January 27th Developer Update - Energy Boosts

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    Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra now has the ability to send Energy Boosts to your Familia members. When an Energy Boost is used you will receive a 30% boost of your max Energy. You can only use 1 boost every 24 hours and you can hold a maximum of 5 boosts at a time. Along with this change the Adrenaline Boosts have been moved from the 'Familia' tab to the 'Boosts' tab.

    To get started click on Boosts tab which can be found in the Mob menu. [​IMG]

    Your Adrenaline Boosts are located at the top of the page and will indicate if you have one active and if you can Share them with the rest of your Familia.

    Energy Boosts will show all of the Boosts you have available to you and who sent them. You can send out a Request to your Familia members or pull up a shortlist of 10 Familia members that you can send a boost to using these buttons.

    You can also send boosts to your friends via the Leaderboard embedded in the Homepage.

    Note for Facebook users:
    When a boost is sent to you it first goes to your Facebook requests. You must accept them through requests before they will show in your Energy Boosts list.

    As always we appreciate your feedback and comments.
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    I like this....it's great! Sucks that you can only use 1 per day.

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