Kill or Bounty Bully List :mad:

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  1. ok if u have some one on your rivals for long time and its anoing you
    than copy and paste proof from rivals page how many attacks/bounty/axe slaps and whats the problem with your nemesis !

    so big clan can bounty bully, or if some one is in my clan - than some one else from top Vikings can take care of :D
  2. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Up for this still would like that help attack X chieftain button to do something. Let it open that chieftain to a limited time of attacks from any level.
  3. Dloob

    Dloob New Member

    Setting expectations

    I wanted to add that if you're going to set up a bully list and have people attack that you might want to define what you call bullying. Being killed with one hit isn't bullying (if a lot of damage was done it could have been an accident) and neither is being hit a few times (3 or less) over a reasonable time period.

    The underlying reason people get attacked in Viking Clan is if you get your stamina up and have a reasonable clan size and try to get most of the powerful warriors and weapons is it's the easiest way to get the most experience.

    From my own personal experience I only attack people in the green for XP. Depending on how many HP they have over a few attacks to get up a level they may get hit a few times and if they level up at a similar rate to me they may get hit more (I do try to get people online to join instead of attacking).

    You do need to define a minimum standard for bullying, for example:

    - ? hits within ? minutes
    - ? hits or more in a short time that result in being killed (without someone else attacking you or you attacking someone else)
  4. self

    self Member

    Isn't that how the game is supposed to work. If someone is "over attacking" you, counter attack?
  5. Meadmaster

    Meadmaster New Member

    I would also ask what is considered proof?

    Do we just copy and paste from the rivals page? If so what will stop
    people from editing the number of attacks like so: (This is only an example)

    Real: XXXXXXXXXX, Level 284
    2 attacks,2 axe slaps in 10 hours

    Edited: XXXXXXXXXX, Level 284
    50 attacks,22 axe slaps in 1 hour

    Is it possible for XXXXXXXXXX to prove that the entry was edited in the post?
    If not they are being set up for bounties that are not deserved.

    I also wonder why people get upset that they are being attacked. As long as they are
    not being wantonly killed (axe slaps for instance), why can't they just accept that other people need the XP? I've had several back and forths with people who were happy with the result because we both went up in level, some have now joined my clans.

  6. self

    self Member

    I don't buy the whole targeting thing either, if you are being bullied, get your clan to bully back, isn't that what the game is about.
  7. AlexzSpencer

    AlexzSpencer New Member

    I tend to be on my own in stuff like this, but I usually set up a lot of counters, a Bounty Trap, then set a Bounty on them. Reprisal from being asked by a Clan to be Axe Slapped or Attacked usually doesn't bring much, if any, heat. After they get hit back a few times they tend to back off, since Counters do a lot more damage than a normal attack.
  8. Vidhar

    Vidhar New Member

    What about minis?

    How about a list for those who have minis?

    I have a fellow who is using 4 additional accounts. The dates match up, only the main account has billions of chieftain earnings, elite chieftains, while the others range from the high lvl100s to the low lvl200s and have very low chieftain earnings and no elite chieftains.

    Are we allowed to post the account names, or is that a no no -- and if it is a no no, how are we supposed to report this type of cheating. While I am pleased that my character is strong enough to fight off someone who has to resort to this kind of cheating, eventually this kind of cheating will turn people off of the game and shut down a cash cow for VC.
  9. Dread Lord

    Dread Lord New Member

    Remember People only Bully as long as your let then..:}} stop hitting the high levels all together might help ya in a small way :}} .. i learned form the first reset.. now I kill only wanna bees or bully's .Or that clan that think it ok to call some one every name in the Bad book . but doesn't that make me a bully >??? i some ways yes Other no .:rolleyes: LoL just play to Die and your never Get up set. or mad . that's my rule of thumb :eek:
  10. good comments so far
    yea i know rivals page info can be edited but there is way how to contact player and soon or later can find out who is liar and who needs help from bigger clan so its more interesting see some drama and than kill and get wanted bounty listed achievements

    and i know there is groups who attack some who they dont like and some times is normal guy who do levelling 2 times a week and he did 3 attacks to some cry baby guy who have 10 friends bounty any one no questions ask ?! so its not fair for normal player have non stop axe slap bounty all times LOL

    and more activity make game more interesting for others :D so please share your drama/revenge/
  11. kleanwater

    kleanwater New Member

    bully response

    I am a relatively high level player (1140+). I have messaged many in my clan that if they are getting repeatedly attacked they can let me know and I will help retatlliate. if the offender is ranked significantly lower than me, all I can do is axe slap, I usually prefer not to bounty them unless the abuse continues unabated. Often when I axe slap them, they will attack me, opening them up for me to attack. Of course, when a level 500 attacks me, I do respect his gall (after all, I could kill him easily) so I usually only attack back a couple of times. I wish I could message them and say "You're being a little excessive with XXXXXXXXX, don't you agree? Back off him/her, and I will back off you."
  12. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member


    How shall I define bullying? Hmm, well lets see. He's about 300-400 levels higher than I am. He bounties me every 2 days, axeslaps me on a daily basis, and I am quite sure he has a couple of alts on him who also bounty me.

    Regarding as to WHY I think he has alts (like I sent to the developers 2 months ago or more but never responded to);

    (quoted from the myspace VC forums)

    Now, after I was asked to post their join dates, I found this.

    Original link -

    But yeah, that was two months ago, and the FieldingtheBlessed and FieldingtheFabulous accounts have both bountied me several times now. And whats the point in setting up a 500 billion bounty trap when it doesnt really do anything? (Oh it kills him, but whats the point if his survival streak is only 20 or something).

    [edit] The fieldingtheblessed userpage says I'm out of his experience range, yet he can still bounty me. The last time I attacked him I don't even remember, so he's probably using a loophole in the game. No clue what though.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2010
  13. self

    self Member

    I can see the point in retaliation just being part of the game. Personally I have gone after someone repeatedly who was messing around with me. Then I just decided to bounty them every day for the next 2 months. After being bountied four times in a row there was a debt to pay. No one can read anyones mind and for God's sake, it is just a game.
  14. Eddie

    Eddie Member


    I agree with you that FieldingTheBlessed has multiple accounts, he always uses them to fill his elites. He even used his other accounts to bounty me before. I am currently in a conflict with him and his friend. Im sorry to tell you this, but this guy cant really be stopped because he got a lot of money and has multiple accounts.

    if this makes you feel any better, he gets bountied pretty often ;)
  15. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    I know. He always bounties me when he dies straight away.

    Thing is, he cheats. He gains from cheating. And he uses his alts to do things when his normal main char cant. Not to mention he's simply an asshole. Really, the past several MONTHS he's been putting me on a bounty list, axe slapping me, through something I just KNOW has to be a loophole.

    He's a cheater and an altabuser and a source of annoyance. I lost quite a bit of fun in playing VC mainly because pricks like him (and the dicks who defend his actions, I shall not name them) annoy me.
  16. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    eh not much can be done. I just gotta learn to live with it. We all had to experience this when getting up.
  17. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    I dont see why we (or I) would have to put up with it. Multiple accounts owned by one person is illegal. Im pretty sure the designers could check to see if it's all coming from one computer or not, and they could easily warn or even ban him from the game. There would be no real loss there.
  18. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Where does it say its illegal?
  19. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Well first of all to play VC you need multiple myspace accounts (1 account per myspace account I believe?). That is illegal by myspace and facebook standards already (no fictional profiles).

    As for VC itself;

    So yes, its very illegal. Taken from the terms of agreement, which you can find at the very bottom right of your VC screen, click on "terms".
  20. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Oh thanks, I never knew that. Well I guess the the developers could take action then.

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