Kanoplay/MS VC Battle arena 6/27/13

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by polishpimp, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Are u speaking in riddles? why does my suggestion to knock it down to 2 confuse you? Its called a compromise. It would still allow for a faster arena yet would slow it down enough to hopefully allow for more strategy and atthe same time not promote complete inactivity because players couldnt ride out the entire arena in D stance. I also suggested that bring it back to a single attack while participation numbers were so low. If and when the number of players increases I would personally love to have the slider back.

    Why not just try it for a limited time to see if it makes any difference? They could always change it back if it didnt help. Arent you the one who has asked on many occasions to at least try it? I would be more than happy to try/support your idea of a 10 attack slider on a limited basis to dsee how that worked out. But then again Im thinking about more than just myself....call me crazy.
  2. ben

    ben Active Member

    1st there is allways going to be inactive players...

    2nd yes lower number players because everyone did not come over and a lot of bands...

    3rd number will get back up in time so why change it...

    4th yes a lot of players can get better ranks by staying in d stance...

    5th it should not be change at all...

    6th what is strategy if you dont have team work...no such thing as limited strategy...

    7th i see no real reason why it should be changed at all...

    8th we never had the chance to try it at 5...for some reason it was 10...

    9th i can see why you want it at 2 i really can and its not right...
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I play on FB VC and am a decent lvl. I believe 3 stam slider is to much as well, If leave computer for even 2 mins now and get spotted not in def. cause almost everyone is=your dead. Why was the slider ever introduced anyways, I don't remember it getting talked about until after the fact.
  4. ben

    ben Active Member

    me and my team always set d stance before it even starts... for that dont happen to us...
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    In direct reply to each of your points...in order. Once again....u should try it some time.

    1.Yes there will...whats your point? I didnt say it would eliminate inactives. But what the slider does at this stage of current player participation (kanoplay/MS) is actually promotes inactivity. Are u saying thats a good thing? If so...why are u an active player? If a player chooses to be inactive...fine, but what about the players that want to be active and no longer can be without being dead in short order or forced into inactivity in short order?

    2. Ive no clue what u r trying to say here...I cant make head nor tails of anything u said here.

    3. How do u know that? Sounds like wishful thinking to me. I hope the numbers increase as well...but I think that the current system is actually decresing the chance of that happening as is evident by the continuing drop in player participation in the arena even after the transfer from MS.

    4. Yes...some do. So once again we are promoting inactivity which hurts the game....no activity....no refiils ....which hurts Kano which hurts us. Puts way to much emphasis on Defensive builds while not giving an equal advantage to other builds. Kano stated that the arena was to reward a balanced build...the opposite is true at this point.

    5. LMAO! now u say no change? you have repeatedly said it should change to even more...including today. Hypocrisy much?

    6. Your kidding right? To name just one....How about jockeying in and out of Def stance? with the new speed of the arena this once tried and true strategies effectiveness has been almost completely nullified. When the arena took longer due to only having single attacks it would tie up even the higher level players thus allowing players of all levels more time to sneak out and do their thing. They longer the arena took the more players that were left in it thus allowing for a much wider range of targets to pick from allowing lower levels to find and attack other accounts more suitable to theirs. With the new found speed of the arena these players must get whatever they can which is usually less than optimal because if they keep searching to long most if not all are dead .

    7. You keep saying that but your also yet to give a good reason that is backed up by any sound reasonings other than "because i think so". Personally I think ur full of BS and u dont want it changed because u know it hurts others and helps you. But thats just my opinion.

    8.Why should we? Just a minute ago back t #5 u said "it should not be change at all...". Having a hard time keeping your thoughts/excuses together? Like I said earlier...Ide be willing to try it as a compromise but it seems pretty silly to increase it when its already to many for the current participation numbers. I would als add that diff numbers were tried in diff games and all of themm failed miserable and were decreased. Why would u want to increase it again? Please explain how shortening an arena from 2-3 hrs to an hour or less is going to help anybody but the highest of levels. Please dont say teamwork again as weve already been over all that. There should be multiple strategies/options not just 1 controlled by a few elite players. Thats not a free for all....thats akin to boxing where there are simply to many limits and rules.

    9.I certainly hope u can see why i want to try it at 2...Ive told you about a dozen times its to lengthen the arena and give more players more option and to allow active players to be active. If you think I have another reason than go ahead and say it so i can shoot that theory full of holes a s well
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I hear ya my friend....thats exactly why Im up hear advocating for players such as yourself. Dont listen to the comedian in the room...he knows darn well that a lower level in D stance still dies quickly when pounded on by an uber high level account with 3 attacks per
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned


    Keep the slider at 3 or bring it back up to 10.

    Yes our names were leaked round 3 pirate arena theres no way everyone could jump on all of us right at the start of it.

    Wingman himself admitted he knew the names were leaked(or are you calling your mate a liar?)

    Lowering it down to 1 gives the mid and lower levels less of a shot.

    At 3 they have a better chance of taking down the big boys and girls.

    Isn't that why you wanted search to stay in? To help mid and lowers have a shot at taking down the big bad giants?

    Limited strategy?

    Sneaking in and out of d mode is still a option.

    Teamwork is a option.

    Playing solo is still a option.

    Staying in d mode till it runs out is still a strategy.

    Plenty more strategies.

    Why would someone that wanted to help mid and lower levels want the slider gone for?

    Afraid much?

    Yes with that slider SWM can be knocked out if our rivals had half a brain amongest all of em.

    Fortunately they don't even have that or if so they have a funny way of showing it.

    Knowing I can get knocked out of that arena with that slider I still say leave it at 3 or bump it back to 10.

    No need to be afraid as you have that option and I know you were using it last viking arena.

    Don't be afraid of the slider,just take the lumps knowing you can get knocked out of that arena.

    Its only time before SWM gets knocked out again.

    Its only time before PIMPS get knocked out for the first time.

    And that slider needs to stay at 3.

    We have mid levels that play on their own and they seem to rank pretty good.

    No need to be afraid of the slider.

    It really is the only shot for lower and mids.

    You claimed search was to help lower and mids.

    So is this slider.

    Or did someones mind suddenly change on helping lower and mids?


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  8. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    LMAO...Saying that the slider helps low to mid levels a hundred times does not make it so. * Not only havent you offered up anything *that even comes close to backing up your comments.....the proof is blatantly obvious as the numbers continue to decrease.Not a single thing youve said adds an ounce of validity to your claims.

    Me afraid...afraid of what? *Ive said from day 1 that although unlikely its def possible to take anyone out under the right circumstances. *As a player who has played in all the games arenas at multiple levels and to be but 1 of only two that has won in two separate games (one in which the number one player was nearly double my level)(it was also *before the slider...hmmmmm).....who would know *this better than I? * Ive also known since day 1 that it was possible even then that I could lose and know that I eventually will and have stated that publicly previously here in the forums...so whats your point? * Ive accomplished more in these games than any other single player....I could lose *every arena *from this point on and it wouldnt be any skin of my back.

    If i remember correctly Wingman was still in SWM when I won and the excuses of the name leaks started to fly. * At the very least....he def wasnt part of the group that took u guys out on any of the occasions...so once again...whats your point? *In addition...."right from the start"? * the search option doesnt work right from the start....try again! *I Found The guy I was looking *for in the last vc arena on the very first try...not hard to identify him once i hit him *and neither were u guys.

    Whats the search bar have to do with anything? *Sure I supported it in an effort to help all players.....does that mean I shouldnt continue to try and help *other?

    Under the current system *strategy is extremely limited....i dint say it was eliminated....arguing that strategy isnt limited greatly over that afforded by the single attack is to play the fool...job well done! ;)

    Who cares if u have mid level players that do well? * Its the same mid level players week after week and its because the highest levels of your group protect them. * The slider only makes that even easier to do.

    *Your yet to say a single provable thing *about how the slider helps the majority of low levels. * How do you account for the drop in the arena numbers even after the transfer? **

    You know I used what option in the last VC arena? * The slider? *Of course I did and I mentioned that earlier in this thread.....whats your point? * Only an idiot would go against *everyone else with 1 attack when they are using 3. * Ive won under both b4 and after the slider...how many times did u win before the slider? * *mmmmhmmmmm
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  9. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Actually I said our mid and lower play solo.

    Meaning us higher levels arent helping them at all.

    What they get they get on their own.

    Some fall out by themselves some get up by themselves.

    NONE have got up by us protecting them.

    So its ok for you to use the slider and not those that actually need it?

    Did I hit you last VC arena?

    Yep sure did using 1 and 3 stam before dying(not on you thankfully)

    Screwed myself out of a better rank but it was worth it.
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  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Your so full of it...as soon as I or anyone hits one of your peeps the rest of u come running. Do I think anything is wrong with that? Nope ...not in the least. But you saying it doesnt happen is complete BS.

    When did I say it wasnt Ok for someone to use the slider? Oh...thats right...I DIDNT! I went out of my way to say I do use the slider and I would be crazy not to when everyone else is. That doesnt mean I dont still think its horrible for the game(especially the lowers)...of course it is...its obvious. But we have to deal with what we got and unfortunately for the masses its the slider at a time when player participation is at an all time low.

    If u honestly think that Im afraid of the slider for some ridiculous reason....then explain why Ive repeatedly from the beginning said I like it and hope to have it back once player participation increases. That doesnt exactly make sense now does it? Except for the fact that it indeed is bad for the lessers hence the reason I started this thread...because it was hurting my lesser level acounts in the other games. My result havent changed in my large account. So your logic is ridiculously flawed.
  11. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    So are you saying it does help the lowers?

    If we hit you when your hitting our mid and low levels then its purely coincidental.

    That slider can help mids and lowers against the high levels as we all determined.

    The big boys and gals can easily get knocked out by mids and lowers with that slider bar.

    And again our mid and low levels play there own game.

    If we happen to find one of ya when your hitting them then its pure coincidental.
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Coincidental? Maybe if it happened once maybe twice on 1 or 2 of your group but every time on everyone of them? Go sell your manure to a farmer. ( i happen to know a big one in VC if your interested...lol)

    I said what helps the lowers....no slider? Absolutely under the current circumstances.

    The big boys can get knocked out easily by low n mids "easily"....mmmmhmmm.......thats why its never happened. I think "easily" is a bit of a stretch donyt ya think? If your such an expert and know your claims to be true....why havent you done it yet in VC? You know damn well you would if ya could....yet you havent....very interesting.
  13. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I got no reason to lie bout us NOT helping our mid and lowers.

    Just cant believe it? Too bad but we really dont help our mids and lowers out.

    Too bad you want the slider eliminated to secure your throne on VC.

    You know that slider gives other levels a shot at knocking ya out.

    Just like if our rivals on PC had half a brain amongest them they could knock us out if done right.

    But they don't have that.

    Talking in riddles wont help your case.

    Just like search stayed this should stay to and stay at 3 or bumped back to 10.

    Wish Kano would just come in and say the slider is staying at 3 from here on out.
  14. ben

    ben Active Member

    yep thats what this thread is all about like i said he knows with it being at 3 it could happen to him on vc as well we no it can happen to us on pc...

    i agree pimp is talking in riddles here...
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Sure u got reason to lie...because u think it helps your argument...but fortunately for me....it doesnt. Like I said...inevitably I will lose but when it happens it wont be because of the slider. It will be because of the handicap system and the way perks degrade after u get to a certain point.

    You keep talking how your rivals dont have half a brain because they havent dethroned u guys but that simply isnt true...they have done it multiple times when it was only 1 attack per...according to u...1 attack per makes it harder for the lows to mid level players....hmmmm...that makes zero sense...care to try again? Btw...if your rivals dont have half a brain because theyve only whooped that ass under 1 attack per and not the slider.....what does that say about you and your cronies who havent done it under either system in VC? lol Like I said...u can talk all ya want but the results prove other wise. Want a to borrow a shovel to help u dig that hole you'rein a lil deeper?
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    You play the VC arena Ben and u think your an expert at these games so if what u say is true than why havent you won or even performed well under either system? I and others have proven that lesser level players can defy the odds under the 1 attack system. How can u dispute that? Ive proven my claims...you havent....its as simple as that.
  17. ben

    ben Active Member

    no pimp he is not lying so try again...
  18. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Going straight into d mode and staying there when they could be killing us?

    No brain.

    My cronies?

    Care to elaborate?
  19. ben

    ben Active Member

    no because pc is my no. 1 game as vc is yours...
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Yep...your right about that....yet I still went over there and won. Which in large part proves my point and makes your argument look even more sillier

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