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    After reading a few threads I understand that I only regain 50 Stamina at each level. Why is Stamina not fully regenerated? Although the same could be said for Health and Energy, as they too have a set limit. So if I were to get 7000 Energy and at each level I would only receive 5000 back, what would be the point in having 7000 in the first place? The same applies to the others. To be honest, I think players should be fully regenerated upon each level up.

    I also have an issue with Fights, or maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I'm currently at level 346 with a mob size of 381, now when I enter a fight (winning/losing doesn't matter here) it will automatically select which weapons/armor from my Stockpile to use during that battle. Including all the random item drops and everything else, I have a total of 3.401 Weapons. Clearly, all of these aren't going to be used during a Fight, as I do not have 3,401 Mobsters.

    But let's say I purchased 381 Steel Baseball Bats, I would like the system to choose/select the weapon that has the majority stock, instead of choosing smaller items within my Stockpile that have lesser value. The only solution I could think of would be to sell/get rid of all the extra items that I would rather not use during a Fight. But surely this is not the correct way of doing things?

    Any help, advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

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    To answer part of your question, the only control you have over what items you bring into Fights is whatever your character is personally armed with. Otherwise your Mobsters will be outfitted with the most powerful weapons, armor and vehicles that you have remaining in your Stockpile. So chances are you have a couple items that are more powerful than the Steel Baseball Bat and those are being used instead.

    Take a look at this screen shot from a recent Fight.

    I bought 10 Crowbars to use in Fights but I had some Boss drops (Taser, Machete) and an extra baseball bat in my stockpile. You'll notice it lists the items brought into battle in order of their combined strength (Att + Def). So out of the 10 Crowbars I bought only 7 were used because I had more powerful items at my disposal.

    Hope that helps
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  3. 7000 energy??? i think ya meant health not energy

    all 3 regain over time

    health is tied into the boss formula

    the higher your health the better youll fare against bosses

    far as stamina for the life of you dont neglect it

    energy should be ok to leave at 500 or a little higher

    unless you want all achievements no reason to increase energy much past 500

    for stam and health though dont neglect those
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    All kind of refills are affected even if you get past the level-up refill. Energy Boosts always recover a 100%, even if you have 5000000 energy, and so do the refills and Daily Rewards.

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