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  1. JADES

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    Someone brought this to my attention of having trouble viewing all the chat from their phone. Tried it out on my Android version 5.0 tablet and having same issues, can view 3/4 the width of chat only. If go into portrait mode can see the pop-out button, but clicking on it doesn't do anything. It's working fine on my desktop, just not on tablet.
  2. Smack

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    I'd suggest using the proper app. We have no plans to optimize Kanoplay for phones and tablets.
  3. Dunk Nielsen

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    Thanks KMA for bringing it up for me but the regular app really sucks a $$ from a phone or an tablet
    On kano play it works the same as on a PC and at times I have trouble using a PC and can only use my phone maybe it's time to hang up the game and not waist a penny on it
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