Is it just me?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Akkhunter1, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Idk if it is just my computer, but i cannot load any of the 4 games on myspace, not even the myspace homepage will load. Now, i know that kano cannot do anything about myspace not working, but i was wondering if anyone at kano has heard what is going on, or if it is just something about my computer.
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Works fine for me....
  3. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    weird, i just tried it on another computer in my house and it didnt work, maybe if i clear my cookies.
  4. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Ok, i just cleared everything including my cookies, and its still not loading.
  5. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    It's working fine for me as well at the moment but i can say i have had the same issue at other times and everyone has said they've had no problems.
  6. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    I just uninstalled and then reinstalled my browser, and its still not loading, let me go check my other browsers.
  7. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Ok i just tried Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and it does not load etheir. Im currently using Google Chrome.
  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    At a glance I would say either something is up with your MySpace account or the entire domain is somehow being blocked by your router and/or ISP.

    MySpace and our games are up an running fine for me as others have reported, but if you can't even bring up I would say a firewall or something is blocking your access.

    So in short, it's just you ;)
  9. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    weird, i was on about 5 hours earlier and it was working, i never thought about it being my ip, i think i can check to see if it is.
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    What the ....another post deleted ? Go figure...the mods can apparently do and say what ever the they want whether in an official capacity or not,,,yet we as lowly Kano pay check providers get on again
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  11. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    When you mention the F@#@# mods you referring to us all ?
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  12. What an awful lot of F Bombs lol, Errr.. Myspace works for me :)
  13. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    ahaha you have no idea what brought them on too lol it was a crazy night to say the least but a hilarious one at that

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