[LCN] November 11th Update - Syndicate Wars (Beta Pre-Release)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    ok thanks for clarifying that
  2. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    i dont think u are understanding it 100%, but i do understand what u mean by tracking syn vs syn stats...however, the way it is set up now is that ONLY those that engage in syn wars participate for the points so this is similar to what u are sayin but stats are tracked in total for the week and not against any particular syn

    SYN 1 engages in war
    SYN 2 engages in war
    SYN 3 does not engage in war
    SYN 4 engages in war
    SYN 5 does not engage in war

    the leaderboard stats will only track war pts for SYN 1, SYN 2, SYN 4
    attacks on SYN 3 and SYN 5 are just regular attacks and do not open that entire syn up nor do attacks from SYN 3 and SYN 5 allow their other members the chance to be attacked (depending on whether or not ur syn is set to private)
  3. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    can someone please clarify the reasoning behind not getting wps for killing someone off the HL that u have already used ur 5 wp attacks on? is this a bug or was it meant to be this way?
  4. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Once you exhaust your attacks on a target (5 attacks) you can no longer receive war points.

  5. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    We're continuing to monitor this thread for your input, feel free to leave your feedback suggestions and any other concerns you may have with Syndicate Wars and we'll address them, Thanks!
  6. Vinny JTTM Capone

    Vinny JTTM Capone New Member

    Eric - can we get some in-game "war" related messages please?? the current ones are not as effective when people are thinking that we're picking on them for no reason when they have the war tag on.


  7. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add it to the change list!

    I'll be continuing the feedback and suggestions for Syndicate Wars in the following thread.

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