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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Das liebe Beil

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    Okay, I'll chime in too.

    The crates are a FP grave. Sure, they're an easy way to fill up your clan with cheap FP items. I spent 504 FPs on 27 crates, mostly out of curiosity.
    I got the following drops:
    Mage of Recompence
    X 1
    X 4
    Abominable Warrior
    X 3
    X 1
    Sunstar Blades
    X 2
    Spellslinger Tunic
    X 6
    Nordri's Staff
    X 3
    Nordri's Battle Robes
    X 7

    Total value in FP's about 650 with sales factored in. Was it worth it? Maybe. It sure was a bit fun to see what I got, it's a bit like buying closed coffers at an auction to find out if you found something nice or worthwhile in there or if it was only worthless junk and used underwear.

    I think few people will really use the crates, it's one of those features you can field under "Cute, somehow funny, utterly useless."

    My final verdict concering crates would be: Not really needed, but there were worse things. *cough*cardgames*cough*
  2. Brosnik

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    On another thread somewhere I raised this point but have not seen any feedback on it. For a game about vikings I think any aspect of it should be viking related. Hence, my comment on that thread about vikings not playing cards but playing Tafl or Hafntafl as it was know. If we are liking the 'vikingness' of VC then the more viking related it is the better and the less viking related it is makes it just like any other game on the net. You could maybe say the crates could pass of as viking-ish but not the cards. I'm glad I am above the card playing levels now but all there is to do is the hunter thing, which does not even involve any skill in aiming which I thought was sad after my very first game. If we are getting additions from time to time please make them viking related. QUESTION, about the other Kano games (as I don't play them I don't know). Are there aspects or mini games in them that do not relate to their game theme as well?
  3. Stevie Mac

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    Well the card games do feature in ZS & PC which I used to play , also as mentioned in a previous post by someone else; I too am glad that I am past the card games. I term them patience builders especially when going higher than a three and getting a two when you only have one card left - a highlight of the card games that made me want to bite off one of my arms and use it to beat my computer to death in sheer rage....

    I remember Kano doing a survey a while back on their games and mini games were mentioned as part of that. Surely there were suggestions regarding them and I do agree that using the word 'game' for them when there is no skill involved is misleading to say the least. As for the no gain hits, something I have seen mentioned at least once in other threads and when you have waited 4 hours for an arrow and then get nothing..... Anyone got a spare arm I can lend??? ;)

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