[ZS] Kano Hack Day... TGIF... lite edition!

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    Greets Players,
    Happy Friday the 13th! While we've been very busy this week at KANO, game changes and updates are light this week. Read on for more about hack day, thoughts from our game designer and game updates!

    Hack Day!
    Today marks the first KANO/APPS Hack Day! We've stocked up on sugar and caffeine, split into teams and we're working furiously on our prototypes. Some of us are slaying mobile, some are tinkering with HTML5, and some are working on modern throwbacks with innovative board games! But we're all experimenting and having a blast doing it. The office is abuzz with ideas and activity, but we thought we'd drop in here to let you know what we're up to. Stay tuned for more updates via our Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/kanoapps

    Musings and Notes from our Game Designer Damon this week
    Battle Arena – We got a lot of feedback on the battle arena. We are now at a point where we are going to kick off development of it. I created some simulations in spreadsheets fighting different level players against one another. I had fun fighting some level 10,000’s against level 1,000’s. In my paper model a level 1000 dies in 600 attacks but takes over 50,000 attacks to kill the level 10,000. The level 1,000 who’s stats I used were Scott’s one of the programmers here at KANO/APPS. Anyways it was fun to fake battle everyone. I tried to balance it so it takes about 5,000 attacks to kill an opponent of a similar level. There is some luck involved but that should get rounded out a little bit with the high number of battles required to kill a person. Getting that last hit on someone is going give you health so that should make battling all that more exciting.

    Crafting – We had some crafting go out for PC and VC. Generally we are just making boss rewards that much more powerful when you combine them with gifts. This gives more incentive to get gifts and kill bosses to get the rewards.

    Game Updates!
    Gift Sending & Gift Wishlist modals were appending gift related "Tips" to any page that the Gift modals were displayed. These tips no longer show.

    Today is KANO hack day here are the boys figuring out a game idea.

    I found this in the office fridge, it does not belong to this cowboy that's for certain but it sums up this week's TGIF, lite!
  2. Awesome! is there a calender?
  3. Deltan

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    If you're referring to the backdrop downloads, no, not this week. There's a calendar running this month already in all games though!
  4. i already finished my calender without buying any doors, maybe you can make a 3 day calender again. you know that was my idea! :D i feel awesome!
  5. Hemlox Pandemonium

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    How exactly have you done that?
  6. I hope the Battle Arena will Focus on Faction Fights too ???

    Factions and Team Work is what has kept this game going and they have been left with nothing new in over a year !!!

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    If I'm not mistaken, you need at least 20 days to finish the calender without buying any doors.
  8. i dont know. its weird because i woke up, got on ZS, and i had like 5 keys waiting LOL its weird
  9. Relentless

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    If you had 5 keys waiting, doesn't that sound like a bug? Maybe next time if it happens you can can take a screen shot and send it into support so they can take a look at what happened. That way no one is getting an unfair advantage :)
  10. Simulated fighting may not be enough, you may actually have to test the arena under actual battle conditions. As it is, I'm probably not going to participate the first week or so until the bugs have been ironed out.

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