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    An update was released to the Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra workshop a couple of days ago that allows you to combine boss item drops into more powerful items. 38 items (19 Elite, 19 Optimal) are included in this release

    • Boss drops can be upgraded in this order:
      Normal Boss Drop => Elite Boss Drop => Optimal Boss Drop
      handcuffs.png .... elt_handcuffs.jpg .... opt_handcuffs.png
    • (25 up to 35) Normal Boss Drops + some Cash= 1 Elite Boss Drop
    • (4 up to 7) Elite Boss Drops + some Cash = 1 Optimal Boss Drop

    Please note that you are crafting *many* of an item into *ONE* new item, and this can affect your Mob battle strength. In response to this you can reverse craft your Boss Drop items. Reverse crafting recipes are indicated by the down arrow and the dark grey text like this:

    In the example above 1 Elite Handcuffs + 1 Crowbar + 1 dollar = 35 Handcuffs

    Head to Stockpile -> Workshop to check out the new items. As always we look forward to your feedback so please leave any regarding this change in this thread.
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  2. Susan Patrick

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    Copied from FB's LCN - Strike Action Group @ Cara's request.

    Susan Patrick
    Hi Eric ... liking the additions to the workshop, just a few wee issues though ... 1st - the usual Kano skimpiness is disappointing & the second is the actual layout of the workshop ... Its really confusing having to scroll back & forth for each lvl of upgrade ... might be worth changing it so its similar to the other stockpile pages. Thanks :)
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    Susan Patrick Hiya Eric Haight ... I've been messing about with the new creates in the workshop, though I really do like the new stuff ... I think you have the swaps needed set far too high ... I know your going to say, that Kano didnt want the higher levels to be able to max out their mobs with the new items blah blah blah ... but seriously trading in 108 Illuminati Robes for 1 Optimum Robe or 231 Smoking Jackets for an Opt. smoking Jacket is ludicrous ... who's going to pay godfather points to hog moscow bosses for shit XP to get the 462,000 smoking jackets to equip a full mob??
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    Susan Patrick PS... I use these as an example, but it applies to all the new items :)
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  3. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    just another quick point about the workshop layout, as well as it being a tad confusing (I dont mean how the swap works thats straight forward enough) the scrolling back & forth to find the item your looking for is frustrating & slow which doesnt make for good game play when under attack.
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  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Are you talking blueprints that are secret where you have to search for and drag the item over? Do you have any suggestions to make it a little less confusing? We have some ideas, as we do agree it could use a little clarification and filtering to improve ease of use.
  5. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Reasoning for the Boss Drop Crafting Numbers

    The goal of making Boss Drops craftable into elite and optimal items was to take items no longer used and give them value to the player.

    There are a lot of channels to equip your mob to full power in attack and defence. We do not want to diminish these channels so that there is only one option to max out your squads attack and defence power.

    We want the player to use a plethora of items to max out their mob. It was not expected that you would max out your mob with optimal items. Once the boss drops have no value then you can make them into elites, once elite items no longer have value you can make them into optimal. Sure you may only have a few but at least they are giving you some value. Previously these drops had no value, now they have value.

    Perhaps we did get ahead of ourselves in releasing content, some of the later elite and optimal items are not going to be useful for many months, but they will be become useful as we will be releasing bosses and locations with better drops.

    We want the players mob to be outfitted with a diverse set of items, hopefully this is the case with the stats the way they are currently implemented.
  6. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    No I've always thought that the hidden blueprints were pointless so haven't done any .. tbh i think that part of the workshop is just about obsolete, those who are interest in crafting these items can just get the formula from friends, so dont need to drag & drop random stuff.

    I meant the order in which the items appear as you scroll ... scrolling up & down between elite & Optimum items is a nightmare .. wouldn't like to say how many times over the weekend I've accidently downgrade item thinking I was making elite items ready to upgrade again whilst in a hurry as I had action on the fight list.

    Maybe having a similar layout to the other stockpile pages, where the items crafted are static, unlocking when you have the items needed (maybe formula & stats in a pop up as it is just now).

    Are you likely to rethink the amount of items needed to be traded to craft an upgraded item? You have to agree that an average of 462,000 drops to craft 2000 optimum items is unachievable, even for spenders like myself ... especially when ideally we require 2 weapons, 2 vehicles & 2 armours :/
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  7. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    Its over a year since 'we' gave this suggestion to Kano ... you opted for a workshop requiring gifts to craft item, which really didnt do much for reduntant stock pile ... so in all honesty the dev have had plenty of time to work on it.

    After all this time I find it hard to believe that you that naive as to think that the PLAYERS goal wont be to equip their mob fully with the best items available from the workshop.

    TBH it appears like Kano is being greedy again ... playing for 658 days, get to lvl 3600 do bosses every day, and manage to craft between 30 - 100 optimum items for my efforts :(
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I will ask a dev to revisit how we are displaying the blueprints maybe there is a filter we can add to show or order blueprints based on att/def strength.

    As for the amount of items required. One of the main objectives of this release was to make older boss drops useful while not obsoleting new boss drops. If we made it so that you could easily outfit your mob with optimal items we would be obsoleting any future new content that will be added which we did not want to do but we did want to respond to the request from users "make old useless boss drops useful".
  9. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

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    The main question is, are you planing new workshop items for normal boss drops and job drops in the near future, others than for the so called Random Boss Attack Drops?
    The problem with these random boss drops is, that every friend of mine just cleaned his profile and dropped these weak objects.
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  10. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    that would be worse in my opinion ... if your just doing a minor tweek like that .. may as well just lump 'like' items together .. ie. Elite item 1, Optimum item 1 & Downgrade Item 1 side by side, then the same for Item 2 etc. etc.

    Yes I fully understand that Eric ... but I feel your purposly missing my point. I agree they new Items should come at a price ... but at an average of 200 drops per Optimum Item is ludicrous and needs to be addressed. I'm not the only person who thinks this I can assure you. As I said before 'We' gave you this idea to get rid of surplus drop items over a year ago, with a formula that most agreed on (I have people searching the DB to get you an actual date & quote) & we feel cheated that you eventually take our idea but implement it poorly :(

    On a whole I really do feel that you guys to a great job, but you havent seemed to grasp that WE dont play the way, that you Dev's intended us too.
  11. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby New Member

    what is the point in having these new items if some of the items needed were used to craft other items so now they have been wasted

    smoking jackets were used to craft czars and now smoking jackets are required to make elite smoking jackets so now basically anyone that started playin within the last 6 months who needed to craft these is screwed...lol, nice


    ramirez boss drops and silva boss drops are also used in the workshop for crafting and should have been included in the initial comment
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  12. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby New Member

    at first my opinion about the new workshop was "what is the point of these items that u can only craft so many" but after thinkin about it, i actually do agree with the way that this was constructed minus a few minor tweaks to it

    i do feel that too many are required to craft the items and that should be brought down to at least 15-20 instead of the 25-35 and i also feel that u should be able to downgrade the crafted items that u used to make certain items and get half of what u paid for them in cash back (czars, platinum machetes, and incendiary ak-47s i believe are the only 3 items that use boss drops now needed for the elite and optimal crafts)

    overall though after thinking about the new workshop items i like the fact that we can now use old boss drops to craft and the fact that u do not have to spend money to really get them like u have to for the loyalty items
  13. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    I thought it was a great idea. Get rid of some of the junk we never used in a fight. How you gonna turn junk never used in a fight into something stronger than most new drops is not right. Not to mention we got new missions with weapon drops that are great for their tier. That gives more skill points as well. Yes you have to use a lot of them. Do you see some of these people who have pushed the boss up to level 200? They and help should have 50 million lil weak boss drops by now. That wouldn't be fair for those of us who didn't think it necessary to push the boss up that high. Now would it?
  14. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby New Member

    yeah the people that ran their bosses up there got lucky with this feature, i agree, but good for them...lol, unfortunately i am not one of those lucky people...smh
  15. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    Seriously??? PMPL .. Whats the point of playing if you dont want to level past 200?? In my experience only alts, cashcows & Bots want to keep under the lvl200 protection line!!

    Yes, We higher level have thousands of useless drop items, some including myself have kept hold of these items for just short of 2years hoping that developers would eventually come up with something useful to do with them .. now that they have we're lucky to get 50 good items from the 1000's traded in :/
  16. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby New Member

    he was referring to pushing the bosses up to lvl200 and so on, not ur actual individual lvl...lol
  17. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    LOL ... that would make more sence :)

    with poor fightlists for so long & the slow arrival of the whacked list what option was there for folk but to do their bosses daily for xp
  18. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby New Member

    thats why u have to "get on everyone's nerves" and u will stay with people to fight...lol
  19. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick New Member

    not as easy as you'ld think once you get to my level :p

    @ Eric ... you still really havent addressed the issue of numbers required for crafting ... are you likely to do so?
  20. Gazember

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    I hope if Kano is gonna change the number of items required for workshop, will give us a few days of warning to downgrade everything!

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