Is there going to be a February calender kano?

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by RJOWNER, Jan 22, 2012.


    RJOWNER Member

    Hey is there going to be a february calender i hope there is :)
  2. as kendall said in a previous post

    december and january was the only "double header" for a calender

    dont get used to a calender every month

    i can see why they wont have 1 every month..if they did then one of the following would have to happen

    A)exp needed to level would have to be adjusted

    B)payouts on calender would have to be adjusted

    one of those would have to happen otherwise youd get players at level 1million before you know it :))
  3. What.? You get an average of 30%of 1 level a day! How is that gonna be 1 million or even a lot? Sometimes I think you just talk before you think :)
  4. Hashshashin

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    They should have done a Valentines Day Massacre Calendar :)
  5. No. I don't want a calendar every month.
  6. For me Its fine they don't do another calendar and I don't care what they are gonna come up with, just don't come with lame excuses why not to do it.. And as fare as leveling goes. If they don't make games that improve your leveling speed or strength who is then gonna play ?
    Right now we only have 1 world boss and we are bored ;)

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