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    As it is now especially for the ships, even with the current limited time offers ship is 988 overall and the weapon is 800. The weapon is literally 81%. With only being able to take 2k ships into battle and 20k weapons, ships have essentially become pointless to even strive for with them being way to under-powered for their lvl. The way ships use to be is they had a substantial boost in comparison to their weapon and matey counterparts. Nowadays though they are pointless to even have since they contribute little to nothing in a battle since only 2k are aloud to be brought in instead of the 20k that weapons and mateys are aloud to. A ship should not be even in power overall to a weapon on the same tier.

    I have compiled together all of the item drops ingame shown in the pictures below, the first is what the stats currently are. The second is the method i have came up with in order to fix the problem with item imbalances currently happening in the game. The third is the method put into place showing what the items stats would be and what they should look like to properly bring back balance to the categories.

    I am not expecting the stats to be all implemented, but more of an understanding and consideration for a percentage based curve rather then how it appears to be now with a rng stat boost that puts some newer items lower then the old drops from the same category.

    Long term what happens on set stat boosts is that as time goes on and new locations are released the overall stats of items brought into battle becomes marginal to the point of lvling up and new location do not change the outcomes of battles. The problem doesnt arise at first with the stats being so small on the surface it will have everything appear to be fine. The true problem arises long term when the stat boosts become marginal overall for your character. A percetage based progression system will fix the problem though.

    Along with fixing what is slowly becoming a more prominent problem as the game continues to push forward, The stats i have compiled correct a major imbalance that has happend with the Return to the Lost World locations crafting. The Alpha Raptor even to this day are the strongest matey to use and the location was released back in 2013 (http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/new-location-and-crafting-return-to-lost-world.10941/) Even though nearly 4 years have passed with 8 new locations there still ins't any sign that a matey drop or craft will surpass it which is insane to think about. Ape islands Ape Shaman falls similar to this fate but is a tad bit more justified given its in a newer location then the Alpha Raptor, but still has the same problem that in no near future there will be a drop or craft that surpasses what should already be surpassed in these locations proceeding Ape Island. Given the stat progression happening currently it is going to take roughly 1.5-2 years in order for the Ape Shaman and Alpha Raptors to be surpassed. This means the Alpha Raptors have spent an entire 5 years or so as the best matey to have even though it should be quite outdated by that point in time.

    A realistic expectation that i believe should be done is a revamp of either this current location or the past couple in order to fix the item stats. This would get them properly in line with what they should be given they are put onto a percentage based curve that makes each subsequent location from here on out be stronger then the last. A percentage based progression system makes proceeding to the new locations worthwhile to strive for. Making the new items something that is actually usable rather then another piece that never gets seen in battle due to its inferior stats in comparison to the older crafts or drops available. The point of a new location should be to encourage a player to grow and push forward not just to get the achieves for adventure and boss then head back a quite a ways to get the "good items" that are to powerful for their time and do not fall in line with a proper curve.



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    Wow. And I thought the last thread was impressive. But there's a much easier fix to this... forget adventures, challenges, and regular bosses and just do as many raids as you can.
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    doing only raids does not fix the core problem though. that simply avoids an issue that needs to be addressed and fixed. the longer kano waits to fully address this issue the harder it will become to fix.
  4. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    so its been 2 weeks but still no response... Any input about the current situations with the item drops?
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    OMG are you serious this is a freaken game, not rocket science, not sure why you feel the need to make it more than it is lol play the game, you spend too much time on this stuff FFS :p
  6. neill1990

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    i do this for the same reason i have always posted ideas for the game. its because i care about the game and its longevity that i spend so much time on things like this. Without any change and the current trend it has been following the past few years the games end is inevitable from the looks of it.

    Nobody that plays the game would wish it an early demise. People want the game to grow and improve not take steps backwards at every turn. There are ways to fix a games from having a shortcoming but in order to do so the problems that were placed in the past need to be fixed. Currently one of the biggest issues is the fact that items are underpowered and improperly scaled as of now. This point is easily proven by locations that are years in the past still are the strongest to date. A past location should never be overall stronger then the most recent of locations.
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    Everything begins and everything ends , nothing is forever
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    I am forever.
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    since it is Friday, i feel it would be a good day for a reply :)
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    I am on vacation right now, and have stepped away from the forums for the most part but I can give you a reply (sorry it took so long).

    So after the London stats release I actually went and did this work independently with another Kano employee and our findings were the same as yours. I probably could have mentioned I was looking into this independently and saved you some time, but I didn't think that people would want to do this by hand (it's easier for us since we can do database pulls). Impressive work as always!

    So Kano has looked into this and there are some descrepancies. I've tried to adjust item stats where I can but as I saw with the recent VC release, retroactively changing item stats should not be done without serious consideration.

    This begs the question, will these items change? They probably should to make a more sensible curve, but realistically they won't change until enough people aren't using a significant amount of Alpha Raptors or other outliers in their Battle strength. If we do change it, myself or someone else will let you know ahead of time.
  11. neill1990

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    Ya changing the old items from years ago wouldn't be the best solution, mainly did the previous locations to show a baseline for how the modern locations stats were found. Makes it easier to understand then just throwing up some numbers and trying to say this is roughly what they should be around lol.

    I believe a proper way of going about it would still take one or 2 locations to be able to shift and properly align the items where their stats should be, giving a more consistent line of progression. I would start by slightly changing some of the items in London since it is still the most recent location. Then from the next locations release having the items start to fall in line with what the items curve deems is correct. This would make the current location a half implementation towards the fix then the next officially inline making it the new baseline for locations onward. Or in the next location have it nearly implemented(~2/3's of the way), making it so the location after finally falls in line with the proper curve making that the official baseline from there on out. This would give ample opportunity for people to slowly start accumulating the new items breaking free of worry for major backlash from people not wanting the old items to still be on top even though they should have been years out of date/swapped.
  12. Mitch

    Could you at least consider uplifting the London adventure drops since it it a relatively new location so that they are on par with the Ape Shaman from Ape Island? The stats of the Ape Shaman is lower in def (but one point higher in attack) than the Alpha Raptor so it won't effect those too greatly with high numbers of Alpha Raptors .

    Currently the stats are:
    Ape Island - Ape Shaman (76/81)
    London - The Constable (57/67)
    London - Suspicious Augur (61/70)
    London - Drinking Buddy (68/63)
    London - Backup Hunter (69/66)
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