January 2016 Item Creation Contest Winners!

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    looks like this was fixed, thank goodness SOMEone is paying attention...
  2. Feeling slightly cheated, I posted this 2 days before the VC entry:

    Name: The 'Ace Of Spades' in remembrance of our lost matey Lemmy
    Type: Weapon
    Description: Long handled shovel shaped like a bass guitar with an Ace of Spades on the sharpened head. This mighty implement can slice a pirates head clean off in a single blow, and then you use it to dig them a shallow grave!
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  3. cricket_jumper

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    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Im not sure you should be flattered in this case - does seem all very similar and 2 days after you first posted... Have you messaged Mi7ch? Might be something they can do for you?
  4. Hi CJ, yes. I messaged Mi7ch earlier. We will see what they have to say later...
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  5. Marius

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    What scurrilous skullduggery is this? A player spends time imagineering an item, in homage to he of the great throbbing bass, and mole fizzog finery... and his carefully thought out ideas are usurped!? I sincerely hope the Kano team involved hang their heads in deep, deep shame, are forced to play Ace Of Spades at dangerous decibels and then ears bleeding, and with tears of sorrow in their eyes, compensate that player in the fullest possible way.

    That would be Sleeper Service. On Kong Pirate Clan. Just saying.

    I'm off to purge, such is the level of my disgust. If you happen to see a bucket containing a hearty stew anywhere in the vicinity of Marius Acres, leave it be. Do not trust the stew.
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  6. mi7ch

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    I feel like the similarities are not enough to warrant any sort of change in the contest.

    Lemmy recently died, one of Motorhead's best known singles is Ace of Spades, and the other suggestion was for a warrior based on Lemmy's visage, not his guitar (which was not described in detail at all, and was an artistic liberty taken by the creative team).

    It's not impossible that two people came to the same, although different, idea to create a tribute item to a recently deceased celebrity independently. We also had several item tributes to Bowie and Alan Rickman, but that doesn't mean players were copying each other.
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  7. I agree on your points, it was me in particular that was making tribute items, Major Toms Tin Can, and his designer shirts in LCN, the very corny Boat-el California in Pirates too. People began to follow suit.

    I just figured that as these things are date stamped that I was the first one in with Ace of Spades, it would go to me.

    I still think my idea is better though , lol!

    Ho Hum
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