Is there life after level 2000???

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    I like surprises so I will be a little vague, there will be more than 2 locations released and they will all be after existing locations, all will have bosses but they will be followed shortly after the location release since that art always takes the longest to create.
  2. more than 2 locations with all new bosses ...dam it man that's just great news :cool:
    that artist man he have most hard work on hands hope you give him some good xmas bonuses
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  3. Still a 1000+ level gulf between muspell and the next area would be more than most players would want to trudge through. Since there will be more than 2 areas how about something like (names are conjectural and completely made up)

    Britannia - unlocked at level 1000
    Ireland - unlocked at level 1200
    Vinland - unlocked at level 1400
    Hel - unlocked at level 1600
    Bridge to Asgard - unlocked at level 1850
    Asgard - unlocked at level 2000

    That way it keeps gameplay linear and keeps more players on board to ride it out til the upper levels
  4. donĀ“t forget about iceland and greenland :)

    i found an old post of mine concerning the theme of new worlds and stuff:


    "i think thats a good idea. maybe u could create other worlds too. 4 example: "the roots of yggdrasil", or "halls of asgard" and the final station "battle of ragnarok".

    wish: "retro items", such as nidhoggur, svartalfar axe, ljosalfar axe, three horn (seen just one time!!!), THOR GUARDIAN (please!!!), or odin avenger - for those who joined the game too late (like me),...

    another wish: new weapons: 4 example (animals): (armored) polarbear, zombie-wolverine, or battle-eagle (great-eagle), silver-stallion (like shadowfax), just 2 mention a few ideas...

    or new warriors: 4 example: battle-skald, (white) sorcerer, elite-ulfhednar,... ))

    ...or mythical nordic creatures (goblins, orcs, demons >>> like the balrog, as fire-demon)

    greets, max, the ulfhednar-jomsviking"

    PS: thanx for the norse/german mythology god-items you brought into the game (gram, hrotti, grani,...) they are great!!!

    PPS: when u create those new worlds, could u bring in adventure-drops like for example: norse king, (norse) skald, (norse) ranger, viking explorer (leif ericson),...
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