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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Dylan Mcallister, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. My suggestion is a simple one, and there was something similar in the original Mob Wars.

    A Jail/Prison like in real life there is a risk if you do something wrong/illegal, you can go to Jail...

    Since most of the jobs in LCN seem to relate to in-game illegal activity of some sort, I think there should be a risk of a 'Job Fail' and a one way ticket to Jail.

    It can also be incorporated into placing bounties, and possibly taking part in bosses.

    It can be a random factor so it isn't something you will have to deal with on a constant basis.

    Once in Jail, your game will essentially be frozen for a short period of time.

    You have a few options once in Jail, you can attempt to break out of jail, hire someone to get you out of jail, or try and blackmail/bribe the guards.

    This would open up the game in a new direction in terms of more achievements, such as achievements for the amount of times jailed, the amount of successful hired help/Breakout/Bribing attempts.

    Please feel free to add suggestions, just thought it might be something fun and challenging :)
  2. pineappledog

    pineappledog Member

    I quite like the idea, would good if the hired help used stamina, breakout used energy and bribing used a decent amount of level dependant cash. Something like 20stam/50energy/250billion at lvl 1k would sound like decent escape values to me. Would be great for some long term achievements, perhaps 5/10/25/50 of each breakout type as achievements?
  3. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    While i don't play LCN. I remember a game i did play along time ago with something similiar to this and it did improve the game dramatically. So i will give this a 10
  4. Just bumping this for some more player input/votes
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