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    hmm where to start.. ok a good place especially for the new low level players! would be for you to go through the "help" icon at the top right of screen, read the policy, terms and conditions etc to get an idea of what the game's about.. and checkout the "news" every now and then.. i like rule number 4..

    No Whining. No complaining about the game being unfair. We are aware of the occasional imbalances in the game and plan to smooth them out in time..

    hey its "MOB WARS" not farm town.. everyone dies sooner or latter, so dont take it persionally!! it would be very boring if no one ever died, got attacked, or threw a good ol (hello) punch at you, and all we ever did was jobs/ job help..
    yes it is unfair.. even if u started only just an hour, a day or a month + after your rivals.. it is just the way the game was designed, always will be, and it shouldnt change.. that would be unfair to all the people who have already put so much time, effort and money into thier game.. as long as you follow the policy, terms and conditions, i say ALL is fair in love and (mob) war.. take no prisnors, almost anything goes...

    be AWARE tho, and never start a fight you cant win.. it is clearly written on higher level players
    " This player is a higher level and out of your XP range. Any form of attack against this player will open you up for retalliation attacks"

    same rule apply's when attacking from the hit list.. if you attack, you will end up in thier rivals page and be attacked for 24 hours or untill your off thier rival page.. i killed a level 4 this morning (b4 breakfast lol) i have no remorse, it made me happy!! part of the game

    let me introduce my self.. hi i am James Machine Gun Spilotro Level 401 Insomniac, i try to help everyone out wheather your in my mob or not! cause i know how tough it is starting out.. i rember being a level 50, on my 1st day, asking anyone i had in my mob simple but important questions.. most just ignored me and never replied, others said they didnt know.. i think they were just too busy, didnt know me, didnt care.. ahwell i forgive them lol!
    now i am strong, i am relentless in this game.. you gota be! if its your goal like mine to one day be in the top ten world list for everything!!

    i know i have alot of hatters out there against me, lol i love it, its what makes it exciting and not as boring like when i 1st started.. i rember refreshing the hit list 800 times when there was fatigue.. i didnt see anyone on it at all.. now since i became strong and rich, when i see anyone that isnt in my mob that lists a mobbie of mine, i usually go straight to them and list them if (i can win) i have the money to place the bounty!! heck i even list those for getting my bounty's!

    im constantly changing and adapting my tactics, it used to be to level as fast as possible, but i reliased there isnt many mobs to fight after level 400! so im now trying to get as many rivals and kills as i can atm.. if i got nothing to do and when i want to get listed, ill go through my ambush page and list everyone i can.. some everyday as much as possible! usually its just cause your cheap bounty, its never persional!.. or ill send them a msg if there outa my xp range.. usually its" you punch you die" you can that in two ways, as a threat, (please do and retaliate like i want you too lol) or you can think, ok thanks and learn from it.. i was sent that msg, i learnt right away.. i am supprised how many ppl still fall for it tho..

    my advise, try to be wise and learn from everything that happens to you in the game, dont loose your temper and do stupid things.. (ive done and regreted it) you wouldn't go up too mike tyson in a dark ally and threaten him.. so dont do it here.. i/you cant win every war with everyone, sometimes its better to admit defeat, swallow your pride and move on.. ive had to do that! and ive made some good friends who were once enemy's along the way..

    another thing, it is a free game, i think it is impossible for anyone to start out now and become a world leader without spending some real money on some god father points.. the way i see it, i spend so much time here, it saves me more money in the long run instead of waisting it at the pub! so if u want a good record, you gotta pay for it, i have.. otherwise rule number 4.. ..dont winge.. im sure i havn't got around to killing everyone just yet (but i hope too.. gigles) i think its going to become very obvious in time who has spent money and who hasn't, from thier death count.. so if you really feel so strong about your game, put your money where your mouth is or just accept it.. or you can awlays quit but that wont stop me from killing you either lmao!! i wasnt the 1st to start playing like this, and im certain i wont be the last!

    i have made mistakes in this game too like removing people from my mob to go after thier bounty.. i dont recomend it, i got hit listed alot, days latter by mulitple people for 2-3 weeks.. l blamed someone, who had nothing to do with it, i didnt have a clue why it was happening lol, so these days i am 100% loyal to my mob, no matter how much thier bounty is or who they are, if people in my mob do it, its between them.. if someone drops me ill usually only list them once for thier betrail (unlike othere lol) but if you drop and list me expect a high death rate, Jo Ann tnmover Level 313 sent me a message 2-3 days ago "if u keep listing my husband u'll have a prob with me" i never even seen the message until it was too late.. ill never accepted her back no matter how sorry she is or how stressed she was at the time, i see that as disrespectfull, i can never trust you ever.. after she listed me, she got listed 10+ times and is now my fav person to list, moove over linda lol.. i wont stop untill i get her at least 100x up

    SUMMARY: read help-terms and conditions, dont winge, dont take anything persional and loose it, dont start something u cant finnish, use your rival page, be aware of your surroundings and adapt when neccessary, learn from your mistakes, admit when your wrong and swallow your pride, if u want a good record buy g/f points, dont drop mobbies without expecting retaliation..

    i only prob covered 20% of what i wanted to say so if anyone wants to copy edit add more and post more helpfull stuff for newbies Thanks! go 4 it, i hvnt got the time anywayz.. otherwise ill get back 2 it in the next few days when im not busy.. happy mobbing all!!
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  2. i will admit.that is pretty well said.couldnt agree more with it.

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    yes well said...:D
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    james machine gun review part 2

    i cant continue and fit it all in the 1 post, ill have to break it up into 400 posts lol.. ill edit it when im done.. :D

    really ty i havent even got to the part about what i would do if i was a lvl 1 starting again, how i would deal with someone like me, every little tip and trick i can think ov, my 1 sided argument with the god father lol, some game sugestions etc etc..
    i am to trying and be fair and help everyone! so yeah awesome! Thanks for the feed back, i thought people would maybee see me/it as ignorant and hate me even more.. having certain enemy's is a good thing! i was half hoping for that 2 lmao!
    i almost was just gona to start from begining and just tell it straight to the point, or not at all, but ill continue maybee put it in a dif order and edit it at the end, ill put the sumary up the top, and number it in a order so its easy to find what u want quicker.. ok, so to the part about compramising..

    sometimes (im mostly talking to lower levels) its better to ask for a truce and Honnor it, (or they might rember u 4 a very long time if u break it) and add the person if u can, but also think of the long term, if u are a higher lvl or know u are going to lvl past them where they cant beat you soon, well it might not be a wise decission, so take everything into consideration b4 u reply..

    ive agreed to a truce's, even recently when i was up to and around level 390.. what i meant tho, was yes to a 24 h/r truce or a cease fire for now, i thought by replying "no" to thier mob invite or them to mine and sometime's posting in my feed "pls tell ? its just tempory" i thought they would get the idea.. but reciently after i started getting alot of messages from other mobbies asking, why did i attack them latter on? and after explaining over n over to diffrent ppl, i now dont agree at all..

    its too many things to rember and besides i make mistakes.. it is very rare if i agree these days, because a friend ask's, it usually means i miss out on alot of kills especially when im listing them over n over.. if that happens to u.. dont heal..think.. or be prepaired to take your serving, and increase your bounty price for starters.. (buy property)

    but if i do agree because my good friend asked, i always say something like "i will only stop listing them, while thier in my rival page its fair game, besides its rare if they last 24 hrs in my rivals cause i get so many attackers, so no sorry, pls teach them how to play"

    apart from that especially when your on the hit list, u have to take an extra 0.5 of a second to double chek, and that might be all the time it takes to die.. i will compramise sometimes on some things but 1st it mostly has to be from a friend at a higher lvl and someone i owe or a favor too.. (law of the jungle)

    this is just me but everyone's diffrent.. i have even said no to Wrecks Da Hit Man befoure and i have a great respect for Him.. (his my fav mobbie) because, although he dosnt agree with or like alot of the things i have done, He is loyal..

    He has never de mobbed me for my bounty, even when i was aprox lvl 150 and worth up too $100+ billion on the hit list, He could easily squish me like an ant, and taken it prob 200+ times by now! but hasn't..

    i have learnt alot from Wrecks, usually just by His example.. He listerns and understands (better than me) how the game works and what its all about.. ex: if two of His mobbies are at war or something He might msg n ask me about it (maybee out of curiosity) and no matter what i reply He has never tried to intimadate me or get in the middle of it, even tho it might be some of his closer friends i am attacking..

    He has never asked anything like, place a hit on anyone that costs100bill or even $20 buck$.. although i try to repay the favor's at any chance i get.. it's like He wont let me lol, He once posted "i wish i could get my own kills" He must have been pretty stressed with me at the time! and proberbly many other times too, oops sorry mate!! if i rember right, while He was on the hit list, i was constantly going to his page looking at who is attacking him and was listing them.. i didnt reliase i was more hindering than help at that time.. and through out all the other times i sinned (lol)

    i rember 1 of the 1st times i ever spoke to Him, i asked is it ok to de mob u, so we can go 4 each others hits and invite right back after? He replied something like.. "no, anyone that tries that without asking 1st gets listed by me many many times over n over.. obviously i tried not to pester Him ( i was 2 scared lmao!) but i sent something back like, "it'l be good for the both of us, im sure you've seen me get listed for billions all the time.. i demob anyone who's bounty gets too high, its not persional, just a bussiness decission"

    and although he never knew me then, and He knew i was unloyal at the time He still Never de mobbed me.. it took me almost 2 weeks, He never said another word about it, but those words were like haunting me and it's what made me think twice and become the same way.. i had grand plans back then to de mob ppl that used to pick on me and get em back.. lmao.. (not any more)

    and its not just that He is number 1 in the world (on my space) its every thing! He is also just so loyal, respectful, patient, smart, humble, very funny and even forgiving.. unlike me depending on what, lol.. how can i not respect all that.. and thats just part of the story! its why i always choose him 1st if i know his on online to temporary-ly de mob and collect my bounty..

    i could go on all night but as another good friend says (as a joke) "Wreck's head is already so big" lol.. and ive done enough brown noisen for 1 month lol jk's not trying too, its just ive lern't the best lessons form Mr Wrecks and thought it would be intresting to share some! (some ppl will think what they want no matter what! haha i dont care)

    there are so many other ppl i want and will give my bounty too one day! people who have invited/accepted me, helped me, done and offered favor's, ppl ive killed, and i definetly owe all those i de mobbed 4 thier bounty and re-invited back big time! to try n make it up...

    K (reminder) next time i get bk here ill talk about h/l.. i dont know everything about the game so please feel free to sugest anything!! and if i dont kno ill do my best to find out.. Thanks!!
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    hey add me

    looking to build my secound account for mob wars up add me and tell your friends to add me www.myspace.com/nick21206
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    James Machine Gun Spilotro

    Your review is pretty fair. For those who don't know, this is Sychic One Soprano, #3 World Leaderboard for Mob Wars.

    My fight list contains 2 names, Quick Hands Bosco Level 853, and Ken Wiseguy BadAss Level 792. It is lonely at the top especially when the world leader boards top 10 consist of 5 Mob Members, Quick Hands Bosco is an Allie and friend, Ken is my fabulous fight partner that is 7 out of 10, and myself.

    I have more mob members then the game allows to be used, and do not remove a mob member for their bounty unless they specifically tell me to do so. I had that done to me by A.J. Mobwarsrock when I was in the 200's level and I am still at war with him today.

    Some of your statements aren't totally accurate though James, you wanted me to mob up with you. When I did not accept your invite, you opted to hitlist me several times and attack me. Wrecks and Ken make good negotiators and you finally understood that I don't accept being intimidated or bullied.

    Hence, I have been at war with Duke No Mercy Balistierri for well over 200 levels when he decided to remove me from mob, attack me and hitlist me and thought I would take him back. Didn't work that way then, and still doesn't.

    How to succeed in this game, first off, remember once you are on the hitlist you are going to die! Get over it, it is not who kills you off the list it is who listed you that you need to deal with.

    Being a higher level player, mobbies do come to me for help, if you watched the Soprano's lol then you can imagine my meetings to help lower level players with problems. If I ask a favor to back off of a player, and the person doesn't, guess what, they now have a problem with me and like James said I know how to keep a person dead and I have the money to do it. Remember a that James lol.

    I see many lower mob members now have over 800 mob members and 3 whacks and some poor little mob is in the hospital or dead. Be fair folks, give the little guys a chance. My son's have small accounts in the game and you don't want someone like me after you because you attacked them 29 times. It is a game but just like real life leave some for another day.

    My newest rule, if you attack someone 9 or less times thats the game, if you attack someone 10 or more times it is time to hitlist you and send a message as it is now personal.

    When I was a little mob, my butt was kicked daily, I lived on the hitlist as that was the only fights I would win and could make money. Then I got a fight partner James JJ Shifty Bananas Bastoni, he taught me and we fought each other from mid 150's till i was level 517 when he left the game at level 513.

    Fight partners are great to have, they not only help you level up, but also have your back when in a pinch.

    When you move up the list, and are higher, you will find the need to have hitlist killers prearranged. Yes, I have set people who are to take me off the hitlist without retaliation. I lmao everytime I am listed and one of them gets my bounty...Duke you lose, I win Ken got the hit or whoever. I have actually sent public message out to BNPlayn thanking for hitlist killing me when Duke tried to take the hit and lost. Dying isn't bad, I know how to play dead real good.

    Buying property does increase your bounty, for little mob members it also is needed to absorb upkeep.

    I am level 796 and have placed 55 hits. If I hitlist someone you can bet your booty I am one pissed off witch and you don't want to be 56. I prefer to take the hits and bank the money and buy property/weapons then to blow it on watching someone die.

    Oh there is a few exceptions, I will list and will die of rigged ignitions sometimes 8 times trying to list them... Huh Duke remember that one.

    Use ambushes against those who repeat attack you and earn your achievements. Works great, ask Ken how many ambushes he blew through or Don of Kings. You also make higher XP when they hit your ambush over a normal fight win. Yummie...

    Have fun folks...hope I didn't bore anyone....
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    unfortunatly wrong place to ask nick.. rule number 1 Be concise. Try to get your main thought into the subject line and first few words of the message. it annoys me when ppl do that! and start new add me's all the time! if everyone posted in the 1 thread, you know the last person that replyed needs mob as well, and they might still be online, which means u get the add quicker.. i only invite v.i.m's now (very important mobs!).. try spuko.com

    Thanks for your comments sychic.. i could get boged down here with a reply.. but instead, ill just make a few quick comments and continue with review.. this is exactly the reason i started this review, i want 1 place where its easy to find infomation on anything someone wants to know.. and give everyone a fighting chance and a bit of background info about the game and the character's in it.. i wish some of the world leader's would have got togther and reviewed the game befoure i started...

    and i reliase that from writting this, im giving away my secrets, which isnt to my advantage, and playing the way i do, im alway's putting my lil mob life on the line! i know i could get my butt kicked by all the world leaders if they decided to form a pack and vow to keep me dead!!

    so i better repeate, i do not de mob any more!!! im 100% loyal now!!! this is my learning expirence!! and i have/do make mistakes, (sorry) i do try to help everyone with every hint/tip trick i can think ov, my review is also far from finnished, one ill day get around to finninshing and edit t t t ting it.. i think i am being 100% fair and honnest, this is taking up my time writting this, ild much rather just be playing!

    the way i see it.. some ppl might decide this isnt the game for them! and some might start from the begining and invest in some g/f points, either way i think what i have done and am still in the process of doing is good for the game, there are more hits to start with, it might become more of a challenge but thats a good thing too, it keeps it intresting, i hope more ppl start playing so there are more mob accounts to kill, we can still kill/attack the ones that quit lol..

    this is my only account and im not going to restart or cheat, im now stuck with what i got and i accept that, bad reputation and all.. i wish i started on day 1, i would definetly have a difrent mob character persionality, prob more like yours, but after thinking about it, thats the kind of thing that makes it so hard for newbies..

    example.. when you or i get inbetween, say a level 100 fight between 2 ppl and h/l one.. well just because 1's got a high level friend(s), what did the other person do wrong? were all just trying to do our best.. there is no real right or wrong answer to this, its just the way the game is.. (it'l alway's happen)

    i do appreciate the fact that you accepted me and we are talking!! instead of just having a war.. its just that we have two diffrent styles or stradegy's.. i reckon im going to be the 1st to 10,000 deaths, but that dont worry me at all, its a badge ill wear with pride lol, since i found it impossible to keep it low in the begining..

    why do so many take this game so serious? lol, its like the cops arested, beat me up and put me on trial again and again.. so with a sence of hummer, ill try n explain my playing style...

    Hear ye hear ye! welcome the public excecution i mean trial of 1 james machine gun.. scilence in the court, all rise..
    Mr james machine gun, you have been accused and charged with (below)

    Fight Kills: 1,755 Hitlist Kills: 1,155 Victory Streak: 32
    Fights Won: 30,547 Hits Placed: 2473 Survival Streak: 36
    Fights Lost: 9,248 Counter Attacks: 1,646 Death Count: 777
    Mobsters Jobs Achievements
    Mobster Earnings: 26.837 billion Jobs Taken: 7,263 Achievements: 210/221

    How do u plead?.. not guilty your honner!
    Are you sure, we also have evidence that you also (below)

    James Machine Gun Spilotro has put a hit on (a cat!) Get the Hit and collect the reward now!
    2 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just killed (a puppy) Let's get them, Mobsters unite!
    2 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just killed (good fellas) Let's get them, Mobsters unite!
    2 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just killed (an innocent by stander) Let's get them, Mobsters unite!
    2 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has put a hit on (the same innocent by stander) and collect the reward now!
    2 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has put a hit on (super man). Get the Hit and collect the reward now!
    3 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has been killed by rigged ignition while attempting to hitlist (the president)
    4 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro is offering Adrenaline Boosts. Get Adrenaline Boost!
    4 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro wants your help attacking (the ice cream man) a level 332 mobster. Attack Now!
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro Last 6 hours Change Cash +202.639 billion not bad lmao!! i still duno my daily adverage, i spend it too fast.. jo's new tactics dont mean anything!! she's still gona die soon as i see her stand up..
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro it is possible to beat an ambush lmao!!
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just joined forces with new Mobster (santa's lil helper)
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro HELLO!!!! lol
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro kill me... any 1?
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro wants your help attacking (pre school kids) a level 25 mobster. Attack Now!
    11 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro YOU WIN! You put (the ant) in the hospital. (the ant) has successfully ambushed you (+100,000% Defence Boost). +$35,657 | +4 XP | -13 Health Lost | 36 Health Dama
    12 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has been killed by rigged ignition while attempting to hitlist (super mario brothers)
    12 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just been placed on the Hitlist by (mr gullable) Help your fellow Mobster!
    12 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has been killed by rigged ignition while attempting to hitlist (a suicidal mental patient)
    13 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro im BORED n gettin tired.. yaaaaawwn>
    14 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just powered up and reached level 405.
    14 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro is under heavy attacks from (his conscience) Help out a fellow Mobster!
    14 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro is under heavy attacks from (a headache). Help out a fellow Mobster!
    14 hours ago
    James Machine Gun Spilotro has just been placed on the Hitlist by (granny) i Help your fellow Mobster

    (Prosacuter) Your honnor, this was a wonderful, peacful and lovely place to live befoure this james machine gun showed up.. there were rainbow's and butterfly's and waterfalls, all kind's of fantisy's.. but now not even the birds in the sky feel safe anymore! you must lock him up and throw away the key your honnor.. my cat went missing and i think he done it..
    (judge) Yes my puppy went missing and i am not happy about it either.. Do you have anything you would like to add mr james machine gun?
    yes sir! i might have done all those things, but i was told and challenged too do so..
    Who told you to commit such callous crimes of violence?
    it was the god father your honnor, he said its ok its Mafia Warfare at its finest. With 40+ jobs, 200 achievements to collect over 8 city locations and fresh content added weekly, being a crime boss has never been better
    Hmm maybee under the constitution he might have a point, ill allow the trial to continue!
    (prosicuter) I OBJECT your honner, this man is a maniac killing all my friends
    Over rulled, now take your seat, the trial will continue but i will ask you mr james machine gun why are u killing his friends?
    well its nothing persional your honner, just bisiness.. you cant always please everyone, and i do try to kill em all, its not my fault some ppl r on the wrong side of my mob (gigles) anytime i think someone isnt dead but actually is, the god father alway's ask's me nicely and say's PLEASE try again latter... what am i meant to do? it's the g/f's fault he told me to Start out as a petty thief and work your way up to be boss of a criminal empire in this epic game...

    All rise.. i have heard enough 4 one day, im tired, i release you james machine gun on bail, be back here tommorow bright n early so the trial can resumme ok? ...you read my mind sir ty!
  8. james

    james New Member

    although i was trying to be funny, i wasnt in a real good mood when i wrote that last bit. ill get back to it. i want/ed to talk about hit list! and i did write something that took about 2 hrs, i tried to cut n paste a bit, when my knuckle accidently hit the enter button and it all got deleated.. its ok, it'l only be better next time. instead ill start writting for the newbie's and say what il'd do if i was starting again and had no idea..

    decide what you want to be, it could be a killer, tough guy, banker, hit lister, etc.. check out the achivements for a better idea! what ever you choose, pick your stradegy wisely and stick too it. take into account how much time you have, and wheather or not you are going to spend money on god father points and try to be realistic.. anyone with enough money could rule mob wars, i say if the game make's you happy! go for it.. my guess! it would prob cost you $2000 to get to level 1000.. i would buy 1000 hired guns and invite only people i want if i could start again..

    i recomend you read everything in the help section (top right corner) achivements! (found on profile page) and check out the leader board! there are a few diffrent boards, you can see the best in your mob and in the world, by clicking "world" you can see the highest level's, most hitlist kills, fight kills, jobs, and achivements.. go there often and try to rember those name's and never attack them unless your on a suicide mission.. its not so important to rember other names until you are above level 100, most people under level 100 start playing, then quit. although you will be leveling fast, its better to take your time and try to kill as many as you can along the way.. (i regret this now, it took me 30 hrs playing non stop to reach lvl 100) i found 90% will never retaliate, and if they do, if you are a higher level, the chances are there gona loose.

    its best not to attack anyone online, this way you can wait for your stamina to regenerate, attack more times to get the most money or a kill from them.. there are many achivements to work on which will give you skill points to distribute, i recomend working on these as soon as possible and bank your money in the beginning, it'l cost you 5% in bank fee's, but its better and more profitable than getting robbed. when you decide to hit list and ambush ppl they might ask thier friends to punch you and send some threatining message, hoping you will retaliate so they can kill you. the best thing to do is nothing, dont even reply, it will put your name in thier message's making it easier to rember you.

    i think i started hunting from hitlist between levels 50-70, i would sit there all day and only get around 10 kills a day, il'd pull in a billion a day from it in my 1st 3 days, it also was when i started dying alot! 3 days latter i was making 5 billion a day and a week latter it was 10 billion a day.. its up too you to decide to hunt but you will die more.. my health is over 10,000 atm and some low levels only do around 15-30 damage to me, unless im off line the've got very little chance of ever killing someone like me. i never got a giant! so i recomend you check what level mob you attack on the hit list befoure you attack...

    ill add more latter, any questions? thanks!
  9. james

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    i was in a funny mood and got back to my joke..

    All rise... Your late mr james machine gun, it's not a good look! i hope you've got a good excuse..
    well your honner i was out hunting, there were no targets except cheap ones and old friends! and i only put him on the hit list 10 times! tonight, (why are you looking at me like that?) what did i do wrong? it was good, i would have liked to have gotton 20 times if i could.. even better!. not even 100 kills on him would be enough! if i could get him a million. maybee? prob not tho!!! i still havent rigged anyone 10 times in a row befoure they got me.. im working on it tho!
    (judge) Mr machine gun slow down and have a seat (he thinks! ive heard enough)
    you are a maniac, dont you reliase all the pain your causing?

    (james machine gun busts out laughing and says) well your honner, it's part of the fun and gammmmeeee's it only hurts when your loosing.. but thats what makes it so challenging and fun, and i do still have just a few invites left i can offer them to big mobs. and 1 or 2 of thier friends (wink wink) and im chasing some, apart from that im gona kill as many as i can! when i can.. i used to feel slack, then only sorta slack now im happy to kill (Lmao) i dont like everyone either! get your hands off me!
    (a fight breaks out in the court!
    james machine gun takes a heavy blow to the head befoure his knocked out he mumbles, ima ta kill tha lawyer nxxxt!
    the judge calls court dismissed! james is remanded in custody! (when he wakes up he thinks, more ppl to kill, i can still list em!)
  10. james

    james New Member

    you can have 1000 people and 1000 hired guns bought from the godfather, there are sites where you can find and add mob fast, spuko.com is the only one i can rember right now (if anyone know's more please post them) you could invite people you see on line in the fight list or look at thier elite mobsters (found on someone's page just under thier stats) and also look through the people you see on the feed (found at home) and invite them. it will take alot of patience and time to get 1000 mob, but is the most important part that determans who wins and who looses most fights! i think its better to take a few days/weeks building your mob rather than rushing and worrying about the time youve been playing on your stats, its also a good idea to save some spots for mobs you might want to invite latter..

    ive heard rumar's about if you have powerful mobs as friends, it give's you more attack and defence. that's not true, but if do you have them in your mob they cant attack or kill you.. most leaders and powerful mobs already have a full mob, so there's not much point in inviting them, mobs like me will hitlist for asking if i can and your not out of my xp range, but if you are out of my xp range and attack me, it open's you up for retaliation attacks

    you need to equip each member with the best wepons avaliable 2 set's, 1 for attack the other for defence to have the maximum attack and defence power (if someone wants to post what wepons unlock at what levels, when i get time ill go through and list which are the best wepons for what level's) i wasnt sure at the time why? but when i was able to buy (i think) fim stinger's i got rid off 38 tactical shotgun's, because i was still using them in fights and had better wepons. for about a week after that i hardley won a fight and had to use double and sometime's tripple the stamina to win anything..

    to increase your bounty you have to buy city and increase your income, the more you own the more money you make and the higher your bounty will become. you can see your base price found in profile/user. if you get hitlisted and reciently bought property, your price will inflate, sometimes by double for everytime your listed and other times by only a small percentage depending on how much property you reciently bought. (idk the exact math's) i found it's better to save your money for when your base price resets and only buy the property the next time you get listed to increase your bounty and make your enemy's pay.. i found this site http://www.enidvangils.com/index.php?d=lcnthat does the math's for you, i dont trust it 100% its safe but it tells you to buy alot of property in newyork which dont make sence to me
  11. Sychic One Soprano

    Sychic One Soprano New Member

    James Machine Gun Spilotro Mob Wars Review

    I am really enjoying your review James. Your sense of humor is cute. As far as top mob not having written anything in the way of a review until you started, well, we were busy becoming the top mob.

    I never visited this site until you mentioned the review you were writing. Go figure :rolleyes:

    If they were to issue achievements for losing over 100,000 fights, I would have that achievement, but they don't.

    Why so many fights lost, humm well I was helping mobbies to get their levels and move up the ladder.

    I do not recommend anyone hitlisting someone because they send you a mob invite. They are sometimes told to request you and unless they are in your mob you cannot receive anything other then a standardized message requesting you mob up. This can be an obstacle to many.

    I suggest if you are in my mob and have someone you want me to take in, that as a mob member you message me and tell me who you want me to accept invite from.

    Recruiting is hard, I recruited the majority of my mob from the hitlist both those being listed and those placing the hits. It got to a point where I couldn't get many hits because the wars raged on and both members were in my mob. I do not get involved in most disputes between my mob members. But, and there is always a but, if I receive a message asking for help, I try to find out what is going on and then come up with a peaceful resolution. Just like with real mafia, the time spent spilling blood costs money and lots of it now.

    Although you may have a bad reputation James, that is not an excuse to perpetuate it. As you move up the Mob Wars Ladder, people will look to you as an example and you need to re-assess what you want your image to be.

    Yes I remained true throughout my time with the game, being one who doesn't succumb to bullies and will not be intimidated, but look at where it has taken me.

    I respect what you are trying to do here, and would like to see you apply this thought process to the game and your character image.



    Sychic One Soprano
  12. Sychic One Soprano

    Sychic One Soprano New Member

    Recruiting tips and Hit List Tip

    Recruiting - www.peepsdepot.com offers much the same as www.spuko.com. I used this site when I was building my mob for Mobsters game a few years back and just checked and it does cover Mob Wars.

    Hitlist Tip: When you are on the hitlist, and you try to hitlist someone who has your ignition rigged you will die of the rigged ignition but continue to ride the hitlist. If you do not heal before someone hitlist attacks you, the next person who attacks you on the hitlist will get your bounty.

    Congratulations James Machine Gun Spilotro, as soon as you accept the mob invite, you will be officially a member of my mob, you are already on my friends list. I think we will be able to discuss our differences when they occur and both come to understandings that we can live with.

  13. james

    james New Member

    it is prob best to request the dirt bike as a gift right at the start, to help u win a few fights! but you wont need them that long, cause on lvl 225 (i think) the Nissan Skyline Attack: +13 Defense: +25 unlocks! its your choice wheather you save the money till after level 300 but i say buy as many as you can when u can, depending wheather or not you can afford the up keep, rember your hitlist price will drop or rise according to your cash flow.. but they will also help you get bigger bounty's

    i still own 1000+ FIM-92 Stinger Attack: +24 Golden and AK47 Attack: +31 Defense: +19.. Tactical Armor Attack: +12 Defense: +15.. and Exoskeleton Attack: +10 Defense: +16.. but after lvl 300 the best wepons with no upkeep, from drops! are the Armored Bentley Attack: +26 Defense: +28.. the Samurai Katana Attack: +32 Defense: +25.. (found in the city of tokyo!) and the Sumo Wrestler Attack: +22 Defense: +27 for defence (found at shanghai)

    but the best wepons in the game not bought directly from the god father come from the last boss the Kosugi Family found in Tokyo. Rewards are randomly awarded during boss attacks.This boss has no known weaknesses. so far ive only got the Yakuza Supra Attack: +27 Defense: +29.. and the Yakuza Armor Attack: +12 Defense: +17..
    apart from the good wepons, unfortunatly boss fights dont count on your overall stats. and you get very little xp from fighting them.. i think this new boss with his better wepons as rewards now makes all other boss fights obserlete and a waste of time after defeating any other boss after level10 just so you get the achivement(s) the drops from other bosses like the Smoking Jacket Attack: +8 Defense: +16.. and other things like the Armed Dune Buggy Attack: +20 Defense: +25 will still get used, until you have 2000 better item's

    far as stats points go, i wont say where to add them, it's up too you, but everything helps! attack for killing, defence for defending, health for survival, energy for jobs/drops/money and stamina for leveling/bosses, my persional opinoin is everyone has too much stamina

    ive got my own communication prob with the god father, so to hopfully sort my prob out, i am going to say this! how it is.. i tried to buy some god father points about a MONTH ago, i didnt have enough money, i tried a few days latter when i knew i had the money avaliable, but now i get the same msg everytime i visit/ed the godfather since Your (^$&)^#) account is under review
    To release your account you will need to Contact us and may be required to provide additional information to verify your account. Click here to: Contact us
    i replied about the circumstances at the time and said ill try again in a few days, and/or if you just clear my previous info, ill re-enter it.. i also replied "im not going to give anyone my password to anyone, but ill make a new email address so you can reply to me, (when it asked for my email address and password (Lol)) and i asked what else can i tell you about me? i didnt get a reply.. and now i forget what email address and password i had to make up and use, and i think why should i chase them around, there's a bit more to it, i know the other company is seperate from mobwars.. anyway, i just wish it wasnt so hard.. im prob bound to find my answer soon if i look long enough in the forum..

    mobwars is a great game. but it could be better in my opinion, i was going to save this for game sugestions etc, and i dont mean to be disrespectful but there's no easy way to say.. i think the god father is lazy, i reported someone for having 2 accounts once, Never again.. its not up too me too police the game, i wouldnt snitch in real life and there not going to do anything about it anyway, i think its cause there's not enough people that play mobwars.. something i think they could do would be employ some people, and crate an account that has everyone in thier mob, so we can all ask/talk too them through the feed 24/7, and they should have copied answers ready.. it would also be good if your stats showed how you really died, wheather it was hitlisted, attacked, punched or rigged and your fight stats said how many times those losses were actually ambushe's.. another thing to make it more competitive, informative and intresting, it would be good if they made a world.. possibly daily? weekley/monthly/yearly/and all over leader board(s) i think it would make each revolution more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone that play's..

    anyway there just idea's... i got lots more i might mention if i dont get banned (lol - gulp) well i dont see why i would, i still havent broken the any of the term's and condition's as tempting as it is, but about that, i think they should message's to people via thier "in box's" to see if they are real people or not.. and give them a 2nd chance, maybee just suspend them.. i had a friend that had thier account frozen and banned from being suspected as a bot, well i can vouch that they wern't..

    re reminder lol, hitlist next!
  14. james

    james New Member

    thanks alot sychic, although i have hitlisted mobs just for asking about an invite, its not something i try to do all that often, but il'd rather say it like i go around doing it as much as i can, to make people aware that it happens, not to winge, besides i want those with out a clue to hate me.. i reciently found a more efficent way to kill that ill mention soon Lmao! ohh and the best/only way to get top mob invite's is through friends.. and weigh everything up, ask your self do i want to start again? etc.. i dont know if ill ever finnish, i got no idea where its goin next, im getting alot of encouragement through my friends, Thank you! so ill keep it going and see what happens.. Thanks everyone reading this, what do u think?
  15. Sychic One Soprano

    Sychic One Soprano New Member

    Mob Wars Game Rules and Skill Points

    BNPlayn made a good point about multiple accounts rule, family members carrying similar names.

    Ken was put in Mob Wars Jail for over one day because they claimed he was a bot, OMG was I pissed off, I messaged Mob Wars demanding his release because I had no one to fight. Miracle and in record time he was released a little over 30 hours after being locked out.

    Here is my standing, there is no reason for anyone playing the game to not be permitted to have more then one account, except when it comes to Godfather offers, surveys, etc. Don't cheat the Godfather whatever you do that would be wrong.

    Skill Points: I love playing the game and can never have enough stamina, currently when full my stamina is 700 and its still not enough. I am sitting on 111 skill points which I have not applied, why, well by holding them I can then apply them where I need them when I see the need.

    Depending on the type of player you are, depends on what you need to apply your skill points to. Example, before Ken and I became fight buddies, he put everything into health and energy. When we became fight partners, his stamina was 102, mine was 350 (I had a fight partner who left the game). Once his style of playing changed to be fighting me for levels, he had to increase his stamina and now has 600 and it still isn't enough we both need more.

    Also, the higher in the game you rise, the difference in what your needs will be. Right now, at level 815 I need 48,709 XP to level. If I didn't have 700 stamina I would be unable to get my level.

    When faced with players like Duke No Mercy, A.J. Mobwarsrock, and James who have larger mobs, you need more attack and defense. Also, your drops from jobs makes a huge difference in your abilities to fend off attacks by these larger mobs.

    When Ken and I started fighting each other, he had a lot more drops of equipment from having higher energy then I did. Result was although I was a much higher level then he was and pretty closely matched on mob size, he kicked my butt with ease. We are now fairly evenly matched and keep a watch on our weaknesses to adjust so we can continue to play together.

    If any of you need suggestions on what to do with your points feel free to message me if your in my mob I will try to help you decide what to focus on.

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