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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by polishpimp, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Actually the diff between 1 or 2 attacks is pretty significant...it essentially cuts the time of an arena in half ( obviously there are other things that can make that vary a lil). Thats why there is an issue at least here in kanoplay/MS with the 3 attack slider. Player count is significantly less on this platform. An arena that once took 8-9 hrs on average was essentially cut to 2-3 hrs due to the attack slider. Now active players have much less opportunity to level as the actives end up dead in 2 shakes of a lambs tail or they are forced into D stance where they just have to ride it out. In addition...more players than ever are not being active....they simply start in Dstance and rank well for doing nothing . Countless players have enough D to just ride out an arena. At least on Kanoplay/MS....limiting the attack slider to 2 attacks would add a couple of hours to the arena insuring pretty much nobody could ride out an entire arena in Dstance.

    When it was only 1 attack...the arena could really wear on and on .... for me personally I was questioning its worth due to the lack luster rewards and time involved. But at this point participation numbers being what they are I would gladly go back to 1 attack in hopes of allowing more opportunity for lesser levels.
  2. ben

    ben Active Member

    come on pimp what this is all about you no if it stays at 3 you could stand a chance of being beat out of vc arena...

    i say leave it at 3 o yea i no to that i can be beat out of pc arena by it to ...and knowing that i still say leave it at 3 ...it makes it more of a challenge and i find it with it being that way...
  3. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Me and you can easily get knocked out of there.

    Its suppose to be a challenge.

    Leave it at 3?Bump it back to 10.
  4. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    As u can see Ben...the results have not changed for me regardless of whether its 1 or 3 attacks. There has always been ample chance that I could be "beat out " regardless of how many attacks. Im not sure what it is that your finding more challenging about the arena with the attack slider but for myself I have found it far less challenging than it was with a single attack.

    Why u think I have an ulterior motive intrigues me...care to elaborate? As I have stated previously .....nothing has changed as far as my results, the only diff is that it gets done in far less time and I rack up more stats while the overwhelming majority of lesser leveled players get less. As I stated in a previous post on this thread.....Im not looking at this issue through the eyes of my higher level account rather my lower level accounts in the other games in which I enjoyed getting a few levels in. I also have not been advocating to eliminate the attack slider all together...I actually like it. My suggestion was to tie the number of attacks to the number of participants which still allows for the awesomeness of the slider while still allowing options/opportunity for the lesser levels. The way I see it....wanting anything less is just selfishness
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    lol....you are a perfect example of what I was talking about in my reply to Ben. You couldnt care less about whats good for the games or its players as a whole other than what can be done to help you. This is evident in the majority of your posts and is solidified by your continuous omitting of pertinent reasons as to why something is good or bad. You can say something is good or bad all day long but with out sound reasoning and an explanation as to why you think that.....all I hear is blah blah me me me me blah blah ;)
  6. ben

    ben Active Member

    you no just as well if more people get teams up to go after you that you could be taken out with the 3 slide bar... yes or no ???

    and that would give them a better chance of doing so ???

    so as lm saying is it dose give the lower and mid levelers a better shot in doing so...
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ummmm....no I dont "know just as well"...in fact I completely disagree. I dont see any diff what so ever. I think that potential is the same regardless of the number of attacks because everyones attacks have increased equally. If anything I think the 3 attacks makes it much easier to thwart a team attack as its far easier and faster to gain health if need be. The only way It would be weighted the other way was if the players involved were using a diff number of attacks per.
  8. ben

    ben Active Member

    o come on pimp you and 2 others tried it on pc but only problem is you cant get the others to get it right...and you no i cant say who in forums... but i bet if you did you would give it one hex of a go and i bet you would be using 3 on the slide bar...right along with the rest of them ...now am i right or wrong about that one ???
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Your both right and wrong. Yes I would use the 3 attack slider as long as its an option....why would I purposely handicap myself? Ive already stated it makes it easier for me....while making it tougher for the lesser levels

    No...Me and 2 others never tried it on you since there has been the slider. In fact ...Ive only been in 1 PC arena since the slider was added and the only player that knew i was even playing was JJ and I was the only one that knew she was playing. As I told your armada mate...anyone else hitting u or him at the same time as we were was purely coincidental. In addition...we did not make a concerted effort to come after you....you found us. As I told your buddy....I had very lil time that day...no rreal effort of plan was formulated...just wanted to grab some levels real quick and be on my merry way. I must say though....interesting you know what u do because I havent talked to you about this at all....only your team mate.

    I would also like to add that I and others have won arenas in PC while u guys were in it and participating......all of which happened when there was only 1 attack and no slider. Ive seen no evidence in any of the games that the 3 attack slider has helped anyone take out the usual winners. In fact all the evidence points in the opposite direction.....which is a part of my point

    So would be so kind as to explain why the 3 attack slider would give someone a better chance....rather than just stating it would with no reasoning behind it. Because all the evidence and history shows otherwise. Thanks
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  10. ben

    ben Active Member

    ther was 1 more from your group in there because he was hitting me along with jj...but never less after i found jj him and her was hitting me from your group ...the ones i was talking about are from other groups that cant get it right...

    and yes ya won 1 when our game names where leaked out...and the other time when i was not feeling to well at the time i was playing that one...

    and i told you why the slide bar is much better now in arena and why to leave it at 3... it helps out the low and mid levlers a lot more than just being a 1 hit... also like i said if they would get teams put together who really knows what kind of turn oue or out come it would have...
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ben....what part of "coincidence" dont u understand? Ive told u repeatedly that we wernt working with any one else. Thre may have been someone else hitting u but we sure as heck dont know who it was.

    When your names leaked out? Oh brother....r u kidding me? Until a few arenas ago...we never knew your names going into an arena. But we did however know your names before hand in a few since. But like i said earlier...we rarely play the PC arena and last time we def wernt looking for you.....just wanted to get some levels and we did.

    Yes... u said the 3 attack slider was better and youve also said it helps mid to low levels. What you havent done is explain why u think that to be true. Because everything that has happened up until this point shows otherwise.
  12. ben

    ben Active Member

    ok ht has use his name in forums here wingman now tell me he is not in your group in pc...
  13. ben

    ben Active Member

    o yea it came out about our names was given out to ya so no need in lying about it now...
  14. ben

    ben Active Member

    far as the slider bar o yea i did ...lack of team work ...
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Yes, hes in our armada...whats your point? We have never worked together in an arena. Liar? Thats so nice of you...but FYI....Ive no reason to lie about something so meaningless so once again I dont see your point. Lack of teamwork? Youve just spent the last few posts telling me I was working as a team....which is it? So how does the slider help the low to mid levels? Dont try n say because they level faster as they still lose the majority of the time and lose health even faster than they did. Not to mention that the slider makes the arena go waaay faster and the have far less time to level before they are either killed or forced into D stance. Even if forced into Dstance...higher levels still gobble them up because of the multiple attack slider. So its a lose lose lose for the vast majority of low to mid level players where as 1 attack gave them waaaay more options and opportunity
  16. ben

    ben Active Member

    you must not see to well you asked about the slider bar and i replied lack of team work...if more people would use team work with there groups they might do all right ...and with the slide bar at 3 would do better on higher levelers...

    so what makes you think it wont...
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    So team work should be the only strategy? What about those that just want to get in and level and dont care about winning? Do you really think a team of very low levels are gonna take out a team of very high levels? Sure a team of moderately high levels could take another very high level team....its been done (only under the single attack format), but that doesnt do squat for the lowest to mid level players.

    I see just fine...u still havent answered why the slider helps whether on a team or not. The other team has the slider as well...its a wash! Actually....its an advantage for the higher levels as they can easily kill another lower level player in mere seconds if they are desperate for health. Where as a low level player is still restricted by the fact that they are indeed a lower level and far less powerful. Whether they r using 1 attack or 3...they still lose the vast majority of battles. Using the 3 attacks they will also lose health faster whether they win or lose a battle.

    Because of the much shorter arena (brought on by the attack slider), Teams or singles of lower level players have much less time to adjust....THis is a huge benefit for the higher levels who can accumulate health much quicker while also losing far less health in the process.

    In the end....of course teamwork is the best strategy regardless of level if your goal is to take out another team and rank well or win, Hell...I was the one who started that in MS. But that doent mean it should be the only strategy because diff players are looking to get diff things out of an arena and the attack slider limits that that way more than the single attack did.

    See how I actually backed up my point by actually explaining why and how? You should try it some time. Just saying "teamwork" explains nothing nor is it any diff than what it was when it was a single attack only. Neeeext!
  18. ben

    ben Active Member

    its up to each player in where they want to set the slide bar at if its 1 2 0r 3... so if you want to play with it at 2 hit more power to you ...but its not up to you or me to tell anyone where to set it or how to play it ..so i say leave it at 3 kano and let the players have the free choice in where they want to set it at... and you sure have not proven to me where its not helping the low and mid levelers pimp...
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    HUH? what the heck does where someone wants to set the slider have to do with anything we're talking about? The whole point is the attack slider speeds up the arena and limits strategy which in turn hurts the low to mid levels whether they team up or not....period! Whos going to use 1 attack when everyone else is using three....r u being serious? Thats not gonna slow down the arena.....its just gonna mean they get even less. Because the 3 attack is there and it speeds things up so much it basically forces others to use it in hopes of at least getting a couple levels before they are dead and the arena is over. Im done responding to you in this post until you say something that makes sense or u validate at least part of any of your claims with substantial reasoning. "because" just doesnt cut it for me. You sound like the rest of your posts....a whole lot of claims and not a shred of anything to back it up. Ive brought up many legitimate points and your yet to find fault in any....why is that?
  20. ben

    ben Active Member

    wow pimp yea right pimp thats why you want it taken down to 2 ...did i miss some thing here pimp...

    so i say again kano please keep it at 3...

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