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  1. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

    Warriors, Weapons & Ships

    The Govern (matey)
    The Stateship (Ship)
    The Hounds Of Justice (weapons)
  2. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

    Warriors, Weapons & Ships

    The Water Ladies (mateys)
    The Rowboat (ship)
    The Lilly Pad Trap (weapon)
  3. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

    Warriors, Weapons & Ships

    The Last Assassin (matey)
    The Half Mass (Ship)
    The Cloak And Dagger (weapon)

  4. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    it is finally done the legend of sinister black fang :) hope you all enjoy, also sorry have to split up into 2 posts there is a 10k character limit i guess lol-

    5 years after captain quacks initial adventure began, around the tie he had made it to the floating city-

    captain quacks second removed long lost cousins brothers friend. his name is Sinister black fang, well that is what he is most known as so lets just stick with calling him that, and well unlike captain quack he took a completely different direction for how he went about kano-opolous. his approach was more intriguing you could say. Instead of setting a goal he happened to be in the right place at the right time. In east tortuga. The infamous captain teach happened to be there digging up some treasure trying to find some FP. While talking with him sinister had an idea that if he helped him he might be able to join his crew. So he asked without hesitating “ if I help could I join your crew?” Teach responded after a few moments when they struck a chest finding what he had been looking for the past few days. Teach says” since I am in a pretty good mood today sure why not, I happen to be down a member as well. Lost him to the ever changing tides of what lies beyond the floating city. ” sinister says”what do you mean, are their truly places beyond the floating city?” TEACH ”well of course there are but you just have to be willing to look for em, they are the most dangerous of them all. So instead of having to go through all of the trouble quack was doing to be able to advance/progress through all of the locations he joined teaches crew. Almost immediately after sinister had joined blackbeard took him under his wing, showing him the ropes prepping him for the challenges that are awaiting ahead of them. As they sailed onward to the new world sinister went through many difficult challenges learning that you cant win every fight, learning the fastest and best way to take down the raids, who the powerhouses of the crew were and gaining experience from the best. Learning their secrets and techniques when doing certain events, even about how to be a great leader in general. Only a short 6 months later sinister had grown to be a great warrior. Still hadnt had many goals except for just to become the best. The goal he had set himself was to gain rep, then eventually sail his own ship in the new world. Once in the new world teach asked sinster if there was anything he wanted to do once they got there, immediately replying saying “to take out one of the infamous 18.” teach replying “well it is now 17 captain quack has already taken one of them out not to long ago, claiming his ship and valuables on board it.” siniter “captain quack?... well funny never thought he out of everybody out there would be strong enough to take down one of the 18.” teach ”well is that so last thing I expected was that you would have known him, if you are interested I could tell you legend that is going around think you might be interested in that.” sinister “ya im curious about him havnt gotten a chance to see or talk to him in quite a long time.” blackbeard then tells sinister the legend of captain quack. After he heard the entire story about quack he decided to make an even bigger goal, to take out 2 of the infamous 18. the 2 he had set his eyes on where smack wielder of the sword of the abyss-


    the second was Melanie owner of the revered ship auroras blessing-

    [​IMG] (would look similar to this but have an aurora around it)

    sinister then goes on and tells teach that he will defeat them and claim their legendary ship and weapon for himself. Teach “sounds good to me but you do know you wont last a moment going up against them youll have to get a lot stronger, I can provide the help you need to achieve the amount of skill and experience needed to challenge them but I cannot guarantee your safely let alone your life to forewarn you.” sinister “he doesnt matter to me cant let quack surpass me, I will strove for this dream of mine no matter what it costs me, my life included so please teach me what you have to offer so I can better myself to be able to take them down.” teach “haha, I like your spirit kid, keep it, and your training will start tomorrow, we are sailing for another uncharted island take a look.” sinister takes a look at the map blackbeard shows him them asks “how long do you think it will take me to gain enough strength to take them on?” teach “ill give you a year and a half unless we run into them in these uncharted waters after all they are the pioneers of these waters we sail in and a captains worst fear out here.” they continue talking for a bit then sinister heads off to get some rest for the training that awaits him in the days to come. The moment he awakes the next day blackbeard shouts and says “come at with with the best you got, I would like to see the amount of skill you have gained these past 6 months we have been sailing to the uncharted waters. After all I need to know where your standings are to scale training to the appropriate level.” as soon as sinister launches his first attack with a truly staggering amount of power hits blackbeard. Teach then begins to laugh “is that all...” again sinister strikes at him with all of his might punch after punch blackbeard not moving an in, not even flinching as the punches hit him. “you are strong for only being trained by my mates for the short 6 months but this is how a true punch should feel. Ill give you about 50% power so brase yourself.” teach stands there for a second then before sinister had realized what had happened he was already on the ground, wondering what had happened then the moment he realized, all he could say is “how?” teach goes on to explain that in a fight it isnt about who throws the hardest punch. Sure they will help but they arent the key to winning. Teach goes on to explain his knowledge of fighting. Explaining that his punches are only strong because he has no wasted movements, doing only what is necessary to strike his opponent. So over the next year and a half as they traveled to island to island blackbeard put sinister through the most intense training he had ever been through. What truly kept sinister going though was his dedication to take down 2 of the infamous 18. luckily not running into any of the remaining infamous members during his training. Now that his training was completed blackbeard said his final test was to challenge him once again. This time was different then the last though as sinister took his first strike moving swift quickly yet gently across the deck dealing out a punch at full strength to teach, teach actually blocked this time, but even blocking didnt stop the force of the punch, forcefully shoving teach 3 meaters back. The moment that happened teach said “your training is complete, if I hadnt blocked that punch probably wouldve ended bad for me. You are now ready to take down the members of the infamous 18. to forewarn you though they fair up at about 80% or so of my overall strength, you fair up to about the same, it will be close.” sinister thanks teach for all he has offered him the past few years while aboard his ship. Teach “i happen to have some insight recently for where they both can be found.” teach explains where they are and how to get there. Blackbeard lends one of his several ships to sinister and just before he leaves says “take this it is the armor of my captain from when I was in my youth, passed onto me when I had set sail on my own, now passed onto you keep it safe and may the spirits of the ocean guide and help you in your fights to come.”

    Blackened scale armor-[​IMG] (armor only not what sinister would look, just couldnt find this style armor without somebody wearing it)

    sinister immediately replies with a smile “i can thank you to no end, I will be back soon but next time you see me I will have brought the items of legend... bye for now.” sinister then sets sail to the location of Melanie to claim her ship first, then to smack afterwards. As he gets closer to his destination he continues to keep in shape doing some basic training techniques he has learned during the past 2 years on blackbeards ship. He sees the island that melanie is on and anchors. Then immediately goes to challenge her, once he sees her in sight rumor of his determination has leaked out to the infamous 18 about sinister mission. She doesnt even ask questions just tells her crew whatever happens is between her and him and if a single person tries to jump in they will be dealt with. As they start to fight she says “you are pretty good, your name matches your skill sinister. You are probably wondering how I knew about you wanting to challenge me and all i can say to that is I have eyes and ears any and every where in kano-opolus.” the fight was intense each hit on one another cutting deep, but neither showing any signs of falling down. The fight continued for around 1 hour continuously. She finally starts to show sign of exhaustion, sinister quickly takes advantage of it and deals a severely fatal blow. Then in that instant the fight was over. Sinister then takes his leave
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  5. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    with the auroras blessing. He doesnt immediately set sail for smack though he takes a week to rest and heal for he knows the next fight is going to be just as hard. He then sets sail to smack. While on the way, he takes a look through all of the papers and data logs that have been stored on the ship. Not much later the island smack is on comes into sight. But before they even reach land smacks ship rushes around the small island hitting the ship luckily not dealing much damage due to the auroras excellent defensive support and design. This encounter was strange though smack was all alone but word mustve gotten out about imfamous's numbers being reduced to now only 16. smack jumps aboard looks up to the helm and says “come down and fight me we will see who is stronger, the main difference between melanie and I is the years of experience of battle.” sinister doesnt say a word but makes eye contact then begins to walk onto the deck where smack is, once there he says “if you wanted to see me that bad couldve asked, and you know I was actually in a good mood today but what will make it better is your dem-” before sinister could even finish his sentence smack charges him breaking through his guard, sinister acted quick swinging his foot to knock smack off balance, to his luck it had worked. Smack “lets make this a fight without weapons, see who truly is the better fighter no guns swords nothing just fists.” sinister “sounds good to me.” the moment his weapons hit the ground smack charges again but this time taking a very different approach trying to see if sinister has any blind spots he could strike him down at. They both then start to through fatal blows left and right at eachother neither faulting countering 6 out of 7 swings. Sinister blocks one punch but quickly after another fist hits him square in the face, but to his advantage looks smack in the eyes and says “you made a bad mistake doing that.” he then fakes a kick pretends to throw a punch to his gut then grabs his arm throwing him to the ground fracturing his wrist. Before smack could gain his ground sinister picks him up, but little did he realize smack wasnt as dazed as he had originally though regretting the moment he had grabbed him. In one swift blow sinister arm had been broken. Sinister then jumped back a few steps clutching his arm holding in his yell. Smack then says “you fight as a true warrior ill give you that your name holds true to yourself.” they stand for a few seconds then rush back into a fight once again, but this was the last, both throw one final blow one that ends the fight. After the punch had connected both seemed to freeze for a few instances. Then inevitably fall smack falling backward off of the ship and sinister onto the deck. Barley alive sinister lay there happy for what he had accomplished, taking out 2 of the infamous 18. sinister lay there til he has the energy to get up grabs smack legendary sword of the abyss. He forces himself up using the blade. Then slowly crawling to the helm steers the ship to shore. Once anchored he goes to the captains quarters, rests there for a few days to gain some strength back. Once better he sets sail again but this time back to blackbeard to show him that he has accomplished his dream. It takes him a few months to get find blackbeard, but he eventually did. On the way to him sinister gathers a small crew to help with the ship, and to also help find out the exact whereabouts of blackbeard. Many have said to have seen him back in east tortuga. This brought a slight grin to sinisters face. He thinks about how his whole journey had began there. Once he arrives back to east tortuga his arm had healed completely. The moment he saw blackbeard sinister couldnt help but smile and get teaches attention. The moment blackbeard realized sinister was there he said “so... you finally did it, good job now come over here and tell me all about it.” sinister then sits down to explain everything to him. After they got done telling there stories of the past months nearly a year away from each other blackbeard says “so there is another rookie coming up seems to be one of the strongest I have seen in a while.”

    but that is a story for another time :)

    sinister black fang-

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  6. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

    Warriors, Weapons & Ships
    Mistmen (mateys)
    Horse & Carriage (ship)
    The Jar Of Mist (weapon)

  7. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

    Warriors, Weapons & Ships
    Ladies Of The Deep (mateys)
    The Tadpole Sub (ship)
    The Oaster Trap (weapon)

  8. Krimson King

    Krimson King Active Member

    Warriors, Weapons & Ships
    The Wolfpack (mateys)
    The Black Horse (ship)
    The Wolf Fanged Bow (weapon)

  9. Scott Kutschbach

    Scott Kutschbach New Member

    Matey: Conjured Pizza Murderer Ship: La French Toaster: Weapon: Sword of Slice (Pizza/food type sword)
  10. aaron row

    aaron row New Member

    Name: Ramrod

    Type: Matey

    Description: The Ramrod is the matey that reloads the canons. A rough and tumble matey with high attack low defense value. With a focused stare he holds his long ram rod, which is a bulbous ended 5 foot long tool used to stuff the cannon. Wearing a tattered red jacket that is highly festooned, (probably pilfered from a defeated British Officer), torn black pants, and a soot covered face, he is the pivotal force in the ships attack. With no sword or pistol his only focus is destroying the enemy ship, hence his low defense value.
  11. James Li

    James Li New Member

    NAME: Black Hook
    TYPE: Matey
    DESCRIPTION: In the Year 2719, Pirates Clan War has taking a dramatic turn into outer space. With space colonies full of resources, the acts of piracy has never been more appealing path for criminal and young rebels. There was one pirate that way light years ahead of others, the Space Pirate King, Black. The reason Black is crowned the Space Pirate King was due largely to his mechanic Matey Black Hook. Developed by Sunrise Corp., Black Hook stand 62 Feet and weight 15 tons. Black Hook is armor made from titanium and armed with 30 inches blade made from pure diamonds, a hook that can extend over 100 foots. In addition, the artificial intelligent of Black Hook consist of 20 supercomputer, with sensors that can detect a ant size object from 10 miles radius. Black Hook is dual power by solar power and nuclear energy. Black Hook has the abilities to travel at the speed of sounds. Black Hook is rumor to have destroy a whole cities under ten minute.
  12. James Li

    James Li New Member

    NAME: Dead Rage
    TYPE: Weapon
    DESCRIPTION: Dead Rage was crafted by the famous Japanese Swordsmith Masamune, Masamune was force to craft it by Ohama Kagetaka, a infamouse Japanese Pirate overlord. Ohama wanted Masamune to design the weapon for the intention to cut cleanly of any enemies regardless of armor and size. With Dead Rage in hand, Ohama was able to conquer all other pirates clan around the eastern Asian and has never lose a battle. Dead Rage is believe host Onryō, an evil Japanese spirit, due to the overwelhming amount of dead it cost. After the dead of Ohama, Dead Rage has turn all its welder into a rage frenzies ,whom would slaughter anyone nearby, including innocent bystanders.

    Dead Rage is rumor to be 23-28 inches and weight 2.2 pounds. There no exact measure for Dead Rise, the wielder would never let go of it once it grip the handle and there are no eyewitness, as everyone who had seem Dead Rage in person has never lived to tell the stories of its horrors. The red outline of Dead Rage is believe to be dye red by the amount of blood it seem during battle. Total casualties of this weapon as of now is over 400,000. Currently Dead Rage is locked up in a unknown location in the deepest part of mount fuji, waiting for a person thats worth of its power to claim it. Are you worthy?
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  13. Aardvark

    Aardvark Orycteropus Afer

    Hi @BitterSweet ! We were very sorry to hear about Bob. Our support team has spoken with several of his friends and family members and I wanted to let you know that a memorial item is in the works for him, and will be produced in addition to whichever designs wins the GearJam contest. Your design ideas have been passed along to the team members who are managing this project. :)

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