap. It's more productive in my opinion to do only two hits on the said bosses. I have the possibility to at least get something from it, and can save stamina for battles/raiding when needed without having to worry about meeting a cap I might not even have a chance to meet in the first place... Most players playing nowadays only have higher bosses to fight- outside of my own that I can solo because they are so low. I'm getting shafted in my opinion, just trying to help my fellow pirates. I don't mind at all meeting the minimum damage requirement that takes me 100 hits, when I can do so. That's fine, all I'm asking is if it's wrong of me to want to boost myself in such a way- that seemingly takes very little effort from my part and doesn't ruin anything for anyone else. It's more of a moral/less hard working question than anything else. I mean I could do it without asking but I felt like I should give the community a chance to tell me why I shouldn't. It seems a little "cheaty" to me in terms of leveling/getting free stuff from things I can't fight. But at the end of the day a level 1 version of a boss will drop the same as a level 50... So I don't see why I'm being punished simply for being lower level in a system that's promoting "helping" others.
  4. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Upping your health will save you tons on stamina to acquire min damage on bosses, just a FYI ;)
  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Honestly you are not helping anyone with two hits, in fact you took a spot from someone who could really help , by the same token you should stick with boss in your own range, to get the things and drops you need to make you strong in your own range, and it has always been this way, so to ask for something no one else has ever had, needed or asked for, I would say 100% no to your suggestion, learn the game, network with players in your range, and be strong for your range and as you go further along, ya gonna need them. A level i1boss for a high level is good XP and depending on the what boss it is, it always is good for someone. As far as Public bosses, if ya cannot do the min, I would not even bother if I were you, and decide how ya gonna build your account and yes health will help, with bosses and save some stam.
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  6. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man New Member

    "not helping anyone-"
    I've literally outlined the specific conditions I'd even be doing what I said, how doesn't it help me if I get two hits in on a boss that's almost dead when there's only 3-4 people on it with 30+ spots, and the boss might drop favor points? This happens repeatedly all across the public job boards. There's also plenty of bosses that aren't even posted. The idea that there's even a reward at this tier is why I'm asking why it would be a bad thing in the circumstances I've already listed. It has to be a public boss because I have no aramada- and don't want to be apart of one so please don't go into a rant about how beneficial wars are. The last time I was a player harassed me about getting dailies in even though I had always done so by the end of the day in my timezone. Aramada's are also rife with drama and cause a lot of butting of heads due to the gaps players often are in. They are supposed to be groups of fellow pirates helping each other for the cause of the aramada, but more often than not I see it as just a way of grouping members of certain standards/ideologies and it becomes almost like a political system. It's not for me.

    "by the same token you should stick with boss in your own range,"
    Yes, because this game is a thriving community full of players right? Give me a break, you see the same handful of players all posting in the 300+ tavern. This game is slowly losing players and only the most dedicated players are actually staying- these players are well over their 1000's-10000's+ ranges. I can't catch up if I'm "sticking to only bosses of my level" because the only bosses that are possibly my level are my own- and I don't want to be a greedy asshole and keep them all to myself for situations just as I'm in. There's not enough lower level players with weak bosses posting and it's causing a rift.

    "so to ask for something no one else has ever had, needed or asked for, I would say 100% no to your suggestion"
    This isn't a suggestion- this is already a part of the game. I shouldn't have to explain this. All bosses only need 2 hits for a possibility at drops and favor points.

    How does health help with bosses? As far as I can tell all health is for is giving you more HP in infirmary and the rate of which I need to heal. It has no effect on my Stamina as far as I know (tried looking it up, got nothing but what I've said) and the only thing that effects damage done to bosses are raw stats from attack and the clan.
  7. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    First off there are 50 spots on a coop boss, raid bosses have 30 spots,and if ya don't want to take jade's suggestion/advice, , then I don't know how to school you in the games, cause most people want as many drops and the end reward as I said before ya need those things to be strong ,, people network and keep most coops private the one you are prob seeing are public coop bosses, and you are not 'helping' anyone taking a spot and doing two hits, again their is not rule,but you know best, so carry one in your misinformation, learn the game and stop asking for stuff no one else has ever needed in all the years , sheeeesh if ya want to waste stamina on maybe getting a drop, rather than working a boss you have the resources for to get multiple drops and an end reward , that is on you .
  8. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man New Member

    If you're not going to accurately read or reply to the thread than don't reply at all would be my suggestion to you.
    Depending on the boss and level I'm presuming there is less and more spaces for each one. Generally I'm used to seeing about 30 spaces open during the raids. I have bosses that only have 20 or even 10 spaces open. Just because you've been around for a long time and don't remember how it was to be a smaller player shouldn't be any fault of mine that you're just strictly placing a "50 spots on coop bosses" that you're personally used to at your level.

    Secondly, I didn't say I wouldn't take any advice. I was asking WHY it would help me when it comes to Stamina, neither of you have explained how it actually has any effect on the amount of stamina you use/damage done to the boss. I explained it earlier- as far as I know the only way to do damage to the boss is your stats that have to do with attack, and the clan you have under you. If health was as important in bosses as you claim yet don't clarify- then why on earth is there no health added with the items you equip? Again, if you want to specify how health somehow makes it easier to do min on bosses I'd love to hear it!

    "and stop asking for stuff no one else has ever needed in all the years"
    Lol the reason I'm asking for information on these things is because I haven't played in years and this was how it was then and what was allowed. I recalled doing so and everyone not giving a flying shit, so I thought I'd ask if anything changed. Forgive me for trying to actually learn something when nothing is specified anywhere and trying to be a good clan's person to my fellow captains. Seriously you're acting like you HAVE to get a word in edge wise. I asked a very specific question that you're deflecting and not even reading properly. I'll reiterate the things I want to know once more:

    Is it okay to do two hits on a boss that is almost dead, when you don't have the stamina or power to contribute to said boss, when there's plenty of vacancies in the co-op boss group. Whether it be half or more of people not attending. I'm not asking if it is more efficient, I'm asking if I can save my stamina for things that I can't actually do/people don't give enough time for. While still having a chance at those possible (2) minimum drops?

    And how does health effect stamina at all?

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  9. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    i do 2 hits on a majority of bosses i am on since it has the chance for the fp drops. Drops dont help me at all for most bosses but if the boss is near the end of its time limit, sub 12 hours left, ill finish it off if its doable with a reasonable amount of stam. Im usually willing to spend upwards of 1k-1.5k stam on a boss to finish it off to keep it from resetting.

    I look at the method i do as fine since the boss will be going down one way or another so benefits both owner and me since i have a chance at a random fp drop. The boss owner i feel however should in most circumstances be the person to take responsibility when it comes to killing the boss. They started it and they know what it takes to finish it based on past lvls of it. If they know they cant finish it, they should ask people that are willing to do so or summon a different boss that they know is capable of being taken down within the allotted time limit given to do so.
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  10. Tomas Trevant

    Tomas Trevant New Member

    I would suggest ignoring that person, well known members seem to get away with murder here. From what I can tell the older players hate anyone who wasn't around when they were. Read around you will see what I mean. first it was we don't have enough players to attack, then it was the new players and raids are making them upset, then mafia wars players came, they got picked on and insulted, they spent money and beat on the old players, now they cry to gain benefits over the new players. This IMO will kill the game. It's so sad that moderators don't frown on this behavior, most companies would love more customers not chase them away.
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  11. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    Health will raise the amount of damage your character is capable of receiving and dealing. The higher your health the higher your max damage youll be able to deal on both coop bosses and other players. Health will only raise the cap and doesnt necessarily mean youll be dealing more damage though. Attack is what will raise the low end and base amount of damage you can deal. Having both high attack and health will allow you to both have a higher damage cap and have a higher lowest damage limit.

    When attacking another player the max damage one is able to deal for both PW and regular attacks is based upon which of the 2 has a lower amount of health since health determines the max amount youll be able to receive as well as deal. It goes both ways.

    PW's are 5% of max health of the 2 people, you or player attacking and vise versa enemy attacking you and their max health. An example would be if you have a cap of 75k health and another player has 100k health. Your health will be the determining factor for the max damage capable of being dealt and received.

    With that said high health and attack since both coupled together will result in a higher damage output per stam that would inherently mean that less stam overall is going to be needed to kill a boss. One other thing to factor in though is that the less attacks it takes to knock down the boss the less chances you get at obtaining a drop. It is a trade off basically. Do you want to kill the boss quickly or have the boss last longer due to dealing less damage but gaining more drops overall. Then there is also the factor of are you capable of killing the boss. One must balance between these 3 things and find the style that works best for you.

    Also since it doesnt sound like you are that high of level a warning is the cap amount of stam is 5k from lvl 1-6666 and from lvl 6667-10k your max stam will slowly raise from 5k to 7.5k. This was a change made a while back by kano, cant remember the reasoning.

    If you have any questions about the other stats or need some clarification on what i said just let me know.
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  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I would suggest you stop making these kinds of negative posts, but I know you won't you just want to push the envelope, and keep in mind LCN is not the only game, there are 4 and 4 networks, so even if your lame predictions came through, one game is not the beginning or end of anything , just sayin ya sound alot like Reefer, hmmmmmm
  13. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man New Member

    No Neill, thank you very much you answered literally everything I wanted to know in a precise and accurate fashion and I thank you very kindly for taking the time to do so! This is great, I'm going to actually know what I'm doing for once.

    I feel as though killing a boss off faster is always going to be the better benefit because the idea is you're going to be getting a newer boss faster which could technically mean more loot overall, since not only will it take more hits to kill with the higher health threshold, but you get more exp which will help increase said max damage cap. The warnings were really helpful as well, you really went above and beyond. I wish I could give you more than a like for your comments. This is one of the few instances that I'd say:
    "Give that man a medal."

    Appreciate all the help and hope your Halloween (If you celebrate it.) Is going well!
  14. --Mz--

    --Mz-- Member

    You could always ASK the boss caller to wait... I would always wait to kill off a higher level boss for the lower levels to get their min...but when i come back to the boss the next day and their damage hasn't changed....I will either kill it or set to public.. :cool:
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  15. Mark Spicer

    Mark Spicer Member

    Thomas, I've been playing PC for about 7 years, 9 months. I can remember when we didn't have Armada Wars, Battle Arena, Raids, Week End Calendars, Week Day Calendars or Monthly Calendars. All were introduced at different times over the past 8 years. There were only 2 World Bosses back then. New players have tremendous advantages over those like me. My advantage is my income, which new players are just not going to come close to rivaling. I've seen players who obviously use the Raids to level *very* fast, they have base bounties that average around one-third of mine. And most are far below that.

    I don't care if people spend their money here. You should, it helps Kano keep the lights on. I don't spend much these days because I'm on a fixed income (disability pension). I have spent a sizeable amount of money over the years though. Not quite to Alexandrite, maybe one day.

    Personally, I like new players. If they want to learn things, they can always ask me. I'm quite happy to help how I can. Nobody can insult me in this game, they can annoy me though. Very few new players even attract my attention in the game though. Don't be afraid of every big player, some of us are actually quite nice if you don't act like a child and give us a little respect for the time we have put in...
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  16. Mark Spicer

    Mark Spicer Member

    I would personally prefer people not do that. There are better ways to acquire FP, the 2-hits only gets you a chance at an FP. The boss rewards are a better goal. If you do happen to decide to do something like you describe, LET THE BOSS OWNER KNOW. I often scan down through the list to see that everybody has the minimums done, and if there is one that hasn't gotten them, I will wait to kill the boss for as long as I can.
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  17. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    Jades' and Kirsten's advice is sound. You want your health 10X your level, it is a driver on how much damage you do and you should do min on smaller bosses and get guaranteed drops and build yourself up.
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  18. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    health i think should be 20x your personal attack(2sp in attack to 1sp in health.). i find that a good balance between damage dealt and health.

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