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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tat27, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Tat27

    Tat27 Member

    As you all know...well, maybe not all, but a few.
    I play just to play. I don't care about my stat ratio, I don't care about my death count.
    This is a game. Not reality. The level some of you take it to is astounding.
    Just to be perfectly clear, and I don't know if you people know this, but it's a FIGHTING game, NOT a whining, crying, accusing game. Nobody cares.
    This isn't a place for your dramatic bs.
    Quitchurb****in. Some of your are ancient.
    Much love. <3
  2. Tat27

    Tat27 Member

    Lol Mini. I don't wanna hear it. The only reason yours is higher than mine is because I took a break for a few months :p If I hadn't done that, I could be near 10k by now. And thanks Dylan. :)
  3. Blasphamy

    Blasphamy Member

    There ya go Mod.... show the world that Kano has no interest in listening to it's players concerns and only views topics as us 'whining, crying and accusing each other of cheating". Nothing I like to see more than real, genuine interest from the people who represent the general populous to Kano. If you can explain to my why that particular comment is "well said", when all it does is the same EXACT thing that he is apparently tired of reading, as opposed to the topic created above here recently about our "favorite Resident Evil game" that you found to be a worthwhile post....i would sure like to hear about it. :)
  4. For your information, I am no longer an acting MOD my title is there for the moment, but is in the process of being removed, I am a player of these games and therefore am entitled to my own opinion :)

    Now lets not get too hasty here, I didn't specifically accuse you or anyone else of whining or cheating, I merely pointed out that what tat27 was something which I agreed with, I do feel that people can take the game too seriously and a lot of complaining and accusations do go on around these forums, some of which are justified and some aren't.

    Now there you go, please don't single my posts out in future, I don't appreciate it.
  5. Blasphamy

    Blasphamy Member

    Well, I guess as a general player now, you are at the mercy of interpretation. I highly doubt if I will stop using your posts as a reference, if indeed it is your posts that are in question. Welcome to General Population, where you don't get any special treatment...just like the rest of us. :)
  6. raindogs23

    raindogs23 Member

    So then it's really just because tat is a girl then, huh, "mod?" Sexist moderators...lol.
  7. I don't recall asking for special treatment, even as a moderator I wouldn't expect special treatment.

    I also never asked you to stop referencing my posts, I asked you not to single my posts out by all means use my posts as reference, but don't call me out on the forums :)
  8. Mousa Fearless Ice

    Mousa Fearless Ice New Member

    It's just a game is right!! I don't know what the f**k I did but I have been pounded on a daily basis since xmas! I am totally sick of the bull**it simply because a**holes take it too personal! Because I can't even play the game anymore I am quitting. For all the assholes that play the game, congrats on ruining it for me. Kano will can do whatever the f**k they want with the account here because I am leaving the game permanently! WTG!!
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  9. there is alot of whining in this game and a lot of jealousy but then u get people like myself who like Tat dont mind getting attacked or let it get to me if i get pounded more than that Debbie in Dallas............. i quit with my 1st account and de activated it as i messed up big style but this time around im one of the strongest for my level and for all u other people plz dont let it get to u about being beat up as when u r a high level u will do the same to them its just the circle of life in the game...... not many judge you as a real life person they see u as a charecter they can beat and say ok cool ill get him/her......so lets just enjoy your game and if u dont like getting beat on go all defence as that really screws em lol ;) yours truly

    The Ferocious Dragon
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  10. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Hey Guys, please remember to keep threads on-topic. This thread was about players expressing how they feel about players taking the game too seriously, and was derailed with another discussion.
  11. Free kiss

    Free kiss New Member

    2 years ago my fb account dissapeared with lots of others. lets get this straight...i've never been banned from ZS! Thanks to 3 awesome people and KANO i got everything back after 6 weeks. I got a mail with names who were responsable for the fb bans. Shocking to see names of "friends" (you know who you are) And for those who blaming me for playing tons of alts...give KANO the links. I dont understand what you are waiting for. :rolleyes: Lots of players get away with tons of alts...who cares, the more we can kill. But its pathetic to set up alts to mess with others their main. And keep sharing your passwords losers! :cool:
  12. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    And people taking the game so seriously that they make 50 alts isn't on topic? Can you really write that with a straight face?
  13. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    Funny. You are quick to remove posts, but not to remove alts.
  14. Tat27

    Tat27 Member

    Guys. Shut up. That alt bullshit is annoying as hell.
    I personally do not have one. I do not care what you think. Nor do I play on anybody else's account.
    I also don't really care about those who do, because it's their game, and their choice to get banned.
    The overexcessive amount of crying over alts is also a pain.
  15. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    I guess it is. Apparently when you are asking Kano to clean up their game, you get your messages removed. When you talk about people taking the game too serious, that seriousness does not extend to people that make a stable of alts to play with. Kano could make a bunch of dummy accounts that are there solely for the purpose of fighting. They are accounts that can't be listed. Only attacked.
  16. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    As I've mentioned before, if you'd like to report a player for a violation of our Terms of Use, please do so through support. Derailing a thread because you feel something another player said indicates alt usage isn't productive, and doesn't help anyone.

    If you'd like to discuss alternate accounts being an issue with the game, please do so on one of the existing threads on the topic, or, if you're unable to find one, create a thread on that topic, although please do so civilly and respectfully.
  17. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    I've used support to report various infractions. Game names that are rude, crude, or vile. Faction slogans that are wildly inappropriate. Either my concerns were ignored, overlooked, or Kano approved of the behavior of the players. This seems to be the only way to get somebody's attention.
  18. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    So what we are left with is listening to you talk while listening in silence? You brought up people taking the game too seriously. You brought this to the forum. If I had a nickle for every time you said "I don't care if I die" I would be able to buy enough UN's to kill in 1 hit.
  19. Your

    Your New Member

    Mousa heres a tip, dont hit back. Your quitting because you are getting attacked alot in a fighting game? Your quitting because you hit back and cant handle the pressure of being on the wanted list you foolish boy (assumption if not apologies lol). You get hit slapped listed by someone bigger ignore it. Dont hit or slap back and make yourself into a target. Stay low. Or set counters. Cheers.

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