June 24th- New Cities are coming!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kendall, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Thank you Kendall ... they look great :D

    guess I know what to spend my birthday pennies on :p
  3. Lucky Susie

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    I'm not going to complain that my 1835 x Kanta's, 1840 x Sumo's, 1700 x GTRs & 3588 x Armoured Bentley's that have taken me months to collect have now become obsolete or that within a few weeks levels 300 to 500 will be better equipped than me because they level faster regenerating Energy more often than I can.

    But I'm going to complain that after doing enough of each job to get the drop items for the next .... I can't find the Prison Shiv's ..... so where you guy's hidden them???
  4. steal toes

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    yeah it sucks not being maxed out with the best weapons anymore but to get something new and better something else must become obsolete.. Besides this will give some of us something new to work on over the next several weeks.

    ..or we could start fighting with Sticks and Stones again.. :)
  5. Kendall

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    So from the FB Discussion board there are some positive comments and some negative comments on the new cities, here are some things that I have heard (negative) and wanted to address here.

    New cities were released for a couple reasons:
    1. To give people incentive to continue to level beyond the last job with the best drops
    2. To give useful items available to players at higher levels, continue the incentive to keep playing through new jobs
    3. To continue support for LCN, players have been requesting new jobs/cities and have acted on that request

    First Concern: Drops collected are now worthless.
    That is not true they are stronger than all available stockpile items. New drops continue to get better to provide incentive to level up. If we made drops that provided no incentive for players to level reason #1 above would not be fulfilled. Adding new drops to only level 2000 at this stage would provide no incentive for players to level and would be too big of a span that players would likely just leave the game than try to reach that goal.

    Devs only care about low levels.
    That is not true, we care about everyone. While adding new cities at level 300 and 400 we also added a new city at level 1000. The next 2 cities will be added at 500 and 750 which will hopefully provide enough incentive and content with new jobs, bosses and cities for people to continue level up and get beyond that 300 threshold that many players were sitting at.

    New jobs at lower levels are not fair for higher level players.
    To address this we will be looking to release a new refill strategy that increases with level as we do agree a refill of 50 stamina at level 1000 is not much. Also looking at the possibility of adding faster regen time on stats when leveling I will be looking at this and hopefully have something to release in the next week or so, it is a priority but it is not my only priority at the moment unfortunately, I wish I only had 1 priority at a time to deal with.

    As we (Kano) take pride in the games we build and want them to be as successful as possible, we will continue to support LCN by adding new content and features as the game continues to mature with players reaching levels beyond any new content, which means that even after these cities and with some time, enough support and feedback from the players we may add new cities after level 1000 who knows.
  6. Lucky Susie

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    could you please check the drop rate for Rio ... used 2016 (ish) health points and only got 3 x battering rams, 3 x riot suits & 2 x shiv's

    Thanks :)
  7. james

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    i think it would be much better if mobs under lvl 100 recive 100% more stamina refil, mobs between 100-250 recive 75% mobs between lvl's 250-400 50% mobs between 400-600 25% and 12.5% till u reach lvl 1000
    i think would be more fair, and would encourage more people to play the game if they see they are leveling fast.. it would also help the higher lvl players if there was more people to fight/kill..
  8. Tylerbmiller

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    how many city Properties are in Tijuana. I only see one Border House

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